CAKE BOSS Finale VIDEO Preview: Buddy’s Not A ‘Yes’ Man

Buddy Valastro, CAKE BOSS
Buddy Valastro and the CAKE BOSS gang deliver a cake via hot air balloon

On the winter season finale of CAKE BOSS, titled “Up, Up And Away”,  Buddy Valastro gets aggravated with cousin Anthony when the young baker believes he has a better way to make cream puffs . The truth is that so far all he’s done is make them the wrong size.

UPDATE: Recap of episode, with Mama in Israel, cake demolished on hot air balloon and full story of Anthony.

Buddy moseyed over to where Anthony was trying to complete his task and discovered that once again, everything was going haywire.

So Buddy Valastro decides it’s time to have yet another heart-to-heart talk with the young man, but what he gets is lip and attitude.

Anthony claims that Buddy is not open to suggestions that could get the same result, if the method varies from Buddy’s established way of doing things.

“Buddy is so used to hearing ‘yes, yes, yes, yes’. So when he says something and I know it’s wrong or I disagree I’m gonna let it be known. I’m not gonna ‘yes’ somebody just because they want to hear ‘yes’.”

Buddy’s position is clear.

“I want Anthony to succeed. I want Anthony to run this bakery. But here’s the thing, if he doesn’t do it my way then he can’t do it.”

As he tells Anthony after the cream puffs are still not the right size, “I’ve done this before.”

That, of course is an understatement. Does Anthony not know why Buddy Valastro is called the Cake Boss, with a small empire of businesses built from his talents?

The Valastro extended family is all over the baking operation. Blood relatives, in-laws and everyone in between works for Buddy Valastro. It’s hard to imagine that a proven method of success can be questioned. Just watch the video clip below to understand why Buddy’s getting ‘agita’, as they say in Italian.

The fun part of the program occurs as Buddy works on a cake for an employee party and then delivers a cake in a hot air balloon.

Tune in to TLC on Monday night Feb. 24 at 9:00 p.m. ET for the next installment of CAKE BOSS.    Image: TLC

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    • Leslie, TLC said it has no plans to take Cake Boss off the air. Whether that changes as some, is unknown. The show just aired its latest season that ended in mid-November.

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