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‘About Bruce’ airs on E! Tonight – Is Kris Jenner Making It All about Her?

KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS airs part one of “About Bruce”, its special presentation covering Bruce Jenner speaking face-to-face with the kids about his transition.

He’s there to answer questions and calm fears that daddy’s going away. Part two will air on Monday night.

For those that watched any of the “20/20” special with Diane Sawyer , you heard him attempt to address Sawyer’s questions about the effect on his children, all ten of them.

When he got to the Kardashian sisters and the younger Jenner girls, he noted that Kim was the most accepting of all, thanks to husband Kanye’s influence.

Khloe was a different story, according to Bruce. Despite her role in the family as the one who tends to all in need, Jenner said she’s experiencing his transition as  the loss of a father figure who stepped into the breach when her parents divorced, and more importantly, when her father Robert Kardashian died.

Khloe’s parting from husband Lamar Odom added to that feeling and Bruce told Diane Sawyer: “She’s had a lot of losses in her life. She feels like there’s this massive ‘My whole life is falling apart. It’s my dad”

In the first video posted below from tonight’s “About Bruce”, Khloe shows up with fashions and they quickly discuss what “her” style will be. She’s trying hard to let Bruce know that she loves and supports him, which doesn’t appear to be the case with Kris Jenner.

If you believe the celeb online news sites, Kris stayed for as little time as possible with the girls and Bruce when the “20/20” special aired, and got angry with Perez Hilton who called her out on it.

She was said to be less than pleased about Bruce’s revelation to Diane Sawyer that Kris saw him in dresses and accepted that he’d do it on occasion, including using something from her vast closet.

Momager Kris showed up, on The Talk, saying,  “I have memories of this life and sometimes I feel like sometimes it didn’t exist.” Which means she is in disbelief that her husband of more than two decades was rejecting that with his transition. 

Kim Kardashian broke down speaking with her sisters Kendall and Kylie on camera during “About Bruce”, when speaking about her mother’s pain and sorrow. “She’s crying all the time,” Kim tells her sisters. Her mother’s sorrow? Who is this about?

Tonight you can judge for yourself as the girls and Bruce face the cameras together for the first time. Just don’t believe that this is the first time they’ve talked among themselves about it. Jenner’s Adam’s apple surgery occurred last year and his other surgeries and hormone use pre-date that.

He was transitioning in small doses before viewers’ eyes in multiple seasons of KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS, but no one spoke about. That’s why it’s difficult to feel like Kris Jenner has been blindsided.

E! is airing the two-part special “About Bruce” Sunday May 17 and Monday May 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.   Image: ABC    Video: E!

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