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SISTER WIVES: Did Kody & Christine Do Enough During Truely Brown’s Sickness?

Truely Brown on Sister Wives

Did Christine and Kody pay close enough attention to their daughter’s illness? Or are they to be blamed for it getting to the point of acute kidney failure?

UPDATED:  New SISTER WIVES season begins Sunday, June 8!

SISTER WIVES revealed the state of three-year-old Truely Brown’s health last night, and fans were relieved to find out that young Truely was NOT the death in the family alluded to at the beginning of the season.

According to last night’s episode, Truely had acute kidney failure due to dehydration. The family had previously taken her to see a doctor, who had diagnosed her with the flu, so as far as the Browns were aware, the youngster was not her energetic self for just that reason:  She was getting over the flu. Therefore, it makes sense that the Browns would not immediately be running off to the doctor with their daughter again just because she was lethargic—aren’t we all when we are getting over the flu? So, it seems a bit harsh to slam the Browns for their daughter’s illness.

Really, it could happen to any parent—and, hopefully, we will all have the heart to see and understand that.

There have been a lot of truly venomous comments made about the Browns on the Internet over the years that they have been on the air. But, some of the things out there right now, blaming the Browns for their daughter’s kidney failure? Faulting Kody for taking a nap rather than running to the pediatrician’s office (not the hospital, the pediatrician’s office; he left for the hospital immediately when Christine was told it was that serious and texted the family)? Expecting that the Browns should have understood that their daughter was in the early stages of kidney failure when, apparently, a previous doctor’s examination did not reveal it?

It just seems a lot of guilt to lay on the Browns’—or any parent’s—shoulders.

There is little doubt that, as parents, both Christine and Kody are likely looking back with the clarity of hindsight saying, “Why didn’t I see that?” As human beings, we just tend to do that sort of self-blaming. But, you know, it just doesn’t seem likely that most parents would have done any differently than they did. Kids get sick. Most of the time, it doesn’t end in acute kidney failure. But, sometimes, the differences and degrees of the progression of illnesses are so subtle, it would be the exception, not the rule, for a parent to become convinced that a second trip to the doctor is immediately warranted.

As a television show, SISTER WIVES just gives us an overview of situations, and no doubt it has done so with the Truely Brown illness. Will she have long-term effects? We don’t know. But, harshly judging and condemning the Browns for their parenting skills over the situation as presented—it just doesn’t seem that the Browns did anything that most parents would not have done. They obviously love their children. And, as they indicated themselves, this situation has been something of a wake-up call, bringing them closer together and reminding them not to take each other for granted.

Sometimes we ALL need that.

It was great seeing little Truely playing once again; we send along our prayers that her health continues to flourish, and that the Brown family as a whole finds strength and grows together as a result of this difficult time.

SISTER WIVES airs on TLC on Sunday nights at 9/8c.

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216 replies

  1. I don’t think anyone realized how serious it was. I’m glad she’s better.

    • I agree. I am glad she is better and if the other doc said it was the flu they should not be expected to go running around for another opinion.

      • Yes, but everyone is forgetting that even with the flu you MUST take in fluids. 3 days without and you are in big trouble. I can understand letting a virus run its course but not monitoring fluid intake is neglect. The fact that Christine went out flower & cake shopping is very upsetting. I realize she has a lot going, but the real deal is Christine, & Janelle are single parents with no help from Kody. I watched one of Kody’s boys walk right past him & Kody said hi and the kid kept walking with no reply. How sad for these kids. The only attention any kid gets from Kody is Solomon.

        These people are not Christians, they make a mockery of religion, and having a fortune teller at a party is more proof that these people are dark.

      • To the petson talking about Kody’s son walking by and not responding do you have junior high or high schoolers? Most do ignore their parents especially boys. My 10 year nephew is just like that so maybe think of that instead of making it to be Kody being a bad parent.

      • Yes, Nicole; “reasonable” and “sociable” aren’t often associated w/ teens/preteens and their relationship with their parents! If I remember correctly, I’m sure I had one or two of those “walk-by” moments w/ my mom growing up, no fault of her own … LOL

      • Dear Disgusted,

        As a mother, social worker, and someone with experience with kidney failure I can assure you that no one was neglectful here. From the evidence shown these people responded as a majority of parents would in a similar situation.

