SISTER WIVES: Sneak Peek Video Gives Fans Update on Truely Brown Sickness!

Christine Brown with Truely.
Christine realizes that three-year-old Truely is much more ill than they had realized and takes her to the pediatrician for an emergency visit–and then to the children’s emergency room on doctor’s orders.

UPDATED:  Last night, the state of Truely Brown’s health was revealed; read more on TVRuckus!

Worried fans of SISTER WIVES may have gotten a little update on Truely Brown from today’s sneak peek video from TLC!

Viewers have speculated and guessed on what could have caused Christine Brown to rush her daughter, Truely—Kody’s youngest child with his third wife—to the pediatrician and then to the hospital. Knowing how panicked and frenzied fans have become, TLC released this video to give fans a sneak peek of what’s to come on this Sunday’s all-new episode of SISTER WIVES:

[wpvideo csQPJaKY]

Was meningitis ultimately the diagnosis? Did Truely have kidney failure? Only one way to find out:  Tune in to TLC on Sunday at 9/8c for an all-new episode of SISTER WIVES. And, get a preview of the episode on TVRuckus!

And, in the meantime:  Let’s keep Truely Brown and the Brown family in our hearts, hopes and prayers for her complete recovery.

Read more about viewers’ insights on the upcoming tragedies experienced by the Brown family this season in the comments section of TVRuckus article, “SISTER WIVES Fans Worried about Truely Brown: Is She Okay? Or Is She Sick?”

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Image:  TLC via Facebook

Video:  TLC

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5 thoughts on “SISTER WIVES: Sneak Peek Video Gives Fans Update on Truely Brown Sickness!

  1. I feel so sorry for kody’s wives..they have been royally duped. He sure is taking them for ride. I wished they would all come up with a few more husbands, and see how Kody handled that. He calls himself a man of God? Seriously, he is just a con artist.Taking care of no one but his own needs. Why don’t they see that??

    • I’ve always thought it was kind of funny that Kody has characterized the very idea of his wives having additional husbands as “disgusting” in the past.

  2. What about a kidney transplant? People can survive with one kidney. What the heck caused this & how could Truely have gotten SO ill without anyone noticing? Maybe spend less time on flowers & ceremonies & stuff & MUCH more one-on-one time parents to kids. I’m just sayin (as Kody likes to say), figure out priorities. There’s no excuse for anyone in the Brown Clan to EVER get SO sick as Truely got with so many people always around. I know you are well compensated for the TV show, but this is a FAMILY, not a 3-ring circus. Stop performing & get back to the basics…..PLEASE?! Take care.

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