Is Fuzzy Really Representing the Hells Angels on THE DEVILS RIDE?

Unidentified Hells Angel Member
An unidentified Hells Angel member on a motorcycle in New York’s East Village.

UPDATED:  Will there be a “next season” for THE DEVILS RIDE?

What’s up with Fuzzy on THE DEVILS RIDE?

Don’t get me wrong—bringing this notorious Hells Angel on the program does add a different layer of conflict and intrigue to the show. But, why continue to dance around what club he is representing? Only one reason that makes sense, really:  He isn’t “representing” them.

It doesn’t seem likely that the Hells Angels would give two flips about a couple of TV show MC clubs. It seems even more unlikely that they would want to get themselves mixed up in a reality show about a couple of wannabe MCs. But, there Fuzzy is, big as life, ordering the two clubs around like he just rolled in from the 1%er mountaintop.

Did he?

If fans will recall, this is not the first time Fuzzy has appeared on THE DEVILS RIDE. He was actually on when Gipsy was between clubs, no longer a Laffing Devil and considering creating Sin Mob. At the time, Fuzzy was not enthusiastic, telling Gipsy:

“Well, you’ve been down that road before, you know the drill on everything, you know nobody’s gonna give permission, it’s more of a courtesy thing, letting all the other clubs know you’re presenting it, bringing it out.” He continued, adding, “It’s just, you know, we’ve already got, like, 50, 60 clubs out there already, but, hey, it’s the club life.”

And, speaking in a camera cameo, Fuzzy made it clear:  This was not an easy path to follow.

“I think Gipsy needs to think the of the pros and cons that may occur with it, and I think he should take his time with it.”

So, bringing Fuzzy back now, well, that just makes sense—it’s a continuation of a storyline that actually started in 2012.

But, are the Hells Angels really up in arms over the Laffing Devils-Sin Mob “gang war?”

Not likely. And, if the Hells Angels proper really were involved in this storyline, identifying them wouldn’t be a problem. But, the Hells Angels are more than just a 1%er MC; the Hells Angels are a gigantic business, trademarked, logoed and marketed worldwide. They cannot just be thrown up on the screen as representing or endorsing anything without permission—and, apparently, Discovery Channel does not have their permission to identify them directly on THE DEVILS RIDE.

“Is Fuzzy still a Hells Angel?”

That seems to be the big question of the moment. Well, if what people all over the Internet seem to be quoting is true—once a HA, always a HA—then he would be, but when it comes down to the logistics of it, who knows? Is he still a HA proper, a non-active HA in good standing, or some other possible variation that allows him to capitalize on his HA status? Again, who knows? But, whether or not Fuzzy’s participation is officially sanctioned by the Hells Angels, one thing seems clear:  The Hells Angels organization currently is not rushing to be included in this storyline.

But, then again, they aren’t rushing NOT to be alluded to, either.

Will the legendary 1%er MC be featured—really featured—on THE DEVILS RIDE in the future?

Seems doubtful but, hey, with reality TV, anything is possible.

Stay tuned.

THE DEVILS RIDE airs on Discovery Channel on Monday nights at 10/9c.

UPDATED:  There is a rat inside the MCs; is it Bobby and Conan, or could it be Snubz

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Image:  Wikimedia Commons

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77 thoughts on “Is Fuzzy Really Representing the Hells Angels on THE DEVILS RIDE?

  1. Why don’t the LD become a farm club for one of the 1 percenter clubs in San Diego Like the Mongols?. Now that would liven it up.

    • Isn’t that kind of what Fuzzy said to Rockem when he sent the guy to see him “he’s not ready for us, but you could use him”? Although it’s Sin Mob not LD and with LD shuttering their website, isn’t it obvious who wins this battle? I would seriously doubt Fuzzy or those other guys would do anything like what they did without club permission, especially on tv, that’s a good way to end up on the back of a milk carton. Those were some scary looking dudes, I can’t believe Rockem never went down when that one jacked up dude sucker punched him, that is a worthy chin.

      • Yeah, ol’ Rockem can definitely take a punch. Putting the two clubs up against each other … I would have to say that Sin Mob seems to have a lot more power behind them–and willingness to back it up–but I have to say I like the Laffing Devils guys better overall. I don’t know if Rockem and Danny Boy actually come to blows tonight when they meet up, but I know who I would like to win–and who probably WILL win–if they do.

