MY FIVE WIVES: Competition Between Wives Sparked by Rhonda’s Adoption Proposal?

My Five Wives, Brady & Paulie's family
Brady Williams, first wife Paulie, and their children.

Not surprisingly, there seems to be an amazing amount of competition between all the Williams wives on TLCs MY FIVE WIVES.

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview the Williams family. One question I asked—that did not make it into the write-up—was about competition between the wives, specifically regarding having children. Basically, was there any? The wives appeared reluctant to answer; Brady spoke up, deeming the question to be “silly.”

After last night’s episode, I would have to say that the question did not seem to be so “silly” after all.

The Williams family already has 24 kids. The wives indicated last night that there had been an understanding that they were “done” with having children because, as Rosemary said, Brady was “overwhelmed.” Easy enough to understand that. But, with Brady actually considering adoption with Rhonda—inexplicable, to say the least—other wives’ hormones began revving.

Nonie spoke with Brady about it, and he said he would “think about it.” And, while Nonie accepted that from him when they spoke directly, her words in a camera cameo were not quite so passive.

“I felt like those doors were closed to any of us. When it was proposed that Rhonda wanted to adopt, I felt like those doors were thrown wide open again … and I wanted to know if that was open for me, too.”

Rosemary was blunt in her opinion about one wife being able to have another child, via adoption or otherwise, and the door being closed to her:

“Assuming that it’s possible that Rhonda gets to adopt, I have a hard time with the idea of a new baby, because I would be jealous, you know, that Brady would say okay to somebody else and not to me.”

Are these wives really wanting more children, or are they just wanting what the other wives are “getting?”

Paulie did not indicate that she would like more kids, but when she talked about being the first wife in her camera cameo; having the oldest child; all of the “firsts” they have shared because of that child; and having a special place in Brady’s heart because of it?

Oh, yeah–sounds like competition to me.

MY FIVE WIVES airs on TLC on Sunday nights at 10/9c.

UPDATED:  Rosemary feels she is Paulie’s target.

Image:  TLC

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0 thoughts on “MY FIVE WIVES: Competition Between Wives Sparked by Rhonda’s Adoption Proposal?

  1. well, this is just what I would expect 🙂 no way can you have a ”group” of women living in a house w./one man, all wanted to be the number one, and no one can claim the title…and if one did….oh, my! the fight would be on!:) yep, I would say every day, all day, is competition 🙂

  2. I have been reading quite a few replies and I see one common thread and that is they are all hungry for Brady’s attention. I noticed Nonie works every day with Brady and perhaps she feels more like a co-worker than a wife and Brady noticably looks erratated with her. Maybe she is up in his face too much and perhaps she also feels having another child would align her with the first wife as far as favoritism. I rank Nonie last and Rhonda in first place as far as favoritism goes. Rosemary is more grounded than the others and not quite as needy. But Rhonda, it appears as though she was always Brady’s first love as he continually asked her to marry him each time before he married another wife. Just knowing that none of them were his first choice had to sting when she spoke of this on their trip to Washington for their 10th anniversary.

    • You’re right; it stung me when I watched it, and it has nothing to do w/ me, so it has to hurt them. :/

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