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LAST WEEK TONIGHT’S John Oliver HATES April Fools’ Day (VIDEO)

Yes, John Oliver has come out to say that April Fools’ Day is just plain hateful. He wants to know what’s the matter with all of you that think it’s fun.

How nice of him to visit us for a few minutes after fans of LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER got punk’d with a repeat episode this past Sunday. Oliver’s nothing if not open about why there was a break in the action this soon in the new season.

“To boost ratings on HBO I plan to murder and dismember a friend of mine.” So there’s that to look forward to, although not so much if you are a friend of Oliver’s…presumably he has a few.

To prove a point about how lame and nasty the day can be, Oliver reminds us that the point of April Fools’ Day jokes is to shame someone into feeling foolish. Right, and the reason that’s so bad is?

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Not only is April Fools’ Day hurtful, but we are asked to take a pledge that we’ll refrain from participating and encourage others to do the same.

The video clip posted below is NSFW, or for any place you’d rather not hear the word “dick” used over and over to describe someone who is nasty. Just saying.

LAST WEEK TONIGHT returns to the air on HBO in its usual 11 p.m. ET/PT Sunday night slot. Image and video credit: HBO, used with permission. 

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1 thought on “LAST WEEK TONIGHT’S John Oliver HATES April Fools’ Day (VIDEO)

  1. A joke maker who can’t take a joke? If ever there was a day where we give everyone a license to laugh at ourselves (and yes, at others too), it would be for a 12 hr period, once a year on April 1st. I never really play along on April 1st either, but really? We can chill out one morning per year? Of course there’s a line between what’s tasteful and not. I’d rather see Easter get the axe as long as we’re condemning obsurd days of the year. Colourful Chocolate resurrection magical bunny eggs anyone?

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