    • Yep that’s what it is. The problem I have with it is it should be sold as a series like Sons of Anarchy or something and not as a true to life reality show like it is. It’s just so fake and it’s not even a bit believable. All you have to do is watch and you can pick it apart without even trying. Example. Fuzzy sends Rockem Sockem to steal back a car. So the dudes break into the business at night and guess what, the cameras are already there! To top that off the members of the production company of this show that went in there with cameras are now felons. Yeah right.

  2. This article lost me at “MC Clubs”. That’s like saying “ATM machine” and/or “VIN number”. Your editor should be fired.

  3. Seems some of you guys actually think this show is the real thing. It’s all actors including the so called Fuzzy. The dude who put this show together was the lead dude behind the scenes on the WWF for years. Here is the so called President of one of the so call clubs.

    • Hey man quit being a little bitch this so show is bad ass and fuzzy is a bad ass dude he is the real deal hamc

      • He is neither bad ass nor is this show. He is an actor (or works at McDonalds, take your pick). Why do you think he’s called Fuzzy? When I find that picture of him on Sesame Street, I’ll post it.

      • Go be a hater some where else you are not welcome here and yeah fuzzy is bad ass and so is the show hamc are great people so quit hating

      • If you’re so froggy MLO, how about putting your real pic up there and your address so when Fuzzy gets off his shift at Mickey D’s you can set him straight. I couldn’t care less if this was a real show or not, Fuzzy is either A) Some sort of rep for the HAMC or B) A crazy/foolish actor who is portraying a HAMC rep and therefore dancing with a very dangerous partner. You know what they say about making crazy people mad even if they’re actors? I wouldn’t want to meet Fuzzy in a dark alley without a sidearm either way.

      • I’d tell fuzzy straight up to his face he’s a phoney and he would laugh along with me. If anyone watches this show for pure entertainment that’s one thing. If on the other hand you actually believe what you are seeing is real you have been duped big time and all these actors are laughing all the way to the bank and the real mc’s are shaking their heads going, “you can’t be serious”. Again, and I can’t stress this enough, the dude who is making this series in the same dude who guided the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) for years. That should tell you everything you need to know on the legitimacy of this show.

      • You are just too far gone dude. The HA could care less of this show because it’s just a show and not real. Do you actually think Fuzzy would be allowed on the set to call out everyone if he was a member of the HA? His ass would have been in jail because the cops are already at all production sets to ensure no crowd problems and it even has to be cleared with the city before each set and each shoot. He would also already be in jail for taking part in the so called heist of the car he set up to be stolen if he was a real mc member. You must watch this show with blinders on.

      • You all should not discuss things you know nothing about! Fist and foremost 1% clubs… Secondly Eric Bischoff had nothing to do with WWF he was an executive for WCW… Proof enough you know nothing about what you are talking about…

    • And to follow on the actor side of the Pres for sin. You will also find Rockem in the cockpit of a US Airways aircraft. He is a pilot for US Airways. He was a prospect for the HA several years back.

      • So you still believe Rockem is the pres of this club? So he’s on TV doing all these dirty illegal deeds in front of everyone and US Airways still employs him. Get a grip.

      • Quit being a hater nobody cares if you don’t like it but i think it’s an awesome show hope they come back fora season 4

      • Can’t imagine that they wouldn’t do another season; it’s been too popular w/ fans, especially this season. I know I would be disappointed if they didn’t; this season has been the best yet!

      • @Mechele R. Dillard I really hope they come back for a season 4 that would be so awesome and you are right this season has been the best one yet

    • Fuzzy is indeed a real HA member. I know this for a fact. Why he is doing guest appearances on this show is obvious…money. And why would he be thrown in jail for acting in a tv series as you state below is beyond me. The show is fake, they may not hire “real” actors but it is still a fake series. Real HA members have been known to appear in several television episodes and some movies, it’s not unheard of.

    • MLO where did you go? Did you finally find out that the Fuzzy dude you’ve been bad mouthing is in fact a real HA and not a burger flipper at McDonald’s like you said? Google Timothy Timms and watch his 08 interview in full HA cut if you don’t believe me. And as I’ve heard they say HAFFHA. This is still an amusing show.

  4. Just a word for this discussion: Voice your differences of opinion, that is fine. However, comments deemed vulgar OR threatening will NOT be tolerated. Several comments have already been filtered and deleted for just these reasons. Repeated offenses may result in the person commenting being blocked. We like hearing different opinions, but keep it civil–this is not a sandbox.

  5. I never said I hated the show. I watch the show. What I said was the events in the show are not real and the characters are actors. Most forums you read on this show, most know it’s not real. Here for some reason most seem to think it is real. That’s why I’m commented because it’s quite funny that so many are sucked into believing and drink the cool aid so readily.

