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ESCAPING POLYGAMY: Why Aren’t Authorities Addressing Allegations Made in This LMN Series?

UPDATE: Resuce of Warren Jeffs’ son, who still believes his dad is The Prophet

Before watching ESCAPING POLYGAMY last night on LMN, viewers had to have been wondering, “Why don’t they just leave?” But, after watching last night’s episode, many viewers had to be asking, “Why doesn’t someone do something about this?”

ESCAPING POLYGAMY is exactly what the name suggests:  People trapped in the polygamous lifestyle escaping from it. And, escape they must, because just leaving is not an option for those in the sect featured on the show, a polygamous group known as the Order.

This new documentary series follows the work of three sisters who left the Kingston clan, a secretive polygamist group based in Salt Lake City, Utah known as the Order, as they help both loved ones and strangers break free from polygamy. Andrea, Jessica and Shanell – who, over 10 years ago, bravely escaped polygamy as young girls – now help other young men, women and children to escape from the abusive polygamous lifestyle in which they were born and raised, and manage their new lives on the outside.

Watching footage of a church service covertly taken by what must be a current member of the Order, as “Outsiders,” as all non-Order people are referred to, are not allowed in the services, was absolutely terrifying. It was heartbreaking, to be sure to see small children pledging their loyalties to the Order leader, Paul Kingston, and to see others brainwashedly reciting why family must be cut out of their lives when they choose a different way of life and escape.

And, above all, it was outrageous, seeing this go on and no one in a position of authority seeming to care.

Last night’s episode depicted people wanting to leave, but being too terrified to act. There were marriages being arranged between minors and men decades their senior. These unions were often between relatives, and at least one of the marriages shown (between Daniel Kingston and his second wife) was between half-siblings. There are dozens of children between one husband and multiple wives, and former members indicated that many are simply neglected, as there are too many to even remember, much less care for properly. Wives are said to range from favorites to least favorites, like Shirley Kingston, who was shown to be living with all of her children in a falling-down building, at the order of her husband, Daniel Kingston.

How can all of this be presented on a TV show, but no authorities lift a finger to help?

It is hard to help people who do not want to be helped, of course. When Shirley Kingston had the opportunity to have the health department issue a notice, giving the owner of the building she and six of her children are living in 30 days to fix problems, Shirley decided to take the lesser option, just get a letter documenting the issues, which enforces nothing. She was scared that she could end up without a place to live–and that was, no doubt, a legitimate concern–but the bigger issue is this:  Why does she have the option of keeping her and her children living in squalor at all? After going into a home that is clearly nasty and falling down, why do authorities just leave without another thought for the kids, if not the mother?

Jessica said she could remember being brainwashed as a child and speaking as those in the church footage did, pledging loyalty and rallying against the outside world. Most of those speaking were clearly minors, who will someday either continue down this brainwashed path as adults; may be kicked out as boys, labeled “competition” by older males, as was one former United Order (described as a “polygamous cult based in Arizona”) member featured last night; or will be forced to not leave, but escape.

“Escape” is the key word. At the end of this episode, viewers saw one young woman, an 18-year-old, Melanie (daughter of Daniel Kingston and his second wife), trying to leave the Order and her mother trying to force her to stay against her will. It was horrible. The police had to physically enter the home to get her out of the house. Melanie did not leave; she escaped. No one should have to escape one life to go to a new one. But, the brainwashing lifestyle that is forced polygamy makes escape necessary.

It is not so simple as just leaving.

And, it is a black eye on society that it is allowed to go on; maybe ESCAPING POLYGAMY can shine a light bright enough to bring it out of the darkness and onto the “to do” agenda of someone with the authority to help those who cannot help themselves.

We certainly hope so.

ESCAPING POLYGAMY airs on LMN on Tuesday nights at 10/9c.

Image:  Courtesy of LMN, Used with Permission. Photo by RIVR Media. Copyright 2015.

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80 thoughts on “ESCAPING POLYGAMY: Why Aren’t Authorities Addressing Allegations Made in This LMN Series?

  1. “will be kicked out as boys, labeled “competition” by older males, as was one former Order member featured last night;” This boy (I believe his name is Ethan) is not part of the order. He is part of the “United Order” which is an entirely different polygamist group. Get your facts straight.

    • You are correct; he was a member of the “United Order,” described on the show as a “polygamous cult based in Arizona.” The correction has been made.

  2. Scott ur such a doushbag. Why dont u git a life and leave us alone. We can live polygamy if we want cuz its a free cuntry.