        1. The child had been taken to the Dr. and they were told it was the flu. And when people get the flu they are not quite themselves and tend to be lethargic. now, if you can not wake the person then it is time to visit the ER, this did not occur.

        2. Christine went shopping and left her child with the father and a group of almost adult children to help. This is hardly neglect. Are fathers somehow less capable or competent as a whole to care for sick children? I would hope that my husband could care for a child with the flu.

        3. When the child’s symptoms appeared to worsen then the mother immediately rushed to the pediatricians office The father upon learning that the child was being sent to the Er immediately followed. it would not have mattered had he not, the child was being cared for regardless of any moral implication for him to attend or not.

        4. Acute kidney failure is fast and furious and often the result of another illness. While caring for my mother through her chemotherapy she came out to the family room one day simply acting odd. Did not know if it was the chemo or the radiation but my husband and I put her in the car and drove 3 hours to her cancer treatment center. now that 3 hour drive we found out, could have cost her life. We were shocked to find out that she was in kidney failure from dehydration. And I am a social worker! Luckily the center was attached to the University of Iowa Hospital and she was fine and is doing well now.

        The point is these tragic things happen to the best of us and everyone else in between.I sense that you may be more disgusted by what you feel are the families moral indignities than anything else. From what I see this family has more love for one another than most, at least those I encounter. The children are well provided for and considered in all that they do. While Kody may be spread thin among his children he is not an absent parent. There are plenty of Doctors and businessmen out there that see their children far less and no one would complain about the strangers they have become to their families, except those families of course.

        Often in our society material goods come with the price of one or both parents being away a great deal of the time. Perhaps as a christian you could do some advocating or volunteer work towards goals that would lead to more income equality and a strengthening of the family unit. Through programs such as mandatory preschool, shared work days for mothers and fathers and on site daycare we can help to build a workforce that honors the family unit. Advocating for a living wage would also help to improve the quality of life for a majority of families in this country, especially those working multiple part time jobs often upwards of 6070 hours a week at minimum wage to still collect government aid. Don’t you think these mothers and fathers and their children deserve more time together? Come on Disgusted, join me in my cause, lets make this world a better place.i

        I thought not, and the reason is this. I sense that your disgust lies more in the lifestyle choice of the Browns than it does in any actual treatment of those involved. You are making value judgments based on your belief system.The country was supposed to have a separation of church and state. And so long as their practice of their belief system does not abuse others then this family should have the right to live howsoever they choose. The only reason that their way of life is a problem for the children is because other people with closed minds and a singular vision of the definition of family and morality cause them distress. if we all worked to improve the things that matter in our society while embracing those who are different from ourselves and truly loved one another as I believe that Jesus taught us to do what a wonderful world we would be. perhaps some humility is in order for all of us, what would Jesus do? I can see him washing the feet of every one of the Browns and blessing them. So again, join me in my cause, lets make this world a better place.

      • Excellent points, Alicia; thank you for taking the time to comment.

      • Alicia you shine with the light of Christ, you truly are a beautiful soul, I can tell by your comment that you bless those life’s that come in contact with you. May God bless you.

    • I think it is ridiculous that you would let your child stay around the house lethargic for 5 days. All websites, doctors etc all say if there is lethargy or change in behavior this is an immediate issue that needs to be handled ASAP. I was shocked at their very relaxed behavior around a sick child. I was very bothered by their lack of reaction.

      • And I think it is ridiculous for people to expect Doctors, Nurses, and Parents to have some sort of diagnostic radar built into their brain. They say Parents have a sixth sense, a gut feeling they should follow, but it is not fool proof and most often easily explained away.

        Secondly, have you ever had the flu? All you want to do is lay around the house. It is natural to be lethargic when you have the flu.

        I commend Christine and the other Browns for listening to their gut and going back to doctor! Something terrible could have happened to that sweet little girl, and they prevented it by being cautious.