  6. Just watched the of The Devils Ride and what a load an manure. (SPOILER ALERT THE FOLLOWING REVELS MAJOR PLOT POINTS OF SEASON THREE OF THE DEVILS RIDE) This whole Devils v. Sin Mob beef has been escalating since the “Big Club”,less than subtly alluded to as being the Hells Angels represented by “Fuzzy”, a well know and iconic 1%er, gave both clubs a ultimatum to make two clubs become one what ever it took. A few fights ensued, a lot of stupid and almost comedic jumping and taking of cuts from members on both sides. Then Rock’em calls out the Devils and when they first meet all the Devils do is demand to be told were their prospect that was “taken” was then without so much as an F you just walked away. Sandman talked a big game but did little, he fought his own club members more than he did Sin Mob. Then the big climax meeting in the desert that was seeming to be turning out to be a rumble to finally sort out who would go and stay with the Devils outnumbering Sin Mob two to one. Twist….. Fuzzy and “the Big club” show up just as the throw down is commencing, rolling real deep. Fuzzy revels that Conan and Bobby slaughter both new prospects in the two clubs were planted by him as spies. Then he tells both presidents that whoever comes out on top would need to be willing to ride with “the Big Club” or in other words become 1%. Fuzzy asked both Presidents if this is what they wanted Rock’em affirmed it was but The Laughing Devils, Sans Sandman, unceremoniously stack their cuts up in front of fuzzy and rode away claiming that they were not and did not want to be a 1% club, after all the S**T that they did and said leading up to that moment. What a joke, Tank was the only one who even expressed a desire to keep his cut, though knowing he was vastly outnumbered and would most likely be murdered threw his down. That’s it right? No more Devils thus no more Devils Ride? Not so fast, yet another twist. Turns out that right before the throw down Sandman was locked up and was not able to participate or voice is opinion on the matter but said that he was not giving up his cut and “would always ride 100mph” what ever that means. The drama may continue. Will Sandman rebuild the Laughing Devils with new members and maybe Tank?…… or maybe they just change the name to Sinister Ride? I have no allusions about this show. It is 100%er fake and scripted. It started with Tommy “Gipsy” Quinn shopping the idea for this show to networks and Discovery took it with Harvey Bischoff producing. Bischoff productions owns the Sinister Mob syndicate Trademarks. Tommy was so stupid. A Biker/ Bounty Hunter that was married to a Cop??? WTF and now he is allegedly a Sex Offender for getting favors from his minor Stepdaughter. That is most likely why Gipsy, who was a founding member of the Devils as well as their President at the shows start, and who formed Sin Mob after getting booted by the Devils, was never heard of again after the first season with only a brief and ambiguous explanation for his departure. I believe that the Laughing Devils were at one time a Biker Club but nothing more and now they do not exist in any form except as a fictional MC on a scripted reality show and maybe not even there anymore. Tonight may have been by-by Devils Ride but guess we will see. Why do I watch, its like a train wreak you hate to see it but you cant avert your eyes from the carnage.

      • Yea, any “Gangstar” bikers would never go near this show or their members a least not on camera. I am not a Biker of an kind but grew up around and have close family friends that were 1% MC members. Those guys don’t F**k around and would never do the stupid crap that goes down on the show. The appearance of Rusty Coones and Fuzzy on the show does not mean that the HA have endorsed the show or legitimized the Laughing Devils or Sin Mob as “Real” MC’s. The Angles are never mentioned by name and only alluded too. They probably got some good coin for showing their mugs on camera and why not make a few bucks based on your notoriety and public perception. Notice they never mention which club they are with its always “The Big Club” or “Some Guys You Don’t Say No To” In reality the HA would never air any and I mean any Club Business outside of its fully Patched Membership and you would most likely be Murdered if you came within 10 feet of a Club meeting or “Church” with a camera or any recording device. The Devils Ride does get it right when they say that Bikers, especially 1%ers, live by a code and they break almost every rule in the book just making that show besides the way they deal with S**t. If you have an issue you don’t in fight with your club for a month before you handle it, you go handle business period and not in a way that anyone involved would want to wind up on camera. I’m sure Rock’ em and his crew broke into someone’s house and stole a car out of their garage while they were wearing mics and Cameras were rolling on them. If they did they were stupid. It not advisable to allow yourself to be filmed committing Felonies.

