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APPALACHIAN OUTLAWS Recap: Ginseng Season Ends, Is Sam Lunsford Out of Business?

Last night, the APPALACHIAN OUTLAWS on History Channel wrapped up their ginseng season–and they did not take the bullying of the Lunsford gang without a fight.

Perhaps “bullying” is not the right word for the criminal acts of Sam Lunsford and his followers. But, you can just imagine all of these guys when they were younger, total losers, no friends but each other, making themselves feel better by pushing other kids around on the playground, can’t you? At any rate, this season has been a rough one for the ginseng hunters, as the Lunsford gang was determined to steal all of the ginseng they could and, ultimately, seize power in the West Virginia ginseng trade. They almost did it–but last night, Obie Bennett had other ideas.

Obie had nothing to lose; the ginseng season was over, the snow had come, and nature was putting an end to any potential recovery by those targeted by Sam Lunsford. But, having found the gang’s stash house–a trailer out in the woods–Obie came up with a simple plan:  Get his ginseng back and send the Lunsford gang packing for North Carolina. He waited until everyone had exited the trailer late at night, then went inside and scored 216 pounds of stolen ginseng–and $160K from a grateful Tony Coffman, plus a quart of moonshine.

Tony was really sweating it, with Mr. Lee’s enforcer standing over him, and still being 107-pounds short on ginseng. Corby was planning to charge Tony a crazy $1,500/pound to make it up–which he kindly informed Tony he would let go for $800/pound for anyone else. But, with his windfall from Obie, Tony let “The General” know just what he could do with his $1,500/pound ginseng, sending a frustrated Corby off his property until next season. Will Tony hook up with Mr. Lee next year?

And, will the Lunsford gang be back in West Virginia next season? Well, in addition to taking the stolen ginseng stash, Obie burned down their trailer–and you can imagine ol’ Sam was not happy when he found the remains. Although we were not really interested in the Sam Lunsford storyline, it seemed in last night’s Season Finale that the History Channel was setting up the possibility for him and his gang to return–so, we’ll see.

Until next season!

Image:  Courtesy of History Channel, Used with Permission

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3 thoughts on “APPALACHIAN OUTLAWS Recap: Ginseng Season Ends, Is Sam Lunsford Out of Business?

  1. Hello Tony Coffman,
    Tell you that I have been Gensing for many years. But still hard to get and I hope to get 20 to 50 pounds next year and sell to you will pay me how much per pound dollar?
    Please be cooperate with me . Okay.
    Clyde S.Swartz

  2. I am so glad Obie did what he did . Sam Lunsford and the other drones are nothing but scum go back to N.C. and stay there. Its hard enough to find ginseng then to have it stolen from losers like Lunsford. Very surprised no one shot him. I hope this loser won’t be on next year.

  3. They need to hurry up and film a third season. History requested a third season too late in the 2016 season. If we are lucky they will film the 2017 season. Damn good show. Could give a shit less if its scripted or not

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