Ce Ce Peniston & fiance Marcus on ABC's CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP.

Ce Ce Peniston & Kellie Williams Receive Constructive Criticism Last Night on CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP!

Last night on CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP, former child star (“Family Matters”) Kellie Williams Jackson traded lives for one week with singer Ce Ce Peniston.

“Daddy works. Mommy cooks and cleans,” Kellie’s 2-year-old, John, said of his family. They live in a small house in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., which Kellie described as “a bachelor pad that has a family in it.”

And, it was not Ce Ce’s cup of tea.

Ce Ce Peniston is unabashedly NOT “traditional,” like Kellie. She likes the flash and cash of celebrity. It’s been a long time since her biggest hit, “Finally,” which came out in 1991-92, but she still sings and works in the studio. She lives in Glendale, AZ, and is a self-described “diva.” She is not married, but has a fiance, Marcus, who has a 13-year-old daughter, Autumn. Ce Ce also competes in bikini contests and spends a lot of time working out to achieve her goals.

The two homes could not have been more opposite. “Boring” was the way Ce Ce described Kellie’s home; “posh” was Kellie’s word for Ce Ce’s. “This house is so small and cluttered, I’m not cool with it,” Ce Ce said. But, when Kellie saw Ce Ce’s huge closet? “Oh, I love it; I’m movin’ in!”

Kellie Williams & husband Hannibal on ABC's CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP.
Kellie Williams & husband Hannibal on ABC’s CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP.

Kellie was hilarious, and not terribly big on the workout schedule as directed by Marcus–1.5 to 2 hours, a couple times a day–or the bland food Ce Ce eats to maintain her bikini-ready figure; no chef-prepared filet mignon for Kellie! Ce Ce, meanwhile, was overwhelmed with her cleaning/cooking/mom duties, no doubt about it, trying to cook while two young kids cried for their mommy and dad was nowhere to be found. “I’m used to being the diva!” she said. But, you can bet: The ladies’ challenges would soon be facing new rules!

Kellie spends a lot of her days on educational time with her children, whether it is teaching them to count or taking them on daytrips. That is not something Ce Ce and Marcus ever do with Autumn, but you could tell that Autumn would like to get more such time with her dad and step-mom. But, one thing Ce Ce’s household definitely had over Kellie’s: She and Marcus spend time together, whereas Hannibal spends 18-20 hours a day working, not leaving any time for Kellie or the kids–and he did not want to hear about why he should be spending time with her. But, Kellie was clear during the swap: She does want to spend time with her husband as a couple.

When the rules changed, Kellie started doing the cooking, while Ce Ce kept Hannibal at home with the family. And, guess what? No more gym! Plus, Marcus had to put real clothes on, rather than walking around in shorts and no shirt. Meanwhile, Hannibal’s reaction to “date night?” Apprehension.

Hannibal did not seem to be very openminded to anyone else having suggestions about, well, much of anything. But, then, neither did Marcus. Both men were pretty set in their ways. But, Autumn was definitely enjoying Kellie being in the house–and Marcus loosened up a little when he found he actually enjoyed eating a little bread and pasta. Hannibal was, as Ce Ce pointed out, full of excuses; actually, he seemed to just like being the man in charge of the home. Honestly, at first, it was a little hard to see just what Kellie sees in him; it certainly is not his attentiveness to her and their kids. Everything new that could have facilitated that happening was, “I’m not interested.” But, he did chill a little when Ce Ce got him up on the karaoke stage to sing her song, “Finally,” and he actually said he might could take Kellie out some night. And, he enjoyed having a playdate with his kids.

So, maybe there is hope for Hannibal.

Also, Marcus and his daughter really connected. Going to the Challenger Space Center, he saw for the first time just how interested his daughter is in science. “I had no idea the space center was something Autumn would enjoy,” he said, and he really did seem to see that he was not spending enough time with his daughter.

In the end, there was something for both families to take home. Kellie learned that she needs to eat better and spend more time on Kellie. Hannibal learned that he needs to chill a little and give his wife and kids more attention. Both Marcus and Ce Ce realized they needed to do a better job of building a family unit that included spending time with Autumn. Overall, it seemed to be a positive experience for all involved.

Six weeks out?

Kellie started working out; Hannibal is spending more time with the kids; and he and Kellie are haivng date nights–although no more karaoke! Ce Ce and Marcus are spending more time with Autumn; Ce Ce is back to training for a bikini competition in November; and Marcus is back to his shorts and no shirt!

Next week is the Season Finale of CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP–with the first ever husband swap, featuring actor Robert Carradine and six-time Pro Bowler Terrell Owens. Stay tuned!

CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP airs on ABC on Wednesday nights at 10/9c.

Images:  ABC via Facebook

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