Exclusive Video: Tasha and Jeff Go Off On MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP

Tasha and Jeff
Tasha and Jeff role play on “Marriage Boot Camp”

When we last left our Bridezillas and their husbands on MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP, Mark was recovering from a meltdown that had him get physical with people, including the show’s camera operators.

The camp counselors Jim and Elizabeth provided temptation for the couples. Those who were in danger of looking for their needs outside their marriage were given a mixer of sorts.

Men and women were waiting for them around the pool, while their partners watched on closed circuit TV. Think a few got jealous?

It tested the marriage of Mark and Gloria like nothing else so far this season.

Blanca and Julian didn’t fare well either. The lady who has extreme difficulty seeing her own faults and saying, “I’m sorry” stormed out to the pool.

While she didn’t throw punches, she threw things at the women who she thought were tempting Julian. Later she was shocked to learn that there were words to use that weren’t profane or threatening to express herself.

“Can you look at your own faults and say, ‘I was wrong the way I handled something’ ” asked Jim. To which Blanca replied: “How do you handle that?”

She was shown as Jim had her repeat calm but clear words to let Julian know she was jealous.

“Who does that?” Blanca said with her mouth wide open as she tried to contemplate that kind of reaction.

In this week’s sneak peek, Tasha and Jeff try again to understand each other’s needs in a role playing exercise. Jeff shows Tasha what she sounds like when she threatens to leave him, then Tasha gets physical.

Catch the next installment of MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP Friday night, April 4 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on WE tv

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