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MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Ep. 3 Preview: Who Had Sex on the Wedding Night?

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT reaches the post-wedding episode tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on A&E TV. While two of the couples in season 2 seemed thrilled to meet each other at the altar, one was more than a bit awkward. That was, of course, Ryan and Jaclyn.

Ryan and Jaclyn
Ryan and Jaclyn on “Married at First Sight”

Where do you begin to wonder what Jaclyn thought she was getting when that door to the chapel opened and she caught her first glance at Ryan, her hubby-to-be? While physical and sexual attraction are important for a marriage to be intimate and happy, the initial burst of excitement has much less to do with how it all ends up than what occurs in the days and weeks after.

Sneak Peek of new episode: Is Davina being selfish about Sean’s move to Manhattan?

Nonetheless, Jaclyn was moaning about her husband’s Long Island accent, as if she spoke the Queen’s English. Ryan may not be “her type” but he is handsome, sweet and wants very much to be a husband and father.

But Jaclyn’s weird faces when forced to be close to Ryan and her awkwardness as they neared the hotel room door for the wedding don’t bode well for what is about to occur when that door closes on them as a couple.

UPDATE: Not only didn’t Jaclyn and Ryan have sex, but she’s freezing him into the “friend zone”, as he calls it, without giving him a clue as to how to make it past her barriers.

Ryan and Jessica were the giddiest of the three couples when they said “I do” and so were their families.

Ryan and Jessica
Ryan and Jessica on “Married at First Sight”

Jessica’s mom and family were hot to trot for Ryan and he couldn’t take his eyes off Jessica when he caught sight of her walking towards him in that strapless, sexy wedding dress. They continued to be as bubbly as could be and just as cozy with each other as they continued to get to know one another.

They bonded quickly over their respective biological fathers being absent and their closeness to their step-fathers. Jessica thought Ryan was Italian based on his last name, but he informed her that it was that of his step-dad, who he respected so much that he chose to use that name. The two looked like they would have a difficult time making it to the room before they began to get intimate. Did it seem like that to you?

UPDATE: We got confirmation that the couple consummated their marriage on their wedding night. It seemed natural, accordin to Jessica. Good for them. 

Sean and Davina seemed to be the hot-for-each-other couple of the season on MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT

Davina and Sean
Davina and Sean “Married At First Sight”

Davina didn’t seem to care much that her mother and sister were not in attendance once she met Sean. She thought he was very handsome and she was thrilled that his career was in the same medical field as hers. Davina is a pharmaceutical sales person and Sean is an ER Trauma nurse in New York City.

Sean could not stop praising Davina’s looks and her way of handling herself and his parents, who initially were not just skeptical but unhappy about the wedding, seemed to fall in love with their new daughter-in-law.

But Davina swore that there would be no sex on her wedding night, since she the couple are strangers to each other. Will that change? The vote from this end is yes!

UPDATE: Well, that vote would have been wrong, since Davina and Sean refrained from sex on their first night together and for the next few nights during their honeymoon.

A&E TV airs new episodes of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT at 9 p.m. ET/PT Tuesday nights. Image credit: A&E TV, used with permission.



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1 thought on “MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Ep. 3 Preview: Who Had Sex on the Wedding Night?

  1. Good for the couples that didn’t rush into bed. It’s good for women to hold back a little, create some sexual drama and let the guy get to know you. If he really likes you he will stick around, if he expects sex on the 1st date then he is not interested in you as a human being.

    We all remember what happened to Mayo and Dwayne on the first season. Angry sex and fighting is all we saw out of them.

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