Allen Haff & Ton Jones on AUCTION HUNTERS

Allen & Ton are together again, but sometimes auctions just don’t go your way, no matter who has your back!

Tonight on AUCTION HUNTERS, Allen and Ton are back again, and buying and selling their wares at … wait for it … the Beverly Hills Country Club.

“I don’t know if I’m supposed to be in places like this, bro’,” Ton tells Allen as they make their way inside.

Yes, such a sales venue does seem to be an awkward fit for our AUCTION HUNTERS, but after getting whipped at an auction, leaving with nothing, they decide to take a different avenue and go yard sale hopping, where “old” typically equals “cheap,” and can sometimes lead to “treasure” instead of “junk.”

Does it happen for our guys Allen and Ton tonight with a pile of old tennis rackets? Do the guys have “vintage” and “antique,” or do they just have a pile of old tennis rackets?

Catch a sneak peek from Spike (tho’, I will warn you:  If you don’t like knowing the final sale price of items they find, don’t watch):

Allen and Ton are back together on AUCTION HUNTERS:  PAWN SHOP EDITION on Spike, Saturday nights at 9/8c.

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Image:  Spike on Facebook

Video:  YouTube

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