SCANDAL: Olivia Learns She’s The Chosen One

Eli Pope
Daddy Pope, the former Command on “Scandal”

During last night’s SCANDAL episode, “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang” Olivia Pope asked for parental guidance.

“I need my Dad,” she told Eli. Actually she had to beg him to be her dad, as she met him on the bench opposite the monument in Washington, DC.

“What do I do if there are no white hats, if everyone is evil, if the deck is stacked, if everyone around me is a monster? If no one is worth saving, what’s the point?”

Eli’s response was as lacking in empathy as one would expect. It was the hard truth and in his own way, he praised her and challenged her to take it all on — make it all different and work it as he knows she can.

“When you become Command, you are the hand of God. Whatever you think of Jake, however you want to punish him, being the hand of God is the worst punishment in the world.  And there is a point. There is someone worth saving. Everyone is worth saving, even the monsters, the demons. In the face of darkness you drag everyone into the light. That is the point. At least I’d like to think that is the point of you.”

She resorted to having to grovel for Eli’s help after learning that Jake, as Command, killed the NSA whistle blower, Vanessa, the journalist and of course poor James. Jake had tried to demonstrate to Olivia that he was a better man than her father, because rather than using mentally ravaged soldiers to do that dirty work, he did it himself. There’s more honor in that, he told her.

Olivia has her mission, handed down by the former Command, dear old dad. Who cares if everyone around her is a monster? Eli told her to get it done. The white hat is back on…sort of.


Left alive by Jake, he agreed to cover up the killings in exchange for his life. James had run from the group as he saw Jake coming and was shot in the back, left to die from a deliberate no-kill shot. Jake’s cover story for David to execute was a carjacking of James’ car and a resulting killing.

David did what he had to except that with the closeness of his relationship with Abby, she knew something was up. He began to crumble when he had to frame an innocent man for James’ death, but fell into line when Olivia put on the white hat per her father’s instructions and told him:

“Jake Ballard did what anyone in his position would have done. The problem is bigger than Jake, it’s B-613 and that it exists. You should be exposing that. We’ll do it together, brick by brick. We’ll tear that whole thing down. To do that we have to be patient and alive. Stand with me and turn it into a cause. Lose this battle so we can win the war.”

Mellie and Andrew

On a mission to get the gun lobby from endorsing Sally Langston, the two traveled to the lobby’s convention and accomplished the task. Mellie’s handling of a gun and her lessons to Andrew had the head of the organization ready to fall in line, if Fitz made a speech pledging to uphold Second Amendment rights.

As they drank and celebrated their victory, the attraction was all too much. “It’s a shame, that he can’t see you as I do,” was Andrew’s line. It worked and next thing you know, Mellie’s on her back without her blouse and Andrew on top of her. How are these two going to contain their giddiness around Fitz? They are like teenagers.

Huck and Quinn

Holy crow! Who saw this coming? Huck discovers that Quinn found the info on the killing of Daniel Douglas Langston and the coverup.  He saw the security camera footage of Liv’s safe and realized it was how Jake got the info on the Publius activity and where the group meeting was taking place. Huck was in her apartment when she returned with his big red metal case of deadly implements.

“You’re broken, so I came to put you down. I trained you, I made you. You’re good. There is no way I should have seen you on that camera, unless you wanted to be seen. Somewhere in there you’re still a gladiator”

As they faced off nose-to-nose with Quinn denying she had allowed herself to be caught on camera, even spitting in Huck’s face, passion turned into longing and boom, they were kissing. Both recoiled from it and Huck learned something more than that he has the hots for Quinn. She’s got something left inside her worth saving and he’s ready to do that. Does anyone see Quinn crawling back to Pope & Associates?

Adnan and Maya

Adnan Salif dropped off her designer satchel of cash to Maya, believing that their plot would begin. What’s next she wanted to know. Maya shocked her and not in a good way. She wasn’t doing the deed herself. Oh no, Maya’s not a terrorist as she explained.

“Terrorists use violence to advance their convictions, god, country, and since I’m not burdened by those, I’m a facilitator. Don’t worry, your money’s been well spent.”

Off they went to a meeting with henchmen for Maya’s choice of terrorist. Consider it shopping, and we all know Maya knows how to shop for the best in designer clothing. Why should terrorist shopping be any different? She was willing to execute one of the men to show she meant business. Adnan realized she was in too deep and ran to good old Harrison, asking if he could help extricate her from the mess. Before he had a chance she ran away from him, after feeling too exposed in a public parking garage. What the heck is the plot and what are we in for as the season starts to wind down?

Cyrus and James

We got flashback scenes of the two meeting, flirting and Cy finally giving in. He was so awkward. “I don’t indulge very much,” he explained to James. The two got serious on the campaign trail with James covering it for a New England newspaper.

Cy now had to deal with coming out at James’ insistence. He stiffed him at the inaugural ball, but at the first state dinner they made their debut as a couple, by the two joining the other couples on the dance floor.  Some shock registered on faces of the guests but Fitz and Mellie smiled with love. Cy had been unable to break the news to Fitz in an awkward meeting, when he admitted only that he had found someone and was in love.

Coming back to present day, Cyrus who had kept working as therapy finally broke down, flooded by memories of his dead husband. He fell apart in the press room during a briefing and had to be taken away by Fitz, as cameras kept rolling. The grief and release of the grief was a gripping scene. The hurt was palpable thanks to a great job by Jeff Perry, making himself more vulnerable than we’ve ever seen.

Olivia had already told Cyrus that James’ death was indeed a carjacking and that a suspect was in custody. Who thinks Cyrus will fall for that when he recovers from his grief?

Wrap Up: Olivia and David went forward with the cover story about James death, but what about the two women who are still missing? This is when Jake demonstrated his dual personality and fans will have to deal with their feelings for him.

After the killing he loaded the two bodies in a car and drove someplace, dug a huge grave and buried them.That was after he went back to James who lay dying in the street, gurgling final breaths. Jake explained why he had to kill him, but that he’d stay with him until the end. “It won’t be much longer,” he said with kindness, and it wasn’t.

This is Jake’s way of being honorable. Saving the republic and doing it himself, keeping fragile souls from having to act as he was forced to.

How can a guy still be likable and desirable after what he’s done? I don’t know, but he sure is.

ABC airs new episodes of SCANDAL Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT     Image: ABC

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  1. Agreed. Jake kills and covers it up and somehow he is still a sympathetic character. That face doesn’t hurt anything . . .

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