      • You also have to take into consideration they have what is it 19 children im sure there isn’t a sickness they haven’t seen and im sure they didn’t realize how bad it was once my children are over 6 months old I don’t run them for common things to the hospital I let them get thru it on their own and one thing you have to understand about kidneys is there is no BIG signs other then back pain and when you have the flu your whole body hurts and within her being potty trained they wouldn’t see the color or if it had a smell or how often she’s going because if your sick you sleep a lot and you don’t go to the potty as much as normal one mistake they did make was not keeping her hydrated but it is a common mistake even for my self I don’t drink fluids like I should when im they have all those kids not one is dead they’re doing fine and also it’s a TV show think of all the editing there is you should never judge another parent

      • With my first child, I was at the doctor’s office every third day if my child wasn’t better, but with my fourth child, I realize, kids will get better. It’s rare that they don’t–even when it’s not as quick as I’d like. Doctors make parents really be careful to not “over-react”. I always play it on the safe side and I’m overly careful, but I admit, I would have very likely made the same error the Browns did. Some sicknesses DO take quite a while to bounce back from–that is actually not unusual. There other indicators (like is she drinking enough, going to the bathroom) were probably overlooked. I think we too quickly listen to doctors–chalk it up to the flu–and wait for them to come around. Truely’s is an extreme case and they will be more careful in the future…but isn’t hind-site 20/20?

      • Sometimes even my hindsight isn’t 20-20, but … LOL … very well-said, SaraColorado!

    • Doctors are training parents not to run to them every time we think our kids are sick. My son was sick for weeks, seriously high fevers, vomiting, etc, and both his Dr. AND the ER turned us away THREE times! I was told “Do I have to give you my speech on fevers” by the ER Dr. So as a mom, I second guessed my gut longer than I should have because the “people who know better” reassured me he just had a virus. As it turns out he had Lyme disease. Cut these parents some slack.

    • I wish they would just leave the Brown’s alone…As a parent, I didn’t run to the doctors everytime one of my kids were sick..I knew when to take them, just like they did…I really like this family..they show love for each other, more than other families I know…thank you

    • The brown family did exactly what any other parents would have done… If those out there are judging their actions just remember that it is not for you judge because it could happen to any of is… Because she is a young child it is extremely easy to dehydrate . They are living their lives for is to view. Back off people and examine your own lives

    • I dont want to blame the parents…we all make mistakes. but if you have that many kids you may know that when they are sick or have the flu YOU MUST MAKE THEM DRINK…OTHER WISE THEY GET DEHYDRATED. The younger the more its important. Cody could not mentally take care of that many kids and one sick one. I have learned with the flu and illness AND young children they need to be sipping liquides every 30 min….or every 15 min..even just a sip will keep there organs going….I think the problem is nobody was really watching her or making her drink at least noton camera (however she was dehydrated she got that way but not dinking!)….its just a bit of surprise that with that many kids they didnt know how fast things can happen with a 3 yr old. And most of us parent with more then one child knows that being “lathargic” for that long is a very red flag for a 3 yr. old. crossing eyes, go to ER. period. I think its just a lesson for all parents and clearly they did not do “everything they could do”, lets be honest about that.
      Again when you have 17 kids you would think they would no what to do…perhaps the show is a distraction from basic instincts.

      • Does any parent do “everything they could do” in any situation? Of course not. I feel that, knowing what we think we may know, which actually is not very much, what they did was reasonable and understandable.

      • okay, my point is the rest of us can learn, only if we can be honest about what happend or what we can guess happend….I’m not about blaming the parents but it is shocking with that many kids this happend, i learned this from a friend who did the same thing, it didnt get that bad becasue she took the child to ER after 3 days. Just saying its pretty basic parenting if you have more then one….dehydration is a killer and it would be nice to see it played out as a lesson for them and the rest of us….

      • Well, Michelle, your point is well-taken, I agree, and much-appreciated: Dehydration is not something to play around with; it can be deadly. And, I agree: That is a valuable lesson to be learned, and something of great importance to be taken away from this entire conversation–which, btw, I applaud everyone on here for adding to in such thought-provoking ways! Thank you!

