The hunt continues on THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND.

THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND: Will the Hunt Become Even More Complex After Meeting with J. Hutton Pulitzer?

UPDATED: What if “booby traps” are just natural features of the landscape?

The hunt on History Channel’s THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND is already a wild goose chase; will it get even wilder this week?

Marty and Rick Lagina are looking for any bit of help that they can get to make their investment in treasure hunting on the infamous Oak Island a profitable one. Last week, they heard about a possible connection between the stories of treasure buried on the Oak Island site and Solomon’s Temple. They did not seem convinced with the “evidence” presented to them at the time, but they were definitely intrigued—and willing to hear more. This week, it looks like they may well be incorporating yet another facet of the search into their already tangled wild goose chase. According to the History Channel, on all-new episode, “The Eight-Pointed Star”:

After hearing that a treasure of biblical proportions was buried on Oak Island 2500 years ago, Rick and Marty Lagina look for evidence to prove it while also trying to locate the original Money Pit.

Last week, J. Hutton Pulitzer, author and professional treasure hunter, insisted to the Lagina brothers that a glyph carved in a rock off Oak Island, but only about 40 miles away, is significant to the hunt—and King Solomon’s Temple—because it indicates that the writing carved into the slab found on the Money Pit years ago was not a code as believed, but an ancient writing connecting it to King Solomon’s Temple. The glyph was an eight-pointed “star,” but the Lagina brothers made it clear that they needed more evidence showing that the carving was actually from a period supporting the claimed connection to the Oak Island treasure, and not just something someone carved into a rock 50 years ago as a hoax. Pulitzer insisted that he had the evidence that they needed to see and hear to connect all of the dots if they would give him an opportunity to give it to them point-by-point. Will he do that this week? And, will the dots be connected for the Lagina brothers?

Stay tuned.

THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND airs on the History Channel on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

Image:  HISTORY via Facebook

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15 thoughts on “THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND: Will the Hunt Become Even More Complex After Meeting with J. Hutton Pulitzer?

  1. The show is turning into the biggest load of baloney I’ve ever seen. It’s just one dead-end tease after another, and new “expert” with a theory each week. I think if anything really was ever buried on Oak Island, it was recovered a long time ago. So far, the Laginas haven’t found anything but coin and a button, both of which could have been left or planted anytime in the last 200 years by treasure hunters or fraudsters who wanted convince others there was valuable loot there to be found. The format of the program is maddening: ten minutes of program, five minutes of commercial, three minutes of recap, a few minutes of new material, followed by more commercials and recap. If they find anything worthwhile, I’ll be happy to read about it in the newspaper.

  2. I get a kick out of the younger bro always wanting to say “we this and we that” and I , I . I. Until there is a problem then he tells his older brother you have a problem now.

  3. There is no Treasure in the Money Pit. If we can’t get it , how were THEY going to get it out? It’s a Decoy

    I would start looking for a Horizontal Tunnel on the high side
    of the island along the shore.

    Good Luck

  4. Hello everyone,

    as most said the show is not fun to Watch— You have to understand one thing – Nova Scotia is making money on this. think about all the cash and exposure this is doing for them.. I will put the Money pit that this will be a big fail but they will end it with some Bs mystery unsolved so others will come

  5. J. Hutton Pulitzer? That’s Jovan, of Cuecat fame! What do you do once you’ve bilked companies such as the Belo Corp., Radio Shack, Young & Rubicam, and Coca-Cola of investments between $10 million and $37.5 million for a product that flops? You change your name. Philyaw, the masterful pitchman between the CueCat, a cutely named handheld barcode scanner that was supposed to bridge print media and the Web, apparently now does business under the name J. Hutton Pulitzer — or the one-word moniker “Jovan.” Operating J. Hutton Pulitzer and Co. out of Dallas, the inventor of what has been decried as “one of the most ridiculed products of the Internet era,” now specializes in the “development of unique intellectual property.” Such as? Bottled rainwater. Crystals. Treasure hunting. And a scores of books with plenty of cover artwork and no contents. Will Jovan be foiled again? Only time will tell.

  6. This is called entertainment…if you don’t like it change the channel. This is like the other shows that claim Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, etc…if they had been found do you think the announcement would come on prime time TV before the print media got wind of the find? The fact is IF they ever find the treasure of Oak Island, it would be announced in newspapers and TV way before the next installment of THE MYSTERY OF OAK ISLAND. I myself find the show enjoyable and would like to see the next season.

  7. The show has no merit, they have the same experts that are experts on anceint aliens and American unearthed! They have made no new finds and are not digging since nothing is there, the flooding can be stopped by freezing the tunnel thus stopping the water ,,but they won’t do that or send in drones to explore since it would show nothing’s there! The ark or treasure would more likely be buried in the ancient copper mines in upper michigan which have been used for over 5000 years. Why dig on a small island which was on a common boat trade route in anceint times?

  8. The Lagina bros seem to be for the most part o.k. However I am exhausted w/ the term Money Pit.If it’s that big of a treasure,why not get oilfield expertise ?

  9. Imagine, change your name to a “rich sounding” pseudonym, dress up like Indiana Jones and stick your nose in the hole, and BAM, you’re on TV! Then, get a FB page and use the show’s name with yours to get people to start disclosing their knowledge and ideas… then use that wealth of info to publish a slew of books, written by (let’s see) “H. Carter Magellan”. You can even use all the info to appear knowledgeable on TV! The right name would certainly give you an air (heir?) of credibility. Thankfully, not too many would do that… would they?

  10. The way it’s going now, I would not be surprised to find an episode of “Finding Hitler” on an upcoming show of “Oak Island”?

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