    • Pologamy for good cause with people from others from different families is one thing ….when you marry your daughter off too your brother your a monster….that’s just disguisting……your blood line is incestuous and tainted all of your children will be retarded. Yes I understand a man having a second wife for wanting children when his first wife cannot reproduce. I agree a man can have a second wife if he can provide for them both equally…no I don’t support polygamy within one’s own blood relatives…no matter what the situation that’s like marrying your own child….horrible glad you can’t do that in New York

  3. If you watch the show with any intelligence you’d ask yourself, “I wonder why the ladies, if they are unhappy, uncared for, just leave?”. If you’ve noticed throughout the whole show the ones that are having an issue are expecting someone else to do something for them, fix up their house, make them happy, etc. What spoiled princesses they must be to just expect that that’s the way life works. I don’t know how many thousands of ladies there are without a husband, men that knocked them up and fled, no one is paying their bills, no one is fixing up their house, no one is taking care of them, where’s the reality show on them? Ladies if you want your house fixed up, fix it up, if you want to be happy “There’s plenty of happiness to be had”, so go be happy. I get that if a man provides a home for you, a job for you and your children, a school for your children to attend, and on and on some might just sit there and expect them to make life perfect for them, but that’s not how life works. Out of the thousands of ladies in “polygamous” situation yeah I guess you’d find a few with that perspective on life that you could make a reality TV show out of it. But not even they have left, Hannah went back to her husband, shows there’s more than you guys are showing. Melanie’s family should have recorded how things went themselves because there was a lot cut out, Melanie laughing, Jessica and Shanell laughing at the whole situation, making it look like a joke, if anyone did record it, post it on YouTube for us to all see the real story here and see what actors these guys really are.

  4. In all organized religions, there are always the ‘Haves” and the “Have nots”. In the Kingston group it is known that all the women pay for their home, utilities, food, insurance, cars, everything. The man will come and go as they please. The first wife gets all entitlements, the plural wives are usually discouraged from applying for assistance, to save the DAMN MAN. They also usually pay rent to a made up company that is ultimately another pocket for the so called husband, all the time having paychecks deposited to a so called statement where the plural wife never actually gets to hold it, cash it, and use it. When they do want money or checks to pay bills, they are drilled as to why do you need it, can you wait till after the 15th or 20th of the month. all the while the main Kingston Family Men get to use credit cards to tour the world and take vacations with their favorites.

  5. Everyone is asking why aren’t the authorities doing anything…. umm maybe because they do investigating and find that there is NOTHING wrong and the kids that want to leave are just little brats! You watch their life after they leave this group and some have gotten into “las Vegas” living, dancing, drinking, etc. they are just kids who want to party and not have any responsibility. This whole part with Shirley what’s her name living in a dump, well I have seen TONS of people living in dumps (look at Glendale area) and they aren’t all over the news… people choose their lifestyle and some people want to live in clean, fixed up homes so they will clean and fix them up. Others don’t care a hoot and drive disgusting vans and live in filthy homes but they don’t do anything about it. This group is wealthy because they work! They have jobs and the women work, they have home school and their own system where they don’t have to spend outside money so it just circulates. What’s wrong with that?!

  6. This series is a joke! Any somewhat intelligent person can see that this has all been staged. 27 year old Elic can’t walk out the front door with a house full of women?? I think that’s his problem not theirs. And the camera crew and Shanell just happen to show up at the house just in time to catch Jessica(Stephanie Foster) getting a text from an anonymous number claiming to be her sister. I have a question. How is it so hard for Melanie to “escape” polygamy when she can come and go as she wants? She made it to the gym ok but she can’t walk out her own front door. So many more examples of fake garbage attempting to be dramatic. Did you notice in all of the yelling and screaming at Melanie’s house you hear someone yell “You don’t need all these people here for you to leave” The gothic Melanie came and went whenever she wanted. On another note, many of the actors have a hard time not laughing at the whole situation (Hannah, Shaun, Melanie just to name a few). Spoiler alert for next week, Kathy Hansen Brown “Escapes” from her deceased fathers home in a canyon (that she doesn’t even live in). Oh and I forgot to mention that the only other residents in the canyon are two senior citizens one being her mom. Watch as she “escapes” just before they wake up from their afternoon naps and chase after her with their canes. No rush Kathy it will be weeks or even months before anyone notices that you are not in your dads house anymore. Kathy has been fighting everyone her whole life including her husband who provides a home for her right next door to season 1 star Hannah.