    • I think Christine do enough for the baby Truely, but Kody don’t. I never saw Kody stay in the hospital and any of the sister wives during Truely sickness. God bless this pretty girl.

    • to many kids dad is running around like a fool how much time do he spend with each child .its looks like he only see them in groups and this is supposed to be good when a small child is sick and the whole family did not see it…..ever hear about the baby starve story nothing left by time baby got notice .everybody was dancing around the older kids while the little ones get left out forgot ..i amm from a big family and sometimes u don,t get any one on one with dad .

  2. I believe that no matter your family situation. A child is child. You have many parents who in your household to love your child. Your lives have to be twice as busy as any of ours who may sit back and judge. But, know one should ever judge how you care for a sick child. God forbid it was one of us in your shoes.
    I’ve only caught the show a few times. What I learned in those few moments
    Is that your all good moms and you love your kids just as much as I love mine. It may not be the situation I’d like to be in but, it works for you. Good luck with your family and god bless to your daughter.

  3. If anything the episode has taught me to be more aware and Christine acted appropriately. No one ever expects things to escalate that quickly.

  4. they did everything any good parents would do……happy shes ok

  5. I thought they were pretty responsive! No parent is perfect and I think we get a little more relaxed the more kids we have. It’s unfortunate that Truley had such a serious illness. I have a kidney disorder that causes kidney stones to block my kidney function….you would think that I would know sooner with each occurrance, but that isn’t so. Kidney symptoms can be silent and are often mistaken for something else (a virus or flu).

    Very happy she is better and Christine and Kody were great!

    • i have kidney cancer, was treated by one dr. for muscle spasms for a year. then changed dr. and he ordered a cat scan. found the tumor, kidney and turmor removed. then was seen by a cancer dr. he gave me 5 months to live. got a second opinion, treatment and here i am 6 years later. so the browns did what most normal people do. they listened to their dr. i love the brown family and i think they did all they could. the episode gave one important message, when your child goes cross eyed then things aren’t good. i am sure alot of young parents will remember this fact and it will give them some knowledge that they never knew. bless the brown’s and all they teach about love and family.

  6. Christine and Kody did what every parent would do….they were great!

    We all are more relaxed after our first child and don’t panic….unfortunatley in this case Truley was very ill. I have a kidney disorder and often find myself very ill before I realize it. Kidney disorder symptoms can be silent.

    Let’s just all be happy that she’s doing well and the family can move forward.

  7. My friend felt there was something wrong w/ her 3 yr old , & she carried him on her back , more than a mile to the hosp… she knew he did not feel good , but she never had medical training , they tried to get her for child abuse because he had diabetes… it was awful , she took him in as soon as she realized ….very hard on her …

  8. Prayers of healing for Truely Brown! Kody& Christine & all of the Brown family y’all are all doing a great job! Keep supporting each other & praying for each other! Looking forward to future episodes of the show!

  9. They did everything they could or knew. They took her to the pediatricians twice because they knew something just wasn’t right. They do a lot more for their kids then most other parents.

  10. I think since the Browns put there life on tv that they should know there are people that have opions and they don’t care what they say or who they hurt. Let it go in one ear and out the other. I personally go along with what you think is right. Hope you all have long prospuris lives. And I hope Truly is better soon.

  11. I watch Sister Wives but somehow I was unaware that negative comments were being made regarding Kody and Christine’s handling of Truely’s illness.
    I’m older and my kids are grown men now but I have a LOT of exposure to ‘younger’ parents today. We ‘older’ parents did our best and screwed up many times, missed things many times, but did our best and are human enough to be able to admit it.
    So many younger parents these days choose to be friends rather than parents to their children and tend to be very critical of anyone outside their family unit.
    As a family unit, different as it may be, I don’t see the Brown’s coddling, spoiling, and using the now acceptable namby-pamby parenting skills with their children.
    Anyone could ‘miss’ what was happening. There are no perfect parents. You learn something new everyday and you use that knowledge, just as the Brown’s will use this experience as a guide.
    The Brown’s are trying to raise their kids with a sense of respect for others, manners, and still be kids.
    Man, that’s a dying tradition.
    They have my pat on the back for caring about the adults their kids will grow up to be.
    As far as Truely’s health issue – the complaining parents can’t say that something never snuck up on them and they were on top of everything and … perfect.

