HILLBILLY BLOOD: Cowboy’s Squirrel Needs a Girlfriend! (WEB EXCLUSIVE Tomahawk Video)

Spencer & Eugene, HILLBILLY BLOOD
Spencer and Eugene are always ready to help a friend in need.

Eugene Runcus and Spencer “Two Dogs” Boljack will always go out of their way to help a friend. And this week on Destination America’s HILLBILLY BLOOD, the friend in need is Cowboy.

Everyone is familiar with Cowboy’s pet squirrel. But, he’s decided that his squirrel needs a friend—girlfriend—of his own. Always up for a challenge, Eugene and Spencer are ready to help in episode, “To Catch a Squirrel.” According to Destination America:

“Spencer and Eugene’s friend Cowboy wants a girlfriend for his pet squirrel. When his trap comes up empty, the boys try to help. But capturing a squirrel is not the easiest task. They must create camouflage suits, and backwoods blowguns which need to be complete with spider venom-tipped darts.  Will they keep their promise to Cowboy or risk death in search for a squirrel mate?”

Check out this WEB EXCLUSIVE teaching video with Eugene, demonstrating to viewers how to make their own oyster-shell tomahawk–haven’t you always needed one?

[wpvideo K4fPVvzl]

There are some odd things that go on up on Cold Mountain but, hey, they always help each other out—how can you not respect that?

HILLBILLY BLOOD airs on Destination America on Saturdays at 9/8c.

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Image:  Destination America via Facebook

Web Exclusive Sneak Peek Courtesy of Destination America

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