Answered Prayers on TLC, hosted by Roma Downey, moving to 8/7c.

ANSWERED PRAYERS Moving to an Earlier Time on TLC Tonight! (Video Preview)

Tonight, fans of ANSWERED PRAYERS on TLC need to be aware:  It is airing in a new timeslot! The show has been airing at 10/9c–much too late for such a positive family show, really. So, it was nice to see TLC move it up to a good family viewing time, 8/7c, beginning tonight, Sunday, August 9.

Presented by Roma Downey (“The Bible Series,” “Son of God,” “AD,” “Touched by an Angel”), the series follows the remarkable stories of people in life-threatening situations who have experienced moments so inexplicable, so incredible that they can only be described as divine intervention.

In this week’s episode of ANSWERED PRAYERS, a knife-wielding man invades the home of a Detroit pastor who finds himself in a fight for his life. After being stabbed 37 times, he has accepted the reality of his life as over, but his prayer is interrupted by the voice of God. Then, a college pole jumper attempts to make his highest jump yet, but in an instant his life hangs by a thread.

With authenticity, insight, compassion and heart, the astounding stories featured on ANSWERED PRAYERS will leave even the most skeptical viewer considering if a divine force was at work.

ANSWERED PRAYERS is produced for TLC by Downey’s LightWorkers Media, a division of United Artists Media Group (a newly formed joint venture among MGM, Mark Burnett, Roma Downey and Hearst Entertainment). Executive producers for LightWorkers Media are Downey, Mark Burnett and Tom Shelly. Wendy Hinton is co-executive producer.

And again, fans:  Do not forget to check out tonight’s episode of ANSWERED PRAYERS in its new, earlier time slot on TLC, Sunday nights at 8/7c!

Image & Video:  Courtesy of TLC, Used with Permission

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6 thoughts on “ANSWERED PRAYERS Moving to an Earlier Time on TLC Tonight! (Video Preview)

  1. I would love to see the program Answered Prayers and have been looking forward to it for 3 weeks now and for 3 weeks, I have been disappointed because another show is always in it’s spot. The TV listings show, Answered Prayers, I go to the station at the appointed time and Angels are around us, a Pyschic program comes on in it’s place. I would love to see it but always end up being disappointed and watching something else. Can you tell me why this is happening?

  2. TLC is making a mistake by putting Answered Prayer on at 2 p.m on Sunday. they have moved it from 10p.m. to 8pm. which was fine. now theyve changed it to early afternoon. we go to church on sunday morning and dont get out until nearly 1 p.m. we go to lunch afterwards and don t get home till usually 2 p.m. or later. sunday is a day of rest for a lot of us but now we need to rush home in order to watch a wonderful show. change it back to 8 p.m. please.

  3. I love answered prayers! Thanks for one show I can look forward to watching and honestly feel blessed afterwards.
    I do think you would get more viewers at a later time slot. People who go to church may not watch at 2pm . Not everyone has a DVR.

  4. I was so excited when I heard the show was going to be on and I was shocked when my tv guide said it would be on and I turned it on and another show was on. Eight would be a perfect time for the show. I really loved the show but the music was so loud it was
    distracting. I pray it will stay on but I need to know the time. Of course I will watch it if it is on at ten.

  5. I’m very disappointed that they keep changing the time of this program. There were to be just six episodes.

    I think they did this excellent show a disservice…

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