  12. I felt so bad for the Brown family and heartbroken watching little Truely gravely ill….and her older sister breaking down…it was heartbreaking and i am so thankful and happy for everyone in the family that she rebounded…love this little girl.

  13. Being a parent is sometimes hard. We take our children to doctors when needed and have faith our doctor is right. But they also make mistakes. I am happy that Truely is getting better and we saw all the support . from the family come together. After all everyone wait and see if you ever have a problem like this and judge yourself then. May God watch over the Brown family and keep Truely on the road to being healthy.

  14. I don’t think they did anything wrong, nor different, than any other parent! They went by what the doctors said … we all depend on what the doctors say when it comes to our health. Anyone who says anything bad is probably someone who just has an issue with their lifestyle.

  15. Sending prayers for the whole family, I know it has been awhile since Truely got sick, since they film way in advance, but we all need prayers always. I have watched every show since it started and I love this family. I wish the shows were longer and we got to see more of the families. Lots of love there!!

  16. There isn’t a parent in this world who hasn’t said “how did I not know?”

  17. Only an idot would think that her parents were at fault, most likely someone who doesn’t have kids.

  18. my thoughts and prayers are with the whole family .Don’t blame yourself.God bless you.Thank you for teaching me about your faith.I enjoy watching Thank you

  19. My sister went through this once with my niece. Unfortunately, they didn’t realize the problem right off. She was told it was the flu, then a bladder infection, and finally discipline problems. After numerous trips to the doctor and several to the ER, someone finally caught the problem when she reached acute renal failure (not sure if that is the exact term or not) basically her kidneys shut down and she nearly died. Today she still has problems and one of her kidneys is severely damaged.

  20. Great points made in this article.

  21. I think a lot of people are being so harsh because of the way the family lives. They want there way of life and there religion on trial not there parenting skills. Children are strong there bodies bounce back quickly. But they also get sick quickly. You can’t see internally. How would they know? They wouldn’t. Its only a big deal because they are different and on TV.

  22. I agree that the Browns shouldn’t be persecuted over their daughters serious illness however having said that… Dehydration in children is quite obviously a very serious condition & it should always be of major concern to any parent. My Pediatrician always drove the dehydration signs & symptoms into my head as well as how fast it could happen so I knew drinking liquids even if by the teaspoonful was THE MOST important thing I could do for my children when they were sick was to push the fluids even if they had to be given by the teaspoonful.

    So, having said all of that I do think that they could have more diligently monitored her fluid intake and watched her a lot closer especially since she was only 3 years old. It’s obvious that they love their daughter very much & I highly doubt that they will ever allow any of their children to become so severely hydrated.

    Thank God that He had Truely firmly in His Mighty Hand & restored her health!! Praise God for His unending Love and Mercy.

  23. Always too many haters and bashers on everything. Thank God little Truely is better and that the entire Brown family held strong, rallied round each other, supported each other, prayed together, and put their faith and trust in the Lord to see them through such a scary time. A little more kindness, love, and empathy from every person would be so wonderful. If you’ve not while watching the show gained insight, felt and seen the love all the Moms and Kody have for their children that’s sad, because it’s so clearly evident. As a Mother and grandmother myself, I can honestly say that these children, all of them, have been blessed with very devoted, loving, nurturing parents. ((hugs)) for little Truely ♥

  24. After reading all these replies last night and thinking on it. I wonder if all these mothers that are judging are PERFECT. Have you ever done nothing wrong as a mother. I know I have. If you dont like what you are watching you have the free will to turn the channel and do not watch again. We only get a small clip of a hr into their lives. Maybe turn around and look in the mirror and look at your own lives and start judging there before you start judging someone else’s. Someday you will be judge if you havent already by someone and I am sure you will not like it either. Think before you right. I was always told if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all…….