    • Jackson I like this show don’t cut it down. Use it as a learning lesson. Also people do not want to see the truth of the matter when it comes to having multiple wives. These kinds of things carry weird worldly consequences.

    • Hey Jackson, It’s interesting to me that this EXACT SAME REVIEW is on IMDb… “jackm-37613 from United States”! Sounds to me that you are PART of the SICK CULT and are TROLLING just like all the other negative “reviews” on this show! People, this SICK CULT is REAL and you can google it! I know for a FACT! And the reason these members don’t leave is because they are BRAINWASHED! These people are terrified of these “LEADERS” and the kids can’t “JUST LEAVE”! They are KIDS! And when the state of Utah PUTS THEM RIGHT BACK into the abusive homes, they get “SENT AWAY” for ridiculous MADE UP “conditions”! There, they are LOCKED AWAY and BRAINWASHED some more!!! This group is SICK and what you are doing is disgusting, shameful, ILLEGAL & you will answer for it one day when you are judged by ultimate judge, GOD! Touching little girls, beating them into submission, brainwashing and incest will not go unjudged and hopefully, one day, you and your sick cult will be brought down and locked up for the rest of your lives. Then YOU can be raped and beat by the prison system and see what it feels like to be them for the rest of your life! Anyone on here that says this behavior is okay is a member of such a cult themselves. They are just hiding behind computers, trolling and purposely leaving negative reviews, to lower the ratings on sites like IMDb and Amazon so people will not be interested to watch or read about their sick practices! Forty year old men have NOTHING in common with 13-14 year old girls! All you want is SEX and submission. The Bible clearly states this cult behavior is a SIN so don’t kid yourself into thinking that you can justify it by saying it’s “fake”. This happens and you’re not fooling anyone with your TROLLING comments on every website! You’re a SICK INDIVIDUAL!

  7. Forgot to mention, everyone who is “escaping” on this show are people who have decided to leave and are just making a quick buck by staging a few scenes. The girls Jessica, Andrea, and Shanell are being paid for every episode. They don’t give a crap about anyone but themselves. They are just in it for the money.

    • ALL reality show participants are paid! Good for them for agreeing to do the show so they can help even more people who want to get out of your sick clan! More money, more people saved. Just like any other business out there! Nice try though, jackm-37613 from United States.

  8. I know it has been said that this show is staged but I don’t care what anyone says I think it’s a great show. I was in a relationship for two years and didn’t know how to get out till I had help and some of these people grew up believing that there life was ok so for them to escape I think they are brave and I would be happy to help any of them if they needed a place to stay if they want to live in Florida

  9. One of the things that the cast members are trying to expose is how they don’t get taken care of, in Shirley’s defense, her and the father were not the only ones aware of the living situation, apparently those older girls (Shanell and Kolleen) knew for years, the cast of Escaping Polygamy knew, why didn’t they help her fix things up? They won’t do anything themselves but go to their mom, tell her she lives in a whatever they said, tell her the father is whatever for not taking care of her better, but they don’t care enough to help her either. Maybe not condemn someone for not doing something you won’t do yourself. I once had a mom, I know how hard they work giving everything they’ve got to provide for their family, maybe help your mom out in a way that she wants, she doesn’t want to leave, she wants to live there so help her fix it up if you care so much.

  10. Chase, I left this group a while back and it is not easy, husbands don’t provide for all their wives, they provide for whome they choose. I took care of myself and my kids. I was not allowed to see family whome left and was told my family in the order was bad. I left have a job pay my taxes and am going to school to be able to support my kids. It is not easy don’t you dare say that all these girls are princesses they aren’t, they have to get married as children only so they can be made to have as many kids as they can before they hit menopause, why don’t you step in my shoes for one day and then say we are all princesses, you have no right to talk about something you don’t even know.

  11. My definition of a Princess: Someone who expects others to make their life perfect. i.e.. fix up their house, make them happy, etc. I never said anything about women in a “polygamous” situation being a princesses, my quote “If you’ve noticed throughout the whole show THE ONES THAT ARE HAVING AN ISSUE ARE EXPECTING SOMEONE ELSE TO DO SOMETHING FOR THEM, fix up their house, make them happy, etc. What spoiled princesses they must be to just expect that that’s the way life works”. So if you take offense and that describes you then ok, if it doesn’t describe you then I’m not talking about you but go be how you want I guess.

