Barry Weiss’ New Show, BARRY’D TREASURE Is Fun, And So Is Barry

Barry Weiss
Barry and Kenny on “Barry’d Treasure”

Barry Weiss spent the premiere episode of his new series BARRY’D TREASURE in Amish country, roaming around, having fun and hooking up antique collectors with buyers.

Yes,  it was Barry in a powder blue 1967 Cadillac convertible with pal Kenny (from the old storage auction days)  who was pushing his own thing, pralines in various flavors.  Kenny has been in the candy game for a bit but was seeking a way to get distribution in that area

How do those two things live in harmony and entertain? The answer is Barry Weiss.

UPDATE: Catch interview with Barry on life, sleeping in and BARRY’D TREASURE

Weiss packed his things and left home to get on the road — last night it was eastern Pennsylvania, antique-rich territory. Kenny and Barry headed straight to a collector’s home. Weiss said:

“This guy  has a collection for his collection.” In other words, he collects and can’t bring himself to sell, five decades worth of things.

Enter Barry who persuaded the collector named Carter Reese (heir to the Reese candy fortune), to part with some things, but only if he could broker a good price. In between trying to entice Carter with his pralines, Kenny provided encouragement:

“Catch and release Carter…catch and release.”

That’s where the fun began.

Kenny and Barry pulled alongside a horse-drawn buggy and met Jake, an unmarried Amish man who was game to show two out-of-towners around, and enjoy kidding from the two about his lifestyle.

As the three hopped from antique retailer to antique retailer, Kenny kept handing out praline samples and Barry, with samples of Carter’s stock in hand kept beating the bushes for buyers at the right price.

Ultimately a buyer was found and brought back to Carter’s home where we got to see the tail end of negotiations. Barry got the men to compromise and a deal was struck.

There is no way producers could have known that Jake would be so game to live a little of the non-Amish life, just a teeny bit. Turns out that Jake was willing to take a walk on the wild side, which led to one of the best lines of the night.

“So you are Am-ish, the way I’m Jew-ish,” Barry said. The running gag about Jake’s little breakaway adventure was: “Don’t tell the bishop.”

Jake allowed Barry into the buggy to take a ride, then hopped in the Caddy as the men tooled around the area, including spying some local farm animals mate. Yeah, that was a bit much, but the repartee among the three men was flat out funny.

Jake was introduced to a young woman at one of the stops along the way, with Barry playing the role of a matchmaker. Of course things got a bit difficult since she wasn’t Amish and when she asked for his phone number he had to admit he didn’t have a phone.

Barry even gave Jake a clothing makeover, putting him into a fine looking suit and tie. Does Patti Stanger know she’s got competition in the makeover-matchmaking game in reality TV?

Where will Barry go next week on BARRY’D TREASURE? Tune in Tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. ET on A&E TV

Images credit: A&E

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4 thoughts on “Barry Weiss’ New Show, BARRY’D TREASURE Is Fun, And So Is Barry

  1. “There is no way producers could have known that Jake would be so game to live a little of the non-Amish life, just a teeny bit”?

    Huh? You are a TV reviewer. You should know better than anyone that there is no “reality” in “Reality TV”. I bet nearly anything this Amish character was not Amish at all. He was in fact a “character”, as in he was is an actor of some sort. You’d have to agree that there most likely would be no Amish individual in the world that would allow themselves to be seen in this fashion on international television.

    Ahhhh, it’s called critical thinking.

    With that said, I am a big Barry fan and somewhat enjoyed the show all along knowing that it’s as scripted as The Walking Dead.

  2. Matthew S. No need for a reprimand. TVRuckus is quite aware that reality shows come in varying degrees of “reality”. For our take on fans who scream “fake” in comments please see our She Said/She Said editorial on the subject. Tab for that up top. Thanks for reading and taking the time to write. Hard not to be a Barry fan.

    • We’ll see if we can get info from the folks at the network. Will post here when and if something comes from them!

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