    • I like how Sandman didn’t show up for the big show, he sure talked the talk and was ready to throw down when it was with someone much smaller like Snubz or Danny Boy. I remember the 1st season when they had the first rumble and it was decided no weapons, but sure enough, someone punched Sandman twice and he pulls out a knife. I’m sure he’d kick my ass, but he’s definitely not 1% bad ass like he thinks he is. The end of the show was best, we’re supposed to believe he got arrested right before the big fight and that’s why he didn’t make it, but he’s still going to wear his colors no matter what anyone says, Tank is no better, he’s in one fight and it’s 3 against one and he’s limping like a 3 legged dog, If Sandman was here we would have taken care of business, sure you would have. My question though is, given this is a scripted series, then why didn’t he show up for the fight?

      • Well, Dave, my thought on that is this: The show is still called THE DEVILS RIDE. It would make no sense to have the show w/o the LDMC. So, either this week’s season finale was indeed the SERIES finale, or Sandman will be the one to restart the Devils.

      • @Mechele R. Dillard no LDMC is gone has a club they will not be coming back but some of the guys in LDMC are starting a new m/c that will be in season 4 if they have one but Danny boy or his nephew are not going to be in the new club

      • Fuzzy said who ever made it out was the club that would stand, now he did say there would only be1 red and gray club, so I suppose that they could come back with different colors. I still find it odd that Sandman missed the big rumble.

      • Yeah, I think the Sandman thing just has to be a plot twist–at least gives them the option to bring it back if they want to; I just don’t see how they have “The Devils Ride” w/o any Devils … LOL. 😉

      • My thought as I stated above are that they purposely keep Sandman out of the “Throw Down” so they could keep The Laughing Devils most outspoken and violent member still holding a Devils Cut and a mind for vengeance. It there is a season 4 I see Sandman as President rebuilding the club in secret and plotting to somehow bring the club back into mainstream biker culture and probably seeking revenge against Rock’em and the rest of Sin Mob and maybe even those members that gave up there cuts so easily like D.B.

      • Yes, Jipper, now THAT I can see happening … that could make for another interesting season. It would also be a way to keep the “legendary 1%er club” involved, when they find out what Sandman is up to … yes, that would be a great way to go. I like this idea.

    • I think that goes all the way back to season one. Between season one and two, mainly due to Gipsy leaving the show, things completely changed. Originally all of the Devils wore “Dago” bottom rockers referring to San Diego. They now all wear Nomad bottom Rockers basically an MC that does not claim any territory or any specific area of operation. If you remember in the first season there was a move to start up an East Dago charter to expand the Laughing Devils influence and bolster their membership but that all went away when they all went Nomad I am guessing they made the change because they did not want to stir up trouble with other Dago MCs that are legit by also claiming Dago on their cuts and by going Nomad they could avoid any “Turf” conflicts or pissing off other legitimate San Diego clubs.

      • Anyone that watches this show and can not see that the “major 1% club” created and wrote this series is a moron. Do you actually think grand theft, assault and battery, attempted murder, terrorist threats, would be committed on tape. Don’t you know that the police watch television to? This is a major money maker. The “major 1% club” is making big bucks off this story. Did anyone notice Fuzzy’s shirt “when in doubt, knock em out”? Isn’t Roc em’s motorcycle building company called Knock Out Motorcycles? Duh………..

      • I can say with fairly good certainty that the “major1%er club” mentioned in the show and alluded to as being the Hells Angels (Respect) did not have any part in writing or producing this program. The appearance of Rusty Coones and Fuzzy in the show were personal decisions probably made because they got a fat check to show there face and thus allude to the Angels, their club affiliation is never mentioned by name. I know this show is scripted and in no way real. Bischoff productions owns the Trademarks for all of the Sinister Mob Syndicate logos and merch. The Laughing Devils were at one time a real Biker Club, not a 1% club, Tommy “Gypsy” Quinn as well as D.B. actually founded the club with others and Gypsy shopped this show to many networks before is got picked up by Discovery. It is made in the tradition of ‘Operation Repo” and “Lizard Lick” as well as other faux reality shows on TV today.

      • The Bottom Rocker changed from Dago to Nomad I am guessing because Real Dago MC’s did not or would not care to see a fake or unserious club “Rocking” a Dago patch. Anybody involved in MC culture knows that 1% or not almost every club take it very seriously and don’t take kindly to posers or anyone trying to make them look bad.