  25. I wouldn’t have waited either for my husband to get home…I don’t needed him to hold my hand when I take my girls to the doctors office… Kristine is a strong woman and can handle it. When it turned out to be more serious he went. So those faulting Kody for not going to the doctors office your husbands must drop everything to go.. What good would he have been if he had gotten sick to then he could even have gone up to the floor.
    Thise that have negative crap to say either don’t have kids or are the worlds
    Perfect parents

  26. I am sure a lot of our kids have had the flu, A parent knows you always keep a child hydrated when they are sick and after.
    If your child is acting different you go to the doctor no questions asked.

  27. Very glad that she is okay. Many prayers for a speedy recovery. I think the family acted like any other typical family in treating her. They are all awesome parents.

  28. My daughter has end stage renal failure and we had no idea until she was going for surgery and her blood levels came back and her numbers where so bad,she was put on dialysis right away,so yes it is possible not to know as there is no real sighs ,yes they are more tired and not eating as well but what young child does not go through that.i so understand the browns on this one,she is really lucky they started to work on their own as it could of been a whole different ending for them.kidney failure is terrible.my daughter has been on dialysis for 10yrs,she has had 2 failed kidney transplant and not a chance for another one.

  29. I’m just glad Christine decided to take her when she went cross eyed. Some parents probably would have just waited and seen what the doctor thought that was at the upcoming appointment. If anything I think Christine has moments were she can tend to be a bit of an overprotective worrying mother. (Which is not an insult, I’m the same way. LOVE CHRISTINE!) As far as Kody not going to the pediatrician that is a ridiculous thing to criticize him for. He has older children and many children and so he has to prioritize. And that is not just a factor of polygamy, my parents have been monogamously married for over 30 years and I have a brother 10 years younger than me. When I was in high school my father often was involved in events while my mother took care of things for my brother. People just want to find a reason to hate on this family. It’s sad.

  30. I just think they waited too long. The whole time she had the flu she was not drinking any fluids which is BIG FLAG that the child needs to go to a hospital. The first thing you are told is to pound fluids when you have a cold or the flu. She was not taking in anything. So to wait 5 days before seeing a doctor and then an additional 5 days before seriously noticing that poor Truely was not improving, could have cost that baby her life. Hopefully this was a lesson learned. I was just shocked they waited sooooooo very long. I think of the baby suffering for 10 days…10 days. I have grandkids and I would have bypassed the pediatrician and gone straigt to the ER.

  31. With the number of people in this family, I can’t see where there wouldn’t be someone among them at any given time that isn’t feeling well. It would be easy to become complacent.A bigger issue could also be the parent that is running off to the doctor every time a child spikes a fever and subsequently is given an antibiotic before allowing the person’s natural immune system to handle the crisis. You are doing them no favors by doing this.

  32. With my first child, I was at the doctor’s office every third day if my child wasn’t better, but with my fourth child, I realize, kids will get better. It’s rare that they don’t–even when it’s not as quick as I’d like. Doctors make parents really be careful to not “over-react”. I always play it on the safe side and I’m overly careful, but I admit, I would have very likely made the same error the Browns did. Some sicknesses DO take quite a while to bounce back from–that is actually not unusual. There other indicators (like is she drinking enough, going to the bathroom) were probably overlooked–which can happen if you aren’t looking for these things specifically. Truely’s is an extreme case and they will be more careful in the future…but isn’t hind-site 20/20? I don’t see that the Browns were negligent in any way–clearly, they are concerned and loving parents that are just doing their best–and any parent can admit, that we aren’t perfect and don’t know everything! We are just doing out best.

  33. I wouldn’t go on a trip if my child were sick. How can Cody “the father” ha! watch 15 kids on his own?

  34. People need to back off on the negìive comments. I have been there…doc told us our son had the flu,after days in the hospital for menagitas,you sit there and ask yourself WTH happened? Glad little Truly is recovering.

  35. The Browns did the right thing! Kids get sick, even die!! They had Truly to the Dr. And it was said she had the flu! What else is there to do they have other kids to take care of. I love the Browns! They love each other and their kids. Only advise would be is when sick really push the fluids! Glad Truly is doing well!

