Secret’s Out, But Jane/Grayson Iffy on DROP DEAD DIVA

Grayson, from Drop Dead Diva
Jackson Hurst as Grayson, on Drop Dead Diva

We had to wait until the very end of the two-hour season premiere of DROP DEAD DIVA to learn that the writers have found yet another way to keep the Jane-Grayson pairing in limbo.

In “Truth & Consequences, Soulmates” Jane told Grayson, “I am Deb.”

So simple, so direct and yet bringing with it, complications one can only imagine.

Who didn’t scream at the TV screen (insert computer, tablet, phone if it applies) when Jane fumbled her way through the explanation of why she kept it secret?

“…and then I found a way to come back,” Jane told Grayson. “In Jane’s body?” he asked. “Yes, but with my soul.”

When they went through that same discussion about Brittney taking dead Jane’s body, you knew Grayson’s head was about to explode.

“She figured out how I did it and got back to earth and copied me. So her soul is in that other woman’s body.”

Huh? Of course the essence of Grayson’s rage is that he was not chosen to be the one who knew about the Jane-Deb switch, rather it was Stacy that got the nugget of truth.

Poignant moment when Grayson brought us back to his post-Deb anguish.

“That means you watched me grieve. You watched me date other women. I confided in you. You never said a word. You almost married Owen.”

Bingo! That is when you began to realize that if you were Grayson, you might want to kick this woman’s butt down the street rather than fall into her arms. She almost married Owen.

It took what seemed like forever until Jane finally ‘fessed up about why Stacy got to be the secret-holder.

We were taken back to the beginning of the series, when Jane Bingum’s size was a topic of dialogue in the show. ‘Bout time for this viewer.

Grayson was shocked at the shallowness of Jane’s thinking, but who doesn’t understand how a model, size 0, obsessed with her looks and a career in show biz, wouldn’t be able to conceive of being loved for who she was, inside the dress size?

Despite all that, despite him knowing she went on with her life and almost married someone else, despite the hurt and grief of being fooled for years, Grayson wants Jane, but only Jane.

“I loved Deb. I loved Jane, not Deb’s soul inside of Jane. And for the record, at least for now, you have to accept that I see Deb and Jane as two different women.”

Jane countered with:”That’s not the way this works.”

Grayson was not deterred.

“There is Jane and there is Deb and I’m mad at both of them.  I can’t see walking away from the two women I truly loved. I’m proposing sometime soon we go on a date. I want to get to know the real you, without secrets.

“Grayson, you already know the real me. I’m Deb.”

“Stop, I buried Deb. Now would you like to go out with me?”

And of course the answer is yes, but we know in our guts that this isn’t over by any stretch of the imagination. Jane’s been waiting years to have what she shared with Grayson rekindled. Grayson is ready to give his full attention to Jane, not a re-worked Deb inside Jane.

It’s just exhausting.

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