    • Chase, first of all I’m sorry to say ur a guy, so contrary to what the women’s lib movement claims there is a difference. it’s harder for women to leave any kind of abuse especially without support. i know from age 3 to 12 i was being raped and beaten as well as berated from my step father. but because there wasor no safe place to go and the threat of death was on us and anyone who may help us or was even related or friends to us we couldn’t leave without being fully prepared.

  12. Don’t do it Don’t do it. For one you don’t go into a polygamy group expecting to live a normal life. Two, you don’t go into a polygamy group expecting to be a leader you are born into the leadership. Three, unless your willing to see your kids wonder why mommy is spoken of in plural when talking with your brothers and sisters you do not join a polygamy group. Polygamy is a sin though it might not be worse than other sins it carries a weird worldly consequence. Polygamy makes other branches of mormonism look bad and you have to feel bad for the kids who don’t know how to address mommy. Is it mommy one mommy two or mommy three that you address as mommy. Don’t be trying to say these girls are princesses because you bring disgrace on that word. Unless your a pimp you cant be having multiple women if you want to be a pimp move a state down and go to vegas.

  13. This show is so unreal. Elic told everyone later the producers gave him questions to ask melanie. Also notice you hear police sirens, but when the police car drives up slowly, no sirens are on. And jessica gets an anonymous package in the mailbox exactly when the cameras are there and she’s wearing a microphone.
    What they don’t tell you is melanie was kicked out of her new housing arrangement after a few months and none of the girls (Jessica, shanell, or andrea) offered her a place to live.
    And for the record, no matter how many times shanell tries, Shirley does not want to leave.

    • Its funny how they film the show as like a Utah version of the Hills. You have to realize the entire show isn’t a farce, but if these girls really wanted to start making some real cash they could start faking certain neurological disorders and say they need even more government assistance so that they can buy designer clothes that cover up the diseases that they have. The worst one I saw was the kid who was in a rehab and he says he got kicked out because his dad didn’t want him anymore. Thats one of the most degrading things you can do to a child. But all and all i’m sure that these kids are not to bad off and if you think about it at least they have large families to help one another out. I just think its sick that these dudes are for real having kids with like sisters and first cousins then throwing the kids to the streets because they didn’t come out right.

  14. Hey! WOW! LOL!

    I remember the whole thing with Jessica and Andrea Leaving their church all those years ago. I was around them while the whole thing was going down. They both just seemed like two rebellious girls. I didn’t ever feel comfortable around them much.

  15. I’ve never been around a group like this before, and i thank God for that, but I have been around a lot of womenb and children who have been abused both physically and emotionally in every possible way. And to say all they have to do is leave, some women it takes everything they have inside to finally leave and some never get pass that fear and they are always looking over their shoulders. The children literally shake with fear that someone will tell who ever is hurting them that they told, then you add the brainwashing that you are going to hell, Oh My God.
    No person should live like this, it should be a choice, no fear involved.

  16. I heard doing a family tree on a polygamy group is like solving one of them rubix cubes. You match them up by color and hope they don’t fall out of place. Blonde hair blue eyed mother number two matches up with kids number 4, 8, and 10, Brown hair Brown eye mother number three matches up with kids number 2, 5, and 7. So therefore kids number 1, 3, 6, 8, and 9 must belong to blonde hair blue eyed mother number three therefore making her the favorite since the leader had 5 kids with her.

  17. @Scott: Are you the same Scott Brown who stole millions of dollars in gold and silver from the Kingston’s?

  18. Tonights episode had my hero in it. Props to MarryAnne for showing the young women in polygamist groups that they too have a voice. She truly had no one, no outside family to help her through her transition, and she left anyway. She’s a true inspiration and a real pioneer in my book. And meeting her some day is seriously on my bucket list. The only thing harder than leaving, is facing yourself later in life and knowing you should have… One life, live it

  19. Its unbelievable to me that anyone would rationalize this cult like behavior. So what if they gave someone preset questions to ask. We live in America, and simple DNA test can prove the abundant insest. With these people leaving the order and interbreeding within society ifs opening up wormholes for disaster. I would absolutely put anyone of these women and children in my guest suite for as long as they needed to be ok. I think this show is dead on and thats what pisses u freaks off. Come on down here to new orleans, we wi show you what happens to pedophiles and child molesters.

  20. Scott cant post anynore cuz hes a doushbag to evryone. I think he did it tho cuz he waz driving a car that cost a lot of money wen rachel got robed. Plus hes a doushbag to

  21. I just dont get what makes any human being think that having any type of sexual feelings for a child is right. These grown ass men are abusing these CHILDREN in every type of way. Its sad to see so may adults and people with enough power to stop it just sitting around sipping coffee and shootin the bull. Its not right at all. By any stretch of the imagination. The allegations made on this show should most definitely be investigated on a federal level. human rights are being violated and children are being traumatized for the rest of their lives because of these sick acts. But the funny part of it is that they all think having sex with these girls will bring them closer to God, they will all burn in hell for hurting those girls.

