LONG ISLAND MEDIUM: Theresa Heals Hairdresser Frank in Special Reading

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM ran a one-hour special show and it was all readings without a running family issue for comic relief.  Strike that, there was comic relief and Theresa Caputo provided it.

We got scenes cherry-picked from the miles of tape used to film LONG ISLAND MEDIUM that never made it into the half-hour format of the show.

We learned a lot more about the ways that the creative team makes the show special as Theresa revealed one or two behind-the-scenes secrets.

Last week we got a terrific “how-to” create the Knock and Shock show from New Orleans. This week we found out that on occasion, Theresa’s crew picks a person who’s been on the medium’s waiting list for years and speeds up the process and makes it special.

The story of the Long Island hairdresser Frank, surprised by Theresa at the salon with the help of his brother Joe was one of those that sticks with you.

The man had lost a brother and both parents, carrying guilt and grief for years. Theresa didn’t realize she’d be dealing with three distinct members of Frank’s family and delivering messages of healing.

She felt something was different, explaining to Frank right after they sat down, “I know your session is going to be different. There are certain things that I sense and feel when I first meet someone. I know when things don’t go as they normally do, that spirit is very unique. Sometimes there are a lot of loved ones who want to speak.

Frank’s mother was his best friend and she passed without much suffering which was Frank’s wish, but her loss left a gaping hole in his life.

In addition to that, he feared that he failed her after the death of his brother a mere eight months after mom passed. She had kept her son alive for more than 25 years despite brain damage and paralysis caused by a car accident, but he died of pneumonia on Frank’s watch.

“I’m sorry I had to leave you with that burden,” Frank’s mother said through Theresa. She wanted to let Frank know that he had done what he could and the decisions he made were the correct ones.

Then Frank’s father came into the picture. On top of everything else, the two had a very tough time relating to each other because Frank never came out to his family by the time his dad passed.

He was 26 years-old at the time and he described the feeling in the house as similar to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that used to govern the lives of gays in the military.

Theresa noted that she was sensing discomfort on the part of Frank’s father, and that didn’t surprise Frank. His dad could never express unconditional love for him and from the other side, he changed that.

Theresa saw Frank’s parents hold hands and say how proud they are of him, with his dad specifically apologizing for withholding the love and acceptance he needed growing up.

Are you loving the fun ways we get to look at other sides to the show? Let us know.

TLC airs new episodes of LONG ISLAND MEDIUM Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT with replays during the week. Image credit: TLC, used with permission. 

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