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MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER Preview: Patti Stanger Tackles Bad Boy Habits and Runaway Bride

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have a confab with Patti Stanger on tonight’s new THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER about Spencer’s sister Stephanie.

She’s beautiful and successful, but Speidi ARE NOT HAPPY with her dating choices.  It’s time for a serious relationship or one that lasts longer than six months, which means Stephanie has to go against type which is bad boys.

You know Patti when she talks about the brain vs. the cooch? Yeah, there’s more of that and with Pratt and Montag egging her on to find the perfect guy, or as close as you can in the confines of the time allotted, you know you’re in for a wild ride.

Client #2 is former Playmate Kari Whitman, who has earned a stellar reputation as an interior designer to celebs. As a forty-something woman in Los Angeles, dating can be tricky.

It becomes even more so when Patti discovers that Kari has no trouble getting into serious relationships, but they don’t last. The woman’s been engaged four times.

It takes a lot to shock Patti Stanger but that gets her attention and thoughts immediately run to the film Runaway Bride. But here’s the key to Patti’s dilemma. Kari has a habit of staying close to her exes, which Stanger believes is a barrier to moving on.

There are various and sundry reason given for why none of them lasted, but it only adds to the thrill of the hunt for THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER.

Bravo airs new episodes of THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT.  Image credit: Bravo TV, used with permission. 

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