  22. Most Kingston men have a sense of entitlement that stems clear back to their childhood. They’re first taught about their “special birthright” (Paul himself spoke of it on episode one), they’re also told they have special bloodlines “that can be traced back to Jesus Christ himself”. Add power, women, and money to that equation and you’ve got yourself a monster.

    How do I know……..because I’m a man who was born and raised in the Kingston group.

    The difference between them and I today, is I have a conscience and apparently they do not? Shame on these dirtbags for using the Lords name to perpetrate their evils on others.

    Best of luck come judgement day

  23. I don’t agree w/polygamy or the incest. My only question is why are the girls wanting to escape allowed to have cell phones. I can’t fathom if the order has such a hold on them, how do they not check their phones, let alone let them have one. Sounds a little off to me??

  24. How are they escaping if the door is left wide open? Cell phones? Cars? Gym memberships? These girls have more freedom than they are letting on…

  25. And we have yet to see any “real threats” in any of the episodes. No cars following them, no people threatening them with brute force. All these potential threats seem to be mere speculation. In Melanie’s escape you can hear “Melanie, You don’t have to bring all these people to leave!,” which make me wonder how much truth there is to this show or if this is just another unreal reality show trying to bring in more viewers. And honestly if some douche bag walked into my house trying to kidnap my daughter I would shout and get defensive too. What we witnessed was unlawful trespassing. Now I don’t agree with abuse, but I wonder how much of the “abuse” mentioned in this show is real or if it is all an exaggerated fabrication. If not I hope these girls find what they are looking for.

    • I agree that these shows amp up the hype to get more rating, but these little girls are being abused to the point of suicide. It’s heart breaking! They’re sex slaves being married off to uncles and cousins. It’s disturbing! Why hasn’t the federal government stepped in to help! Think about it, there’s a little girl right now being touched by some creep. I can’t even take the thought. Ugh. How do I help?! I want to help these girls and re-shape the mind of these young boys.

  26. Also the episode with the mustang was hilarious. “Who is that?!” Oh wait I guess its just a random dude waiting for a bus. False alarm…

  27. U are all pretty stupid. 1) No crap they’re getting paid for the show, so are ppl on Intervention but it doesn’t make it fake, 2) For those of you who think they should be psychologically fit to “just leave, research indoctrination, brain washing, battered spouse & Stockholm syndromes (DUH!)
    3) Someone said the authorities do nothin cuz they find nothing wrong when they get to the scene, guess what, POLYGAMY AND INCEST IS ILLEGAL u small minded &#£€$*
    4) Some of the first posts are right, I’m sure this group has an entire prison named after them that their money built, plus politicians like Mitt Romney etc. Ugh, awful. Plus ppl are generally apathetic, lazy & self – serving in any facet of life including law enforcement so finding one that gives a crap and is good at their job is hard to do.

  28. Not only do they need to help the girls out but poor dogs being chained out in the snow. Disgusting all around.

  29. I was an abused child and I will gladly open my home to any of the girls any help I can give is offered what is happening is wrong on so many levels you can contact me for anything at all tonight my heart breaks for you all the justice system sucks in America I am in the south and we don’t stand for this I am an open person to all ways of life but hurting a child I will stand up against at all cost

  30. You are an idiot Scott. Don’t assume you’re paying for me with your taxes. Most of us are very accountantable people and I can proudly say that I do not use any government assistance. You’re probably paying for your own family to use it along with the other bums on the street. You looser.

  31. Tonight’s show really pissed me off.

    If one child came forth with abuse aligations against Daniel, it would be one thing. But when you have this many kids…..from this many families making the same aligations against the same dirtbag, there’s got to be truth behind it. And that’s not even mentioning the recent daughter who committed suicide, or the ones who haven’t yet, but plan to?

    Do you know who I blame…….every Order member who goes to church on Sunday and shows that douchebag respect, by shaking his hand, instead of shunning him like I would. Each of you are shaking the very hands he’s abused his children with. And your continued signs of respect to him just shows you condone his abusive behavior.

  32. Milly, forgive my personal attack on you, but you really need to pull your head out of the sand with your “we really haven’t seen any real threats yet”. I don’t know if you’ve noticed it or not, but this entire show is all about Daniel and his threats….

