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KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS: Kylie’s Lips Insecurity, Where Did It Come From?

Kylie’s lips are the hot topic tonight on KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS, as the youngest of the clan learns a hard lesson.

If you put yourself out there for media microphones at an event, don’t be surprised if tricky questions arise. But let’s face it, Kylie is young and wants it both ways; take selfies with your lips pursed, looking twice their size and they remain silent when an uproar ensues.

Growing up in a home with Kim and Kris, she watched as their faces changed to meet their needs and desires. When she wasn’t blessed with lips that matched up, Kylie was left feeling bad about herself.

Enough whining and begging got Kylie the right to trot off to whoever’s on retainer for family facial rearrangements and get them pumped up to her satisfaction. But when the public uproar began and her lips became something that flooded Instagram, Kylie got quiet.

Here’s a question we hope gets answered tonight in “Lip Service”. Did Kylie know she had gone too far with the lip plumping or did she actually think they looked fab until the Internet exploded?

We’ll get all kinds of supportive talk from the family to justify why Kylie should have the right to change her looks if she’s insecure, without any reference to how she got that way. She’s the next family bread winner-in training with the launch of her hair extension line. Kris know better than to mess with cash cows.

But enough about the growing pains of a teenager. Once again we are left out in the cold about what’s going on behind the scenes with Bruce Jenner.

It’s a way to fill the hour with inanity while we wait for next week’s special “About Bruce”.

What about Bruce? As has been well documented on celebrity news sites, the family filmed a separate episode with Bruce and his family as he gets down to specifics on his transition. It airs next Sunday May 17 at 9 p.m.ET/PT.

Plenty has been leaked, some at about the show being “fake”, since the family knew about Bruce’s big news last year. That’s when early filming began on what will become his own reality show on E! this summer.

The fact that we’ve gone through this season of KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS without a peep is ridiculous. Were Kris Jenner and fellow exec producer Ryan Seacrest hoping they’d never have to address it?

Until next week’s special presentation, we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with lip-filler discussions, self-esteem issues that led to the over-filled lips and more Scott nastiness towards Kourtney.

Everyone happy?

E! presents KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.   Image credit: E!, used with permission

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1 thought on “KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS: Kylie’s Lips Insecurity, Where Did It Come From?

  1. Honestly, it is so very sad that even though this girl has anything and everything she wants, is filthy rich which means she could actually attend any school in any country and become anything she wants to be.
    Instead, she had no greater aspiration than to morph into her older sibling, Kim Kardashian, THE biggest joke and talentless celebrity this decade. No doubt her mother is beside herself with joy and must feel as though she has hit the jackpot, seeing as how her biggest money maker Kim, is getting older by the minute.
    Give me a break, of course she’s supported in whatever plastic surgery she wants, look at her sister Kim for example, who was transformed into a Armenian Barbie, and whose individual beauty was sacrificed in order to do so. Kylie has obviously already had breast implants as well, and of course her lips were put out there as a distraction, because the backlash they would have received for doing so would have been enormous. I mean not only is she a minor, but she’s not even fully developed physically or mentally.
    Her mother could care less about anyone’s well being when business is concerned, obviously these two younger daughters are nothing more than products. Kendall was her supermodel, so naturally Kylie is the new “Kim”…. sex model/ publicity whore.

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