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FOUR WEDDINGS Season Finale Exclusive Video: Chocolate Melts in Hot Miami

FOUR WEDDINGS wraps up its season Friday night October 3 on TLC and does it in a scorching hot way. In the episode titled “…And a Candy Cake” the brides attend weddings at a golf resort. a waterfront spot, and even one sealed by mixing sand from Cuba and Miami.

In an EXCLUSIVE video sneak peak of the FOUR WEDDINGS season finale posted below, you can share the fun with three bride-attendees as Shey walks down the aisle to marry Jon.  At a beautiful outdoor Miami wedding, things begin in fine fashion.

There is a tropical setting with a waterfall background and white chairs placed on a lawn in front, ready for “Here Comes The Bride”.  Shey’s florist fashioned vivid red floral displays that resemble lollipops which dot the aisle she will walk down to marry Jon.

Her attendant walks first, in a long red dress. Next comes Shey’s young daughter Tessie who performed her duties as flower girl as best she could before it all got too much for the little girl. She needed rescuing by a guest as she wailed.

That did not spoil the scene as Shey got out of a stretch limousine to walk towards her groom, wearing a perfectly fitted white gown with a train. But as the ceremony continued, the direct sun began to get to everyone, particularly Desiree, Osuni and Alexa, the other three brides vying for the prize of an all-expenses paid honeymoon handed out for the best wedding on the show.

When a piece of dark chocolate melted prior to it being used in the ceremony, no one could deny that it was uncomfortable. That will surely be used against Shey’s wedding when the ladies tally up their scores that grade overall wedding experience, the gown, food and venue.

FOUR WEDDINGS, part of Bride Day on TLC begins the night at 9 p.m. with another episode, titled, “…And a Surprise Bride”, featuring brides who pull off a surprise wedding, a bridal party flash mob dance and bridesmaids in white. That is immediately followed by the weddings of Shey, Desiree, Alexa and Osuni.

Grade the weddings yourself and post on Facebook with custom hashtags while watching the show live. Who is getting a spectacular honeymoon?

TLC airs FOUR WEDDINGS Friday nights starting at 9 p.m. ET/PT    Image and video credit: TLC, used with permission


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