DANCE MOMS: Kelly Arrested, Kalani Replaces Her Kids

Abby Lee Miller
Abby Lee Miller, star of “Dance Moms” on Lifetime

Abby Lee Miller is in the post-Kelly era on DANCE MOMS and she’s gloating about it.

One less enemy to face on a daily basis and no more yelling at her daughters who disappointed Miss Abby on a consistent basis.

Only in the final moment of the recent show, “Wingman Down” did she reveal that Kelly was arrested for assault in the slap-hair pulling incident at the New York competition. That answers the question asked last week, if the cops were really necessary.

Who was affected most by the loss of Kelly? Christi of course. She missed her “I hate Abby” pal and the other moms understood, made attempts at taking her back into the fold, but she resisted.

Abby dismissed her feelings. “Just so you know, all you moms. Kelly was arrested. So if you miss someone like that you might want to think about going, cause I saw a whole bunch of kids in NY that want to be on this team.”

Kalani was in Pittsburgh on a supposed trial basis, with Abby Lee Miller flogging the same old theme of the season. “Everyone is replaceable” is her mantra and she demonstrated nonchalance to the members of the team about the loss of Brooke and Paige.

As if to prove her point, after throwing Kalani into the group dance as well as a duet with Kendall, Abby crowed about the success at the week’s competition.

“The highest score of the entire day was the Abby Lee Dance Company and that’s what matters. Kalani, you really shined in the group dance.” Kalani asked, “Does this mean I’m staying another week,” and of course the answer was yes.

Who doesn’t know that Kalani ain’t going anywhere? As Abby’s favorite dancer in the second season of “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” out in LA, she or mom Kira would have to do something on the level of Kelly to be bounced out of the competition team.

The other big news, aside from Kelly’s arrest was that little MacKenzie is flying to LA to record a song. Yup, and Abby Lee Miller is not only happy and proud, she’s helping Melissa’s daughter get prepped.

Remember when Brooke had a concert at which she sang and Abby resented the time she spent away from dance training, pointing out that it was making her performances worse? There’s none of that going on with Melissa’s daughter.

Think Kelly didn’t see that and use it to make her point that Abby never forgave her and the girls when they pulled out of the team for a short while, two seasons ago?

Next week, Kelly gets screen time and is grilled about what the heck happened in New York.

Lifetime airs new episodes of DANCE MOMS Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET.     Image: Lifetime

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