Patti’s New Assistants Finally Get Raves on THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER

Maria, David and Justin Patti Stanger's assistant
Marisa, David and Justin, assistants to Patti on The Millionaire Matchmaker

Patti Stanger gave her new assistants big props for their choices to fit last night’s millionaires. Beats the nasty comments doled out during this season of THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER.

Marisa Saks, David Cruz and Justin Bird did a fabulous job finding perfect candidates for Stefan Richter and Brian Minter, and it was acknowledged.

Those are clearly two different things when you work for Patti Stanger. You might do a good job, but getting a a compliment does not always follow.

Criticism, snaky comments and threats of being fired, turned into massive approval and there were smiles all around. The new threesome of assistants hasn’t been accepted well among some fans of the show and it didn’t help that Patti never seemed to be pleased. Then again, it cannot be easy to please that woman.

The Millionaires

David brought Stefan up as a candidate, and although Patti resisted the suggestion, she relented and said, “I like a challenge,” and boy was he! More on that, here.

For Stefan, Patti wanted worldly women who love travel and the outdoors, but who could see through Stefan’s bulls—; redheads would be preferable.

Marisa offered her candidate Brian Minter and once again Patti was skeptical, but for completely different reasons. Brian couldn’t break a pattern of dating the wrong women, but said he was ready for a change.

For Brian, the challenge would be to find a curvy blonde (he loves Kate Upton), who is smart, with a career and has a passion for something other than partying.

Brian’s candidates

There were more Kate Upton-like candidates than you could shake a stick at. There were business owners, former Wall Street types with sweet personalities and ladies who would appreciate a man like Brian, looking to settle down with someone.

When Aubrey came along, Patti liked everything she heard and saw. A Vegas resident (Brian resides there as well) who retires early at night because she’s got a new business to tend to was perfect for Brian. She also was a great looking blonde.  Brian chose her and it worked out amazingly well.

Stefan’s candidates

Patti saw Irina, a 40 year-old redhead that stunned her by looking fabulous at that age. Irina also happens to be a globe trotting photographer who was perfect for Stefan.

Then there was Emma, who Stefan ultimately chose, and she blew Patti away too. Great spunk, fabulous body and a lover of adventure.  Sarah, a redhead who builds breast implants with a strong personality made the list.

Anna, a curvy Russian who teaches ballroom dancing was a great candidate. Stefan is from Finland and has a penchant for Nordic and Russian women.

Patti’s Final Judgement

“You knocked that recruiting out of the park.”

Yes, you read that right. Marisa, David and Justin did themselves proud. Will they find their way into the hearts of those still pining for last year’s assistants? Only time will tell.

Bravo airs THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER on Thursday nights starting at 9:00 p.m. ET.   Image credit: Bravo

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