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BEST IN BRIDAL: Dave Stealing Designers from Shelley?

BEST IN BRIDAL hits FYI with two new shows tonight and we’re back to the clash of styles between David Gaffke and Shelley Murray, bridal shop owners with a wildly different way of providing brides with gowns and atmosphere.

Gaffke’s Complete Bridal and Shelley’s Bridals are situated so close you can hear one shout at the other on the streets of East Dundee, Illinois. Actually Dave shouts and Shelley grits her teeth as she sees her former bestie and employee try to rip business from her.

BEST IN BRIDAL premiered with fans learning about the broken friendship, but last week Dave Gaffke spilled details. As he tells it, Shelley broke up his relationship with someone he truly cared about.

Considering they were both interested in the same man, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher.

At least we now get the reason Dave is still miffed and out to get the better of Shelley and he’s growing his business in the right way.

He innovated the bridal shop business by employing an all-male sales staff, serving sparkling wine for customers and if they have pets, including monkeys. well they’re welcome too. Need a dress for your pet monkey? Dave’s seamstress will whip something up for you, while Shelley turns up her nose at it and bad mouths

BEST IN BRIDAL airs back-to-back shows tonight.

“A Haunting in Dundee”

Dave’s psychic abilities are revealed when a clairvoyant bride pays a visit.

“All On The Line”

At Bridal Market in Chicago, Dave tries to steal Shelley’s designers while Brandon, left holding the fort, struggles to hold his own against Tasha’s merciless bridesmaids.

 Tune in tonight starting at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FYI for new BEST IN BRIDAL show. Image credit: FYI, used with permission. 

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