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AMISH MAFIA Finale Recap: Levi Has a Child, Alan Is in Charge & Mary Is Mrs. Merlin Miller!

AMISH MAFIA closed its viewfinder to the public last night, with the Series Finale episode, and then a FINAL final episode, a tell-all from cast members which did not really reveal that much more—but it did promote Levi’s new book quite a bit.

Amish Confidential by “Lebanon” Levi Stoltzfus and Ellis Henican, described by Discovery as a “potential bombshell” last night, is Levi’s account of the corrupt society hidden behind the pure facade created by the Amish. According to last night’s tell-all, Levi was going to tell everything he knew about the dirty deeds of the Amish—everything from drugs to puppy mills, he alleged last night—in this book.

By the time AMISH MAFIA concluded last night, Levi had been shunned when it was revealed to the bishop that Levi has a baby with an English girl—and, no, they are not married. Makes that tattoo thing he got so upset with Susanna about earlier this season seem just a bit hypocritical, does it not? The woman with whom he had the child spoke with Discovery for the tell-all, and it became obvious just why pretty quickly:  “I was sick of being his dirty little secret. Why would I do that anymore? It’s done, I wanna be in the limelight too. He’s been on TV making all this money, he’s a star, well, guess what? I can do that, too.”

Well, she must have been disappointed when Discovery blurred her face and protected her identity for the interview!

With Levi gone, Alan Beiler stepped up to try and heal the community. Bishops from both the Amish and Mennonite communities approached him—his mother is Amish, his father is Mennonite—because they apparently believe he is the man who can bring the communities together after the problems and conflicts that have gone on between the two communities. Alan insisted that his mother be un-shunned (which the Amish did when she married his Mennonite father), and he took over where Levi left off—and, from early and limited accounts, he seems to be really trying to make a positive change in the Lancaster Amish—and Mennonite—communities.

And, of course, Merlin and Mary; fans may have been surprised to see that Merlin had grown a beard, just as all Amish men do when they get married! Together, he believes God wants them to go back to Ohio and create their own Merlin Miller Amish Community. With the news that Sam Mullet was re-sentenced to 10 years, 9 months (he’s already served three of those), he found the clarity to go forward. He seems to want to make his Amish Community a better one. He said he would abolish shunning; allow education; and address the problem of child and spousal abuse among the Amish. “The Merlin Miller Amish will become the biggest, the safest and most successful Amish community in the world,” he declared.

Probably the best thing about this series was Merlin’s relationship with Mary; they really seemed to make a sweet and content couple. And, with Merlin supporting his now-wife’s decision to check into having weight-loss surgery, perhaps they are on their way to health for both, in addition to happiness. Together, can they make this new and more open Amish vision work? We certainly wish the newlyweds all the luck and happiness in the world.

Caleb is now trying to make his own way, not working for anyone. He was ultimately the one who turned Levi in to the bishop, regarding his child, after Levi, apparently, took Caleb’s prize bull and, as was strongly insinuated but never completely admitted, barbequed it. Oh, and, yeah, he was pretty incensed after he reached into the, ahem, rear-end of a horse (no glove that we could see, by the way) to see what was obstructing its bowels, and found a baggy of drugs—and, yes, the horse came from Levi. Devil Doug was a broken man, out driving a truck to make ends meet. And, finally, there wasn’t a lot said about former members of the cast, other than they were all a bother and better gotten rid of than to have them around making trouble.

So, that’s the end of AMISH MAFIA, at least for now. We’ve seen some calls online for a spin-off of the “new” AMISH MAFIA, with Alan at the helm—but we do not have any indication that such a show is in the works at this time. But, who knows? When it comes to reality television, anything can happen.

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Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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