    In fact, without Daniel, none of us would have this show to watch in the first place. After all, this show has three of his formerly abused daughter’s going around rescuing his other abused daughters. Total SHOCKER, the same guy who started his resume out by kidnapping a boy at gunpoint in the 80’s, then years later gets arrested in Box Elder county for felony child abuse?

    How much of a “threat” do you personally need? Would catching him in the act do it for you, cause apparently hearing about it doesn’t……

  33. Now my favorite part…….here’s a shout out to that sackless coward Daniel. You get your kicks by beating up defenceless women and children who are absolutely afraid to even hear your name spoken. Yet your quick to pull the vanishing act when another man steps to you.

    Well unlike the brainwashed masses at your church, who give you a pass on abuse, I’m slightly different. If I ever see you on the street’s, I’m going to do my best in putting you to sleep. Now before you go get your worthless attorney of a wife to investigate whether I just threatened you or not, just ask Milly if what I just did was a threat?

    He didn’t see me put you to sleep YET!!!!!!!

  34. As someone who’s lived in Utah for 35 years, I find it hysterical reading all the fine, upstanding Mo tools on this comment board making excuses for these polygamist perv child-abusers and welfare queens who swap each other’s underage daughters, and keep their families in impoverished squalor, all while spewing about God, the Bible, and innumerable ‘revelations’ from their egomaniac ‘prophets’.

    News flash: This reality TV series is the least of it. EVERYONE in SL Valley knows the Kingston cult has been doing this shee-it for decades. (Moormon) authorities don’t pursue it because they see it as some sort of vendetta against “traditional Utah family values.” And they all hate the feds anyway, because Brigham “blood atonement” Young didn’t get to create his gawdly kingdom of Deseret. Waaaah!

    Now I live in a rural S. Utah town that’s oh-so-full of ‘nice’ Mormons. Behind the friendly facade and secret handshake attempts most -indeed the vast majority- are a bunch of self-righteous fraudsters, and any criticism of the good ole boy system, whatsoever, results in instant circling of the wagons and ostracism of anyone who criticizes their little fund-skimming, tax scamming circle jerks.

    Us against them. Classic cult mentality. State-wide (see also S. Idaho, N. AZ, and eastern NV). The actual LDS Church is just The Order/FLDS lite, polished up in order to be legally marketable to the greater nation. Every Mormon state, city, and county employee in Utah seems to love ‘bleeding the beast’, because they basically retire as soon as they land that sweet gubmint paycheck. This includes West Valley cops who studiously ignore The Order’s criminal abuses.

    Fortunately ‘The Church’ and it’s fundamentalist remnants are dying, shedding members like dog hair while ‘growing’ in statistics only. And all the Temple Square B.S. PR spew can’t actually hide that fact. Good riddance.

    It’s about time the U.S. government re-mounted those cannons on the Fort Douglas/U. of U. bench. It’s a perfect artillery arc onto Temple Square, and with today’s arms, they could drop a few shells right onto 1853 W 2495 S in West Valley, where the Kingston’s offices and “school” are located.

    Federal troops should finish the job I started in 1857.

  35. The police station that “heleped”in the latest episode, let a murder walk. He moved Beck to Puyallup WA. Killed himself and his two kids. UT needs to get it together! We are watching you. God seees Everything. Shame on these evil vile men. May they rot in hell!

  36. Of course the participants are paid and some of the show is edited/shot for the narrative. Welcome to reality TV.

    Regardless, that doesn’t make these situations fictional or any less terrifying. This is a cult with endless resources that has the politicians of Utah in their pockets, the police+child protection authorities will literally take abused, neglected and very in need children/young adults from this group right back into these situations because the people they answer to are on the Kingston payroll.

    The amount of high level corruption the leadership of this group is involved in would make most anyone in a civilized societys head spin, it’s no wonder why they get away with everything with almost complete immunity.

    I also can’t believe so many folks here/online think these women/mothers can just pick up and leave their homes, families, jobs and entire lives behind at the drop of a hat without having to pay huge spiritual, emotional, physical and financial tolls before they can rebuild and start over.

    There are a lot of resources available about this organization, perhaps stop focusing on a few re-shot scenes and editing gaffes on a reality show and get informed about the big issue(s) this show is bringing to light.

