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Eve Has Baby Boy Kilcher on ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER!

Otto Kilcher with baby cradle.

Otto Kilcher was proud to start a new family tradition, passing down this cradle he made for his own boys 32 years ago.

It’s a new baby boy Kilcher on ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER!

One thing that is nice about ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER is the sense of family that runs through the Kilcher homestead. The family rock was grandfather Yule who, tho’ he is gone, the family still looks to for strength, unity and, in some ways, support. With the birth of a new Kilcher baby—the first in 17 years, they pointed out—a new generation has begun, and another layer can be added to the Kilcher family history. And, according to Otto, having a baby is bringing a sense of togetherness to the family:

“I think when Dad died, we lost a sense of family, and having this little kid is rounding it right back out.”

Will baby Findlay want to be a homesteader?

Only time will tell. But, there will be no shortage of people to teach him how to do it as he grows from a baby to a man.

The family was excited, naturally, with Otto being almost beside himself—as Otto often is—with positive energy about the upcoming event. That is one great thing about the Kilcher Clan:  Whatever challenges they meet, great or small, good or bad, they seem to do it with a positive, “can do” attitude—the happy time of a new Kilcher baby was certainly no exception!

After a show of baby prepping and cow rustling, Eve and Eivin presented baby Findlay Farenorth Kilcher. Otto started a new family tradition, passing down a 32-year-old cradle he had made for his own boys, including Eivin, for his first grandchild. Every family needs traditions to bind one generation with the next; Eivin seemed to agree:

“I think my dad was pretty proud to pass that little cradle on to me. To him it’s not that long ago that he was laying me down in there, and now I’ll be laying my own baby down in there as well.”

Eve had a beautiful, healthy baby boy, Findlay Farenorth Kilcher. “Findlay” is the name of a family friend, and “Farenorth” is the middle name Yule Kilcher, born in Switzerland in 1913, gave himself after arriving in America, determined to “fare north.” Eve herself appears healthy and glowing, as one might expect—she seemed to be the epitome of the active pregnant mother-to-be, not resting on her laurels but keeping herself going and healthy. Last night was the Season Finale of the show, but it will be great to get to know Findlay as the seasons of ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER continue on Discovery Channel.


Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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