ROYAL PAINS: What is Emma’s End Game in the Hamptons?

Willa Fitzgerald, Mark Feuerstein
Emma and Hank talk about her future on “Royal Pains”

ROYAL PAINS was new last night with the episode, “Everyone Loves Ray, Man” and Emma, the Lawson’s teen half-sister continued her lies and question dodging. We also got a glimpse of another potential threat to the family as Ray Mazzarino, the imposing Jersey guy, and presumed mob member, may have conned Evan into a business partnership.

ROYAL PAINS has always been a show that provided a picture of Hank, Evan and their extended family of characters as vulnerable to con artists. The brothers might be sophisticated in some ways, but as the nice people they are, they give people the benefit of the doubt.

Evan returned to behavior we thought he’d rejected, as he wanted to bond with big Ray because he was flattered by him. Not getting applause for all he’s done, either from wife Paige or from the guys at Hank Med, Evan loved being buttered up. Having come up dry on a place to create a Hank Med lab, which became a necessity after the hospital jacked up their rates, Evan was vulnerable.

When Ray offered a building he was buying and rehabbing as the new lab, he said he’d give them a break on the rent, which was gratefully accepted. Then Ray pounced, when Evan was at his most vulnerable, putting his feet up and smoking a stogie with his Jersey bro’. Why not be partners in the business? Evan gulped and tried to put off the conversation for another time, but Ray scoffed at waiting and even having a written agreement.

Instead of saying “Wait a minute, I need to discuss this with Jeremiah and Hank,” he was embarrassed into agreeing. Only trouble awaits this lapse in judgement, you can be sure. But there’s the inside job within the family that might present as much of a danger, or perhaps it’s just the shenanigans of a teenager who needs to learn better.

Emma, their long-lost half-sister showed up and for once they viewed someone as less than truthful, at least initially. She told lies about what she was up to, but her claims of paternity against Eddie were confirmed as were the details of a childhood with a scam artist mother.

Evan was the last on board and when he jumped on the bandwagon all went back to normal, which means the guys and all in their circle opened their hearts and wallets.  Since then there have been small lies that are beginning to mount and an attitude of edginess about Hank doing the big brother check up on Emma’s social activities.

Last night on ROYAL PAINS Evan and Hank were having lunch at the restaurant where Emma waits tables and saw a very suspicious moment with a customer. He gave her a $100 bill and a brand new mobile phone, for her to become a spotter and “source” for a gossip site. The brothers saw it as a tip but a huge and suspicious one.

What they don’t know is that Emma is already guilty of secretly shooting a photo and sending it to the site, and will now be expected to deliver on a regular basis. She lusts after expensive things and Hank worries about her only seeing bling, without thinking about a future that will allow her to afford them. He suggested college and she rejected it hands down.

We already know that she was guilty of buying clothes, wearing them once with the tags on and returning them to stores, so when she was cruising clothing and accessory websites, you had to wonder if she was still doing it. Emma and Hank’s talk about college also included another lie, when Emma was asked about the new mobile phone.

So what the heck is her end game and do you think Emma is playing a long con with the Lawsons, or is she just a teen whose upbringing included scamming people and she knows no other way?

USA airs new episodes of ROYAL PAINS Tuesday nights beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT     Image credit: USA, used with permission


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