  37. I live in Centerville, Utah. I’m outraged about the treatment of all the young girls! I am very interested in helping in anyway to support the safety of anyone who wants to leave the order. Please feel free to contact me via my email or face book message account Julie Holyoak. I’m praying for the safety of all the boys and girls wanting to leave the order and live a healthy happy life. ❤️🙏🏼

  38. I finally found it! 🙂 so I was sitting in a restaurant, and I see a camera crew and they’re filming. I think nothing of it, I mean shows are being recorded everywhere now days but I really wanted to find the show that was being recorded and when I finally did I couldn’t believe the way they spun that scene to where it didn’t even portray the actual conversation. This show is so staged. How do I know? I witnessed it! Then I find out they’re calling it a docuseries! Really!? Aren’t docuseries supposed to be 100% true? Not 100% stage at every scene to get the most dramatic effect possible which BTW these cast members are lucky this is just a worthless LMN “docuseries” or they’d be throne out to the curb in a second because you’re acting sucks! In fact I find myself watching now just to laugh because now that I’ve seen behind the curtain it’s fun to watch to catch the different takes, and to watch acting that looks and smells like my morning dump. I’m sorry for anyone in an abusive situation, but this show is so fake it’s a sad attempt and I bet everyone in the “Order” stays up to watch the show just to laugh thier butts off. Nice try LMN, but can this show.

  39. Its so sad!! Great work girls the people in this country are now understanding what goes on in polygamous lifestyle. Abuse is never OK ever!! Please give us info on how to help.

  40. Calm down David and try not to get your panties in a bunch, what I mean is that this show is overly staged and exaggerated especially when it comes to the actual “escapes.” They claim they need to worry about the possibility of being followed and shot in some episodes, yet we have not seen this sort of threat caught on camera. This series pales in comparison to the documentary “Sons of Perdition.” Like I said before if there is abuse that is going on something needs to be done about it. And as far as the boys held at gunpoint thing, I’d like to see actual substantial evidence that does not come from the pathetically dramatized and story twisting website called “the rolling stone”. I know a few of these order members and while I do not know Daniel as well, they are pretty decent people. Most are peaceful, hardworking, and would never force their children to do the things these girls claim. The majority of them value what they call free agency. This series is not genuine.

  41. Hey restaurant goer…….Do you have any idea how tv works? Allow me to explain it to you. Any good tv show will add things, take out things, etc….
    It’s called editing, and without it, a show would be absolutely unwatchable. I remember watching Dukes of Hazard as a child and the car (the General Lee) would be peeling out on the dirt, yet you’d hear tires screeching as though it was on pavement? You should scream from the rooftops about any and every show that edits things. And while you’re at it, you should come hard at your parents for their part in misleading you about Christmas. I mean isn’t Christmas supposed to be about Christ? How the hell did we get a fat bastard with a white beard jumping down chimneys and spreading endless gifts to kids?

    I’ll tell you how……..that holiday was edited big TIME over the years, and your parents helped make it “fake”.

  42. And if Escaping Polygamy is suppose to be your typical “Jersey Shore” reality TV show they should NOT call it a documentary.

  43. Hey David, did you even read my comment? If so, do you have any grasp on the understanding on the English language? Try reading it again really slow and you just might find that the entire meaning of the comment is that they are advertising and claiming that what they are saying is real life, a “docuseries”. They are slandering and possibly hurting a group of people that might have a few bad people in it. what group of people in any family, any religion, any part of the world, and any place on earth doesn’t have a few bad people. All I’m saying is what was recorded in the restaurant was so different than what was put on TV that it was literally lying. Because of what I saw it is impossible to believe any of the cap put on this show. If they are going to call themselves a documentary then make it one. Now that said, condoning what they do is NOT what I’m doing. What everyone needs to understand is that religion is religion. Every single religion on this planet has or has had things and beliefs that others have found crazy, abusive, or sickening. Freedom of religion, this is America right? Ok good. Now what right does anyone have to lie about a group of people who can’t even defend themselves just for a tv show. I’d like to see them do an honest unedited interview with multiple current members of the group. Then we might actually get some sort of real truth. Now obviously someone defending could sugar coat things, but someone like the cast members who are upset for a wrong done to them WILL exaggerate things. With both sides then we could understand some sort of middle ground.

