AMISH MAFIA: Esther, Wayne BOTH Living Double Lives in the English World?

Sure, John had video of Esther’s “double life,” but it was obviously from years ago–will Levi care now?

Merlin may be crazier than ever this season on Discovery Channel’s AMISH MAFIA, and last night’s declaration of his anticipated “sacrifice” demonstrated it quite well.

As fans know, Merlin has always seemed to be a few potato chips short of a bag. This season, however, his self-proclaimed religious recommitment and refound favor from God, well, they have really taken him over the edge. As Merlin dedicates himself to the task of taking down Wayne and regaining the top-dog position in his community, he has set his sights on Wayne’s “English” girlfriend, Karrie, and exposing what he deems Wayne’s “double life.”

Boy, that girl is already between a rock and a hard place:  Having Wayne and Merlin as dueling suitors for your affections?

No, thanks.

But, she seems to like Wayne, and may actually be considering converting to Amish for him (although it is hard to believe it is simple as Wayne is trying to make it sound). She appears to be a bit creeped out by Merlin—hard to believe, right?—who has been a friend of her family for many years, and is now showing her attentions she never expected. Merlin even took the step of giving Karrie a peacock feather, an Amish sign of a man’s intentions toward a woman, which really infuriated Wayne. Of course, not being Amish, Karrie just thought it was pretty, which seemed to infuriate Wayne even more when he saw it displayed on one of her counters, triggering an ultimatum from him as he stormed out of her house:

“Next time I see you, you’d better be wearing a head-covering. This is bull****.”

Now, what woman would not respond well to those sweet words of affection from her man?

Is Merlin really interested in Karrie? No; more likely than not, Merlin will never be interested in anyone more than he is himself. But, according to the fallen head of Amish Aid, he is willing to go the extra mile for God:

“If God wants me to sleep with Wayne’s girlfriend to save the Amish community, that’s a sacrifice I’m gonna have to make.”

Did anyone else laugh hysterically when they heard THAT line?

A little advice for Karrie:  Run as far away from BOTH of these nuts as you possibly can, as fast as you can.

Fans may have also been surprised to find that Esther has lived a “double life,” sometimes in the Amish world, sometimes in the English, something of which Levi may be unaware—and a point John is using to threaten his sister. But, looking at the video provided last night, this “double life” is probably well in Esther’s past, when she was younger. The “English” Esther in that video was definitely not current-day Esther. So, assuming she has mended the ways of her youth, will Lebanon Levi forgive her transgressions when—not if—he finds out? Who knows? Knowing Levi, he already knows, and won’t be surprised in the least.

Could that admission and acceptance actually be the building point of trust that their relationship appears to so desperately need?

Stay tuned.

AMISH MAFIA airs on Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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