Ruck Davey’s Pink Dress on AMISH MAFIA: Robes of Jesus or Cross-Dresser?

Ruck Davey, Amish Mafia
Hmmmm … if Merlin wants to say Ruck Davey wears robes like Jesus, more power to him–but I don’t think Jesus ever wore a pink, empire-waist number.

AMISH MAFIA was back with a bang last night, but fans may have been left hanging with more questions than answers.

Is Levi really back? This no doubt was a question on most fans’ minds, but it was unclear, really, just how much power Levi has regained. He appears to be back in a leadership position, but people still felt empowered enough against him to refuse his proxy, Caleb, when he came collecting. Sure, one might say, “Well, maybe it was just because it was Caleb.” After all, one guy felt emboldened enough to not only refuse to give Caleb the payment for Levi, but he also added, “Aren’t you Levi’s s*** shoveler?” (To which he got a great answer when Caleb hopped in a manure spreader and doused the guy and his fruit stand in icky, sticky manure.) But, if the guy had any fear of Levi whatsoever, certainly he wouldn’t have refused to hand over the cash, much less completely disrespect his employee.

Then there is the Kentucky Amish.

Fans will no doubt recall the Kentucky Amish from last season, when crazy—insane—Merlin got them all stirred up against Levi and had them committed to going to Lancaster, PA, and taking Levi and his crew down to the ground. This season, however, Levi got word of the plan, and sent Jolin and the ever-faithful Alvin down that way to intercept and prevent such an attack. Perhaps they did—they completely destroyed the barn that the Kentucky Amish use for their meeting place via a huge gasoline fireball—but they may have gotten themselves into big-time trouble, driving through a horse-and-buggy roadblock, then getting themselves stopped by the police by driving 65 in a 30 zone.

Everyone was curious about Esther, particularly Esther and Levi as a couple. It still is unclear as to just what their relationship is. Apparently, Levi set Esther up in a new home—a sure sign of commitment—but there were no talks of marriage introduced last night. And when John showed up, demanding that he be allowed to move into the house—and referring to himself as the head of the family—it became clear that Esther’s allegiance to Levi is still questionable, and he’d better be careful. Really careful.

Merlin seems crazier than ever. Through prayer and spiritual contemplation, he claims to have restored himself and his faith. But, the calmness he displayed had more of an evil eeriness to it—the calm before a great big disaster of a storm. He is back in Ohio, ready to take back what he claims is still his, even willing to blackmail the bishop with an unpaid debt in order to get cleared of his own misdeeds and unshun  his soon-to-be helper, Ruck Davey. Why was he shunned? According to Caleb, beating a man with a Bible because he was chewing gum in church.

Sounds pretty crazy to me.

Oh, and did I mention that “ruck” means “dress” in Dutch?

Merlin explains away the fact that Ruck Davey wears a dress with this: “He even wears a robe like Jesus wore in the Bible.”

Now, I’m not judging Ruck Davey on his attire, but I just do not think Jesus wore a pink empire-waist dress—well, maybe it’s not quite high enough to be an empire waist. But it is certainly bright pink. And it is certainly a dress. But, if crazy Merlin wants to call it a robe and make it a sign of his true devotion, we’ll go with that for now.

The addition to the show that I personally found pointless—and perhaps intrusive in the long run—was that of Paul Castline, a Lancaster County “law enforcement official” who wants to get something on Levi and his posse. You know, Deputy Chuck on MOONSHINERS adds nothing to the show, and the addition of this “law enforcement official” chasing Levi around has the potential to be the same waste of space that could be better used to further the storyline of one of the real cast members.

But, we’ll see.

Overall, it was a good premiere into the new season, answering just enough to give viewers a starting point of reference, but not so much that the rest of the season will not hold a few surprises—including what the heck is going on with Esther?

I guess we’ll just have to keep tuning in on Tuesday nights to find out.

AMISH MAFIA airs on Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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Image:  Discovery Channel

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