  44. Restaurant goer, I understand your position and even agree that the show is altered enough to make it watchable (which I think is a good thing). If it were real life tv, it would have been so boring, it would have never gotten off the ground. But I’ll agree to disagree on that one. But now I have a new bone to pick……You say that every religion has bad people in it. The difference here is, When Daniel does his outrageous extra curricular activities, the leader of your church (who is also supposed to be the sitting prophet) throws a team of lawyers his way. When David gets caught “raping” his niece, Paul make a martyr out of him. When Jessi accidentally kills a baby, the prophet helps in the cover up. And lets not forget about fat Joe, the porno making, cake eating diabetic. Do you see a pattern here. Every TIME one of Paul’s brother’s eff up, Paul is the first one to their rescue, and is active in the cover-up. At least the Mormons and the Catholics move their hoodlums out of the position they were abusing. And as far as Paul and Daniel not being able to defend themselves, each show ends with them declining their right to set the record straight 🙂

  45. I feel sorry for tat young girl who was sent back to David in the latest episode. I pray that she stays strong and doesn’t get married and is able to leave when she’s 18.

  46. Didn’t David go to jail for beating his daughter, who was trying to leave a force marriage to her uncle?!

  47. Milly, slander without foundation would basically mean I’m making this stuff up.
    Daniel was charged with child abuse and jailed for it. Jessi’s dead baby case is still an open homicide case (even though Michelle won’t talk)? David too was incarcerated for his part in the Marry Ann case. And if you haven’t seen any of fat Joe’s porno picture’s, I can share some with you. Is that enough foundation?

  48. Nope not at all. Because you are still twisting stories to make a point. Until I see actual police reports that specifically back up you’re claims then no you have no foundation.

  49. Scott, she’s not “to dense to leave”. She’s a “first” wife which makes her marriage a legal one. She would have to divorce her husband and there would inevitably be a custody battle. The Kingstons have money. LOTS of it! The wives only have what they are given. The jobs they carry are businesses “The Order” own so they don’t get paid like normal people do. There is no “minimum wage” rules. When you want to divorce someone and you have children that are under age, you are terrified to lose them. And, since she didn’t have the money to hire an attorney and the Kingstons do, you do things that you wouldn’t normally do to keep your kids. If you noticed, Shirley said she stayed as long as she could and only has one daughter that the husband could legally take. She felt she couldn’t leave, because, if he got custody, which he probably would, that would leave her daughter behind in the hands of the abuser she was so desperately trying to escape from. Her daughter was at the age that they marry them off to start “making babies” and Shirley couldn’t risk that. As for Shirley being “to dense to make it on the outside”, that was kinda ignorant. Once again, Shirley was a first wife and had been in The Order a LONG time. She’s been brainwashed a LONG time into thinking that she “is nothing” and “worse than the gum on the bottom of his shoe!” Enduring years of words like that being beat into your head makes you believe what is said is true. Walking away from the only thing you’ve known and felling like you have no skills in the outside world is frightening. Some people have confidence, some don’t. I have to agree with you about the “vaulted ceilings” remark she made. That was kinda screwed up. Lol! My jaw dropped on that comment but calling her names and belittling her makes you look bad and like a misogynist. I’ve respected your comments up until this one and I wouldn’t want this one post to ruin your credibility. Peace! <3

  50. Both sides of the story? Hahaha

    Marry Ann’s side is that they both did it. Both men had their day in court, where they had their chance to tell their side of things. But both men were incarcerated for some reason?

    So let me guess, are you saying these two men were falsely convicted?

  51. Kayla, Daniel (Davids older brother) is the one who beat his daughter.

    Daniel’s daughter was forced to marry David (which is her uncle). She was against it and tried to escape it. Daniel snapped like he always does, and beat her unconscious. Both men ended up incarcerated for their actions.

  52. And Jesse ‘ s daughter was not a baby. Get your facts straight. You know nothing. She succumbed to pneumonia.

    • Unless you are talking about the case from long ago. The trauma was from the baby falling from her high chair and hitting the counter. It was a sad and tragic accident.

      • And I’m glad they investigated it as a homicide because it means people are going through the right protocol. But whether it’s investigated as a homicide or not, does not mean she is a criminal. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  53. @Sniper: Nice to know that the “Scott” above is NOT you, Scott Elden Brown and I’m actually relieved it’s not you. There was a Scott who constantly talked about stolen gold online and so i guess i made a bad assumption and i apologize.
    The Scott I use to know was more honorable and didn’t belittle others. Hope you are doing well and I wish you all the best.

  54. @Sniper: Nice to know that the “Scott” above is NOT you, Scott Elden Brown and I’m actually relieved it’s not you. There was a Scott who constantly talked about stolen gold online and so i guess i made a bad assumption and i apologize.
    The Scott I use to know was more honorable and didn’t belittle others (unlike the Scott above). Hope you are doing well and I wish you all the best.

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