Olivia Uses Jake on SCANDAL, No More White Hat

Scott Foley
Actor Scott Foley as Jake on “Scandal”

Has Olivia Pope given up the right to be righteous after last night’s SCANDAL and is it important to the story going forward?

During “The Fluffer”, Liv chose her task of dismantling B613 over loyalty to Jake and staying true to Fitz when she seduced Jake to get at info on his phone. The white hat got smudged more than a little bit. Sacrifice a friend/lover for the greater good? Hey, it was her choice.

There will be those that say that Olivia really cares for Jake and her responding in kind to his “I missed you” is proof of that, but let’s call it what it is. She used him and did it despite her feelings for him. Jake had stood outside her door begging for her company a bit earlier in the episode and Liv knew he was ripe for the taking.

Answer this: Would Olivia Pope have been in Jake’s bed but for being challenged by Huck who quoted her words back at her?

However, let’s put it in perspective. It’s not the first time this season she engaged in a sexual romp with Jake behind Fitz’s back, but this time, Jake has every reason to let Fitz in on the secret, unless he thinks he’ll lose face with the Prez because he trusted Olivia.

In case you missed the final few minutes, stop now or learn the punchline.

“Do you know how many times you’ve asked me to do things I didn’t want to do, but I did them because you asked me to? B613 destroyed me and now you can do the same to them, which is what you said you wanted. Don’t you want that any more?”

Huck put the screws to Olivia. It’s the second time this season Huck has schooled his boss about her seemingly callous business methods, no matter the cost to her employees. It’s the job over everything. The info stolen from the phone was used to hack into the spy group’s system and Huck turned the lights out, literally, in the middle of a B613 operation to nab Maya/Marie before her henchmen blow Fitz to bits.

It never fails, right? Liv puts principle and love on the shelf for the greater good, in her own mind, and she puts the world at risk.

There were some other juicy bits of dialogue that pushed the plot towards that ending.

“I’d have to say the President of the United States is definitely a baguette.”

Reenter Jeannine Locke, disgraced former White House intern who has written a tell-all book about Fitz and her time in paparazzi hell when she was identified as his mistress. When asked for what President Grant is packing in his pants, she was asked if he was a breadstick or a baguette. Still gotta say, a baguette is not the most flattering of references.  A zucchini maybe, but a baguette?

“I’m leaning in Harrison, making an investment in my future.”

On a mission to stop Mama Pope, Harrison thought he’d go to his contact Claire on the inside and see if she’d turn on Maya. She schooled him good by calling Maya Pope a role model for women in the spy business. She ended up dead for her trouble, but kudos to the writers for a nice reference to Sheryl Sandberg’s bestseller.

“I want Andrew to stop screwing my wife.”

It’s tough when the mistress has to listen to her lover claim he no longer loves or wants his wife, yet the thought of another man touching her makes him crazy. Olivia forced Fitz to say it so she could go back into, “this is my job” mode and absorb more body blows of humiliation. Everyone takes what they think they can handle and Olivia Pope can absorb more than her share.

“Screw Mellie or be VP. It’s your choice.”

Andrew chose VP, at least for now after Olivia put the hammer down at Fitz’s insistence. When Mellie looked for Andrew to have a bit of “afternoon delight” she got turned down. It sent her into a rage over Fitz meddling with her happiness. FLOTUS discounted her hubby’s feelings, because when she looked at Andrew she saw love, something in short supply in her life.

“The woman’s a hypocrite, telling women they can’t have abortions while letting her daughter D&C ’til the cows come home.”

Classic Cyrus quote, uttered after he dug up dirt on Sally Langston and her little girl who at the age of 13 had an abortion. Langston was able to pivot her position on subject, using her daughter’s plight for political advantage. The Grant campaign suffered and Liv was furious. Meanwhile, Gov. Reston, the other candidate kept visiting his jailed wife, always with photographers at the ready. Between Reston and Langston Fitz was slumping in the polls. That had to be dealt with and was, when Liv took the liberty of leaking her file on Reston, letting the world know he should be in the cell, not his wife. The fun part: Langston’s campaign manager Leo was in on the deal.

“Oh please do baby, please take a stab at me. I wonder which one of us is faster.”

We got to see Maya vs. Eli in the middle of a crowded restaurant, both with hands on sharp objects. Spy vs. spy and fast talking con artists at their best. In this exchange, you sided with Eli who for some reason is helping his daughter take down B613. Maybe it’s just revenge for being deposed from the head of “your little army” as Maya called it. The visit to the table was not just about slugging some of their good wine. It was how Mama Pope informed Liv that she had to silence Claire because of Harrison’s offer to help. Nothing will stop the plot to kill Fitz. The weapon to do so is a bomb worthy of the old days of “24” when suitcase nuclear weapons were all the rage.

“Congratulations, you just killed the President.”

After the B613 systems crashed, Jake realized Liv was behind it. He left himself vulnerable to Olivia and she screwed him, and not just in a physical sense. What no one at Pope & Associates knew was that B613 was engaged in a “good” mission to save the country and the life of the man who led it. When he burst into her office, Jake attacked Olivia by throwing her against a wall and cutting off her airway with his big hand on her neck. He drew his gun on the Gladiators. He was stone cold vengeance in action. Do you think Jake will be crying at her door in the near future? Yeah, me neither.

With only a couple of episodes left in the season we will get to see how Maya’s mission is foiled or not, depending on how you think the SCANDAL writers and creator Shonda Rhimes feel we should spend the next 5-6 months of the off-season.

ABC airs SCANDAL Thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT  Image credit: ABC

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