Interview With MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER’S David Cruz: Cupid’s Best Friend

David Cruz makes watching Bravo’s MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER a treat and February is his month. Valentine’s Day puts the focus on love and couples, right in David’s wheelhouse.

He’s become a multi-media Cupid, with a book, his website along with radio and TV work. In his second season on MATCHMAKER, Cruz adds that little something to smooth out the rough edges and acts as Patti Stanger’s Director of Matchmaking.

David Cruz spoke with about his matchmaking both on the air and off.

How do you like the new format of the show this season?

“Like anything else, including relationships, it’s good to shake things up to restart the passion. We really wanted to get back to knowing everyone’s stories including the daters. I think this year you see more of the sensitivity behind why they come to Patti.

I too watch every episode for the first time as you do. I don’t get to really hear all of the stories until then and I feel like when you watch the sit down interviews that open the show you get in-depth more than you used to.”

What’s it like at the Millionaire’s Club when the Bravo cameras leave?

“First of all, it’s a lot less stressful. I think when the cameras are on, you have to worry about all that stuff. Like when the cameras aren’t there I don’t have to worry so much about revealing personal information when discussing the matches. The last mixer I just went to, it was so easy. It’s a lot more personal and a lot more intimate.”

What’s the size of Patti’s database of potential daters?

“Oh, it’s a lot. There’s eight years worth of people in it. Obviously there are ways we go through it to weed out and follow-up with people. We also work with people in different states so I don’t know if I can give you a number. They stay there as long as they want, because there might be someone, even after a long time, that fits the criteria for a client.”

You have a website, is that how Patti found you?

“Patti and I have history. I moved to LA five years ago and that first year I was recruited by one of her matchmakers. I got all the way to a master date during season 3. That is how Patti and I met. I said I want to write about love. It’s a passion and when the time was right they came back around and I got this opportunity.”

You are the self-described gay romance expert on the show, right?

“Well, it makes me feel good. I think what’s always been special for me is that I’m the first openly gay staff member Patti’s ever had. Relationships and gay marriage it is progressing and progressing very past. It was exciting for me to come on board and bring my expertise to the show.  She relies on me to be a specialist and help her understand the things that she doesn’t.”

What’s it like when you’re walking around LA. How do people relate to you?

“The one thing I get a lot is when people say, ‘You’re always smiling. You’re always in a good mood.’ That is me. I could not be in a better place to work. I love relationships. Some tell me that it’s nice to have me representing them and their lifestyle.”

Besides the show and, what else are you up to these days?

“Love is my thing. FindingCupid is my baby and it’s the other hat I put on to talk about love, not so much about matchmaking when I’m not with Patti. I also make appearances around town.

My radio show is back. It’s a live online talk show and I do that a few months out of the year, that includes Valentines Day. It’s on the UBN network ( at 8 p.m. PT/11 ET. There’s a call in line and if you miss it, you can download it on iTunes. It’s called Finding Cupid Radio.”

What David didn’t mention is that he is the newest model and style ambassador for Norwegian Fashion House, Moods of Norway!  The site has links to all his endeavors, including his radio show which airs Wednesday nights. This is one busy man.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Check out David Cruz’s site and creative ideas about how to celebrate.  THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER airs on Bravo TV on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: David Cruz Facebook

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