  7. Ok, Here’s the deal. Laffing Devils are a real MC, and Discovery picked them up when one of there producers decided to do a segment about MC’s.. Discovery made up sin mob… Rockem has always been in HAMC and all the other guys in the “Sin Mob” are just actors and hove no idea about the MC world. The Laffing Devils started out as a group and they developed into an MC.. They used to have “Dago on the bottom rocker, but the other powerful MC’s lost respect and didn’t want camera’s in there business. So they changed the bottom rocker to “Nomads so they don’t claim any territory.. Laffing Devils are real, but it doesn’t have the real members in the show for reasons… My uncle is a laughing devil…..

    • If indeed you have inside knowledge of LDMC was Tommy Quinn AKA Gypsy really a founding member and, true or not, are the allegations against him why he left the Show and/or Club? Was he even the president? Did Billy the Kid take over at the beginning of season one when Gypsy stepped down and named him as his successor? It never sat right with me that a Biker would be a Bounty Hunter and married to a Cop. I’m not saying there are not Biker Cops and Bounty Hunters, I am a Freemason and even we have an MC, but he and his brothers were committing crimes on camera. If Gypsy and the rest of the Devils members seen on TV are actors and the Real LDMC members are not part of the show then it makes sense they could stage fake robberies and if Rock’em has always been an Angel then Rusty Coones and Fuzzy being on the show makes more sense. Thanks for the clarification that is interesting.

      • Not all clubs are 1% clubs which clearly operate outside the law, so just because Gipsy was in a club and his wife was a cop shouldn’t be an issue, that surely wouldn’t be the case if they were a 1% club. That bears out especially with the LD’s giving up their colors because they didn’t want to be a 1% club, they just wanted to be a group of guys that rode together. I have to believe though Gipsy’s biggest issue is allegedly making his underage step daughter blow him, something Discovery wanted nothing to do with. He’s probably lucky they booted him, if he’d gotten involved with the “big club” and that came out, he’d have some serious issues as even though 1% clubs live by their own rules, I’m pretty sure being a child molester would be a sure way to wind up gone.

      • Agreed, I know any outlaw and most men in general don’t take kindly to kiddy fiddlers. As I said I understand that not all clubs are outlaw and many fraternally organizations and groups of bike enthusiasts, including the Freemasons ( Who have “The Widows Sons” MC,) still form MC’s for brotherhood and camaraderie. This was the stated intent of the Laughing Devils as seen on the show but then they started leaning toward wanting to be more on the outlaw side. Then when Rusty Coones asked them to go to Nevada and steal back a bike for him and they obliged I figured that either these guys were idiots or the show was completely scripted because no Biker, outlaw or otherwise, is going to commit a felony on camera. Also, in season 3 if Sandman was being as closely monitored as he claimed and did what he did he would have been locked up again way before the finale.

  8. Well I reckon if the HAMC wants to earn a few dollars by appearing in or even guiding this show, then why shouldn’t they? Everyone has to earn some coin. Good on em.

  9. LDMC WAS a real MC, a non 1% MC, up until Discovery channel bought the rights to the name, logo, etc.. After LDMC was approached by the channel many original members were not on board with such and left the MC. HAMC does have members who are actors in career profession.. Happy from SOA is from the Oakland Chapter, Sonny Barger was Lenny The Pimp on SOA, Rusty Coons is not only on Devils Ride, but is on SOA too and the HAMC HAWAII Pres is his stunt double! Fuzzy, is HAMC member Timothy Timms. Rockem is HAMC associated for many years, Conan Neverdunn and Bobby Slaughter (Schlotter in real life), are HAMC associates and have been involved within the community for years! Sandman is a real DAGO OG and is respected within the community. Devils Ride is just what it is, entertainment, nothing more, nothing less.. Some actors within the show really live within the 1% lifestyle, while some are just actors with other passions in life. All the bickering back and forth is pointless, as the reality of it all is simple.. It is just a tv show, currently, that is it! “When In Doubt, Knock Em Out” is a saying used on many 81 Support shirts, it is not related to a Custom Motorcycle Shop in Az owned by an actor on the show.

    • Oh, forgot to mention that Chuck Zito is an very well known actor, and was Chapter Pres of a New York Chapter of Red and White. People have jobs too..

  10. The writer of this article sucks. I was hoping to read if Fuzzy really was a HA. But this writer just kept rambling on barely saying anything about it

  11. Fuzzy is not a Hells Angel. I never saw him wearing a HAM cut.A real HA never goes anyware without his HA colors. And when Rockem was hit by the other HA his forehead eas bleeding.A half hour later it was totally gone. Fake.

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