THE DEVILS RIDE: Are Conan & Bobby Plants for the Hell’s Angels MC?

Conan and Ronnie, LDMC
Conan (left) takes on Bobby after learning he is the one who attacked Ronnie (right). But, was it all a set-up?

UPDATED:  Will there be a “next season” for THE DEVILS RIDE?

Since THE DEVILS RIDE debuted on Discovery Channel, it’s been entertaining in a goofy, parody kind of way. This season, however, Discovery decided to take it up a notch and, by gosh, it looks like they may well have done it.

This season, with a mandate from a “legendary 1%er MC” who shall remain nameless, it seems, the clubs were told that they had 30 days to straighten out and combine, shut down, whatever, but there was going to be only one MC between them at the end of the timeline. This order came straight from respected Hell’s Angel “Fuzzy,” and the clubs took him seriously.

But, will the joke be on BOTH the Laffing Devils and Sin Mob?

Last night, not unexpectedly, the Laffing Devils gave prez Danny Boy a vote of no-confidence and, in short order, Mad Max was the new prez. At first, DB was furious—well, as furious as DB ever seems to get—but after some time on the bike, he decided that perhaps it was the right thing for the club at the time. He even accepted the fact that it was Sandman who called for the vote—after everything DB has done for him. When Sandman later expressed his appreciation and brotherly love for DB, it was all good as far as DB was concerned:

“Hearing what Sandman had to say, yeah, I was glad he said it. That’s brotherhood. When somebody talks about you and understands where you’re coming from, and you know where they’re coming from, that’s what brotherhood’s all about.”

So, DB was out, but seems to have stepped into the role of “founding father” with grace and practicality, just like one would expect he would.

But, later, the show really heated up.

Conan and Bobby met each other on the street, and Conan immediately attacked Bobby when LD Prospect Ronnie identified Bobby as the guy who tied him up in the hospital recently. It was enough of a show of loyalty to get Conan fast-tracked to receive his LD cut. Over at the Sin Mob clubhouse, prez Rockem is still looking to fast-track Bobby—the doesn’t-have-a-bike prospect given to the club by Fuzzy. These are two big guys who could be assets to each club—assuming that is where their respective loyalties lie.

THE DEVILS RIDE is produced for Discovery Channel by Bischoff Hervey Entertainment. Eric Bischoff, Jason Hervey and Steve Stockman are Executive Producers.  For Discovery Channel, David Pritikin is Executive Producer. And, they’ve done a great job this season of making the show into less of a “spoof” and more of a drama. I have to admit, I was on the edge of my seat as the respective Sin Mob members attacked their given targets from the Laffing Devils. No more talking. No more games. Sin Mob is ready to step it up. Prez Rockem has such starry eyes for the 1%er lifestyle, he seems determined to bring their game up a notch—and the baseball bats did it last night.

Now, look, this show is just that:  a show. Look at the scene:  Did you see anybody get hit with a baseball bat? No, of course you didn’t. But, the way the scenes were shot, it made it easy to BELIEVE you were seeing Laffing Devils Sancho, Sleepy and Slider get punched, kicked and beaten with baseball bats, crying out in pain—and that is what a well-done TV show SHOULD do.

And, a good soap opera should always have a twist.

In a move worthy of the best DALLAS (TNT, Monday) has to offer, at the very end of the show, fans—and Snubz—saw Conan and Bobby socializing as they pumped gas, laughing about their “fight” that led to Conan getting patched into the Devils and appearing to ask each other how things were going in the respective clubs.

Are these two on a secret mission from the HA to bring down BOTH MCs? After all, think about it:  Would Fuzzy send a guy who doesn’t even have a bike to join SMMC? What kind of sense did that make? Really, after that mandate, what sense did it make that Fuzzy would send ANYBODY to either club?

“Insane,” said Snubz.

Yes, but, oh, it makes for some good TV.

THE DEVILS RIDE airs on Discovery Channel on Monday nights at 10/9c.

UPDATED: Could Snubz be the real rat? Read more!

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Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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16 thoughts on “THE DEVILS RIDE: Are Conan & Bobby Plants for the Hell’s Angels MC?

  1. I think Bobby will do some thing but sandman said he and Conan go way back . or maybe Conan wanted to get in laughing devils faster cause a wile back he got out and wanted to be apart of LD and did not want to do the long process soaybe boby help him out .and I don’t think that Conan will do any thing to LD . but what got me was when the guy with fuzzy gave the new prez the sin mob address like he wanted the sin mob to get out of SD cause if not he would not give the new prez respect and the address to get sin mob , fuzzy just randomly give a member and getting props from a 1% er is having some one on ur side . so I think sin mob will bite off more then they can chew cause LD have more members the sin mobs 6 members

  2. Or it could be that they were seen pumping gas after their acting job was over on their BS WWF biker wannabe show.

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