BRANDI AND JARROD: MARRIED TO THE JOB airs its season one finale tonight, titled “Jarrod Schulz, Wedding Planner” so you know it’s going to be fun. Jarrod has already demonstrated that he won’t sit still for being forced to wear a traditional tuxedo and he has specific ideas of what Brandi’s wedding gown should look like.

Nothing made him happy until he saw Brandi in a mermaid style gown. What made him even more thrilled was finding the marked down dress rack, which Brandi loathed even more than being put inside a mermaid dress.

BRANDI AND JARROD: MARRIED TO THE JOB has set viewers up for a wedding at the end of this season’s rainbow and in tonight’s finale, all clips point to there being some question about whether or not it will take place.

Update: SPOILER ALERT for those that didn’t see the show, that you’ll learn whether there was a wedding. LOOK AWAY NOW. As the show concluded and the arguments about wedding arrangements heated up, Jarrod packed a bag and suggested eloping. Planning isn’t their strong suit and he invited Brandi to come away. She looked like she was about to agree and the screen faded to black with a “To be continued” message. Not nice to do to us A&E! 

If we are being honest, does it matter if they tie the knot or not? They are as married as they are ever going to be and it doesn’t appear that the children are clamoring for it. Yet, Jarrod did propose and “put a ring on it” as the song by Beyonce says.

The best bits of the season had nothing to do with an impending marriage, although Jarrod’s silliness over the “Anti-Unengagement Party” was pretty darn funny. It’s kids Payton and Cameron that give some spark to the show, and last week’s episode was no different. The scenes with the couple teaching lessons about how allowances have to be earned, and watching which of the two had the drive to succeed was pretty special.

Will Brandi and Jarrod stay MARRIED TO THE JOB or will there be a ceremony after all?

A&E airs the season one finale of BRANDI AND JARROD: MARRIED TO THE JOB Tuesday night September 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: A&E, used with permission

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