Coach Summer on "Coaching Bad"

COACHING BAD Preview: Gender War Brewing Among Coaches? (Video Preview)

COACHING BAD gets to the meat of the anger management counseling tonight during “The Intimidation Game” as the coaches are told that without admitting they are bullies, true progress will not come.

During a group session, Dr. Christian Conte tells the coaches that they have to own their bad behavior that led to this point where some are without jobs, separated from families and without hope of returning to the profession they love.

Think that’s going to be easy? Nothing on COACHING BAD with this group of coaches is easy. In this series we’ve already seen one person need medical treatment after a fight during a softball game.

All are in dire need of the anger management training dished out by Dr. Conte, but identifying their behavior as bullying seems impossible.

Always there to call B.S. on excuses and misplaced anger is now-retired NFL star Ray Lewis, who has the bona fides to do so.

In the video clip posted below, Coach Summer and Coach Janeshia dance their way around the term “bully”. They use other words to describe their behavior because their own definition of bullying doesn’t apply.

It turns out that Summer was bullied herself and believes that it means picking on someone for no good reason. Her coaching methods are just that: coaching.  “I may reprimand them, consequences, but I don’t outright bully anyone.”

Coach Janeshia does the same thing and gets riled up when Coach Kash calls them out for justifying their behavior. The gender war in the group gets heated up.

Spike TV airs new episodes of COACHING BAD Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: Spike TV, used with permission.

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