Mandy Hansen Joins Crew of F/V Northwestern on DEADLIEST CATCH, but Is She Welcome?

F/V Northwestern
Life on the F/V Northwestern; is this the career path Mandy Hansen really wants to follow?

It may be hard for fans to believe, but DEADLIEST CATCH is returning this month for its 10th season on the Discovery Channel—but could the government bring an end to legacies, both old and new?

Josh Harris hopes to begin creating his legacy this season, and a suitable tribute to his father, the late Captain Phil Harris. Captain Phil brought both notoriety and respect to the captain’s chair, and now Josh will be the top man on the Cornelia Marie. But, does he have what it takes?

Also looking to begin building a legacy is another in the long line of Hansen fishermen—Captain Sig’s 18-year-old daughter, Mandy. But, in a profession dominated by men, the young lady has a lot to prove. And, it is going to be hard for Sig to let her go and be “one of the boys.” But, if he doesn’t, her success on the Northwestern could be squashed before she even starts–and she may find herself not exactly welcomed by the rest of the crew.

How many ways can the government interfere with its citizens and their attempt to make a living? More ways than we can begin to count. This season, a government shutdown in Washington, D.C. brings fishing to an end. And, when it finally resumes, the captains have their backs up against the wall with a shortened season and greater competition than ever before. But, if they push too hard on the Bering Sea, major injury—even death—may be waiting.

Would it be DEADLIEST CATCH without drama? This season, a boat goes up in flames; another runs aground while many more earn record-breaking profits. When the smoke clears, one captain finds himself in rehab and another wakes up in a hospital.  Forty-foot waves, hurricane force winds, heavy-machinery and massive icebergs are just a few reasons that no season is ever the same on DEADLIEST CATCH.  Surrounded by death and a multitude of injuries these brave men struggle to return from man’s oldest journey alive.

To catch up on all the drama, Discovery will air a special recap episode of DEADLIEST CATCH beginning at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, April 15.  Also returning this season is “The Bait,” a series of one-hour pre-game shows, beginning at 8 p.m. E/P on April 22.  “The Bait” will give an inside look at the episode ahead from the captains – where they’ll talk fishing, drama and what to expect on that night’s episode of DEADLIEST CATCH. Also, our readers can catch up on last season’s shows right here on TVRuckus!

The Season Premiere of the 10th season of DEADLIEST CATCH airs on Discover Channel Tuesday, April 22, at 9 p.m. E/P.

Image:  Discovery Channel

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