  36. I can’t believe the this article! I felt as though Mechele R Dillard was trying to get me to drink her “this is how normal parents respond to a sick child” kool aid with each repetitive paragraph I read. Why bother to ask a question in the headline? Why not just state “Kody and Christine are not at fault for missing the signs of their child’s grave illness”… period, end of story. By the way… EVERY decent parent knows that dehydration is a killer….those parents work to hydrate children when they are ill, as well as monitor urinary output.. All the Brown adults missed some very clear warning signs; educate your readers to that, and you make an impact. Blather on about how no one can be blamed.and you may as well apply to be the next Brown sister wife. Your bias is showing Ms. Dillard.

  37. I’d have to say for those who are bad mouthing their parenting, until you have been in their shoes stop judging! It took us over a year of my daughter being sick before we finally figured out was wrong and there were weeks that all she did was go to school then sleep, so I get it when your told something and you try to follow through and be patient with what diagnosis you get.

  38. Thank god Truely is alive and well. I hope that she stays better and does not have any future issues because of this scare or any other medical scares.

  39. I like these people they seem like good people but really who doesn’t keep a sick child in bed and take their temp give them tylenol and make sure they drink lots of juice and water. That is child care 101. In such a large busy family it’s had to keep your eye on every kid every moment but when one so small is sick someone should be in charge of caring for them not just staying in the house with them like the older girls did but I mean really staying buy them and knowing what to do to care for sick child. I think this all added to her getting so sick . They’re not bad parents but in this case they didn’t go their job well.

  40. Negligence is a big word to use, specifically with something as delicate as illness, but that aside, I don’t understand how one fails to recognize dehydration, at the very least. In a family that is made up of 5 parents, no less! You would think that one of them would have realized the importance of pedailyte. That is why it’s disturbing. It wasn’t that one tired mother with a gaggle of children failed to realize that something was off, it’s that 5 parents overlooked something that was critical and could have ended morbidly. Not only that, whoever said that Truley’s situation is difficult to recognize is off base. It appears that despite being 3 years old, Truley is still in diapers. Color and odor of urine is a good indication of hydration status/ kidney function. They had to have been aware that she was not needing to be changed as frequently as typical.If they were trying to make her drink and she was refusing, they should have taken her to the ER after the first 24 hours for a saline bolus.

  41. Do I think they did enough? hardly !! With all these kids they have, I can’t believe that someone in that “family” wasn’t paying attention to the fact that this child was still sick after several days, and wasn’t using the rest room. It’s common sense not rocket science that everyone including Adults and even animals need liquids to keep from getting dehydrated. And someone please tell me why a 3 year old is still in diapers? For Gods sake people they could have lost her. Very poor parenting skills.

    • The hospital would have put her in diapers so they could weigh it. They needed to know how much and when she peed. I don’t think she is still in diapers at home.

  42. Obviously the camera crew thought something was off..they kept showing shots of the little girl lookinglike she was on the verge of death. Why didnt they at least stop filming and say “hey, I don’t know if you are blind or just ignorant, but your baby girl is slumped over there in the corner, maybe you should check her out”

    • When they film these shows, they can have hundreds of hours of film to choose from to put together a less-than-hour show, so they can pretty much focus wherever they want in editing; doesn’t necessarily mean it was that focused on any particular person when being filmed, just means that’s how production chose to present the story to viewers.

      • I realize that. But really, all it took was one viewing of her slumped over on the floor for me to realize she was seriously ill. Why would it take hundreds of hours of filming and 10 total days of illness for someone in that household to see it. No, I don’t feel they are neglectful people, I just think they didnt pay close enough attention. They were lucky.

  43. My concern was sparked when Christine said that one of her older daughters said the child’s eyes had been crossing on and off all morning. I wondered why they didn’t take her to get medical attention immediately. The show (editing maybe?) made it seem like they waited a while before they decided to seek help.

    • The way I understood what she was saying was that when she saw Truely’s eyes cross, one of her daughters then offered the fact that it had been happening all morning–not that Christine knew it had been happening all morning and just decided later to get her checked out. Like you said, Shelly, it’s hard to follow w/ editing sometimes, but that’s the way that I took it.

  44. Like Luvanrs, I wonder about the filming crew. Did they film Truely (because she was so lethargic) and not tell anyone to take her to the doctor because her illness made good television?


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