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GOLD RUSH: Grandpa John Making Final Stand on Smith Creek (Sneak Peek Video)

Parker Schnabel and Grandpa John

Tony Beets may be the King of the Klondike, but it took a visit from Grandpa John to set Parker on the true track to top 1,000 ounces this season!

This week, Discovery Channel’s GOLD RUSH begins to wind down for the season, but the excitement is definitely just gearing UP for fans!

If there is any GOLD RUSH miner more loved by fans than Parker Schnabel, it would have to be Parker’s grandpa, John Schnabel. The last couple of seasons, Grandpa John has been in failing health, so fans have not seen a lot of him on-screen. But this week, for the Schnabel family, it’s all about Grandpa John! According to Discovery Channel, tonight on episode, “Grandpa’s Last Wish”:

“94 year old mining legend John Schnabel convinces his grandsons Parker and Payson to return to Big Nugget to work together deep into the winter to prove, once and for all, that there is big gold buried deep under Smith Creek.”


John Schnabel has been right more often than not, including about Parker’s recent score in the Klondike, the so-called “Fantasy Land.” Parker never would have made his 1,000+ ounces this season without the keen eye of Grandpa John! So, is there really big gold deep under Smith Creek?

Most fans would bet on Grandpa John before they would bet against him—and we know the Schnabel family will, too.

Good luck on the Smith Creek dig, Schnabels; we know you can do it!

GOLD RUSH begins its two-week Season Finale tonight, Friday, March 07, on Discovery Channel at 9/8c.

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Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

Video:  YouTube

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9 replies

  1. that is one sweet man :) cannot resist the pull of the heart!

  2. John is a legend. I just love seeing him and he loves his grand boys. Hold on grandpa…hold on.

    • You know, Ms. Lez, he just presents himself as such a good, solid, loving, God-fearing man, I cannot help but love seeing him be so happy. :)

      • Of course! God fearing is so important in defining someone. Its really not hard to notice your contempt for those of us that dont “fear god”. How ridiculous.

  3. I follow Gold rush show from Spain, and what I can say is that is awesome. It is impossible to not be impressed with the way of life they have up in the mountains, loneliness, cold, wind, really tough people. It has something I love, thanks for the show.


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