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CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP Interview Exclusive: Executive Producer Bruce Toms Drops Season Finale Surprise for Fans!

UPDATED: Terrell “T.O.” Owens & Robert Carradine on Season Finale; Preview on TVRuckus!

This Wednesday is the Season Finale of CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP. To get fans ready for the first-of-its-kind swap that is ahead, TVRuckus had the opportunity to ask a few questions of series Executive Producer and showrunner Bruce Toms.

TVRuckus:  What types of factors are considered when celebrities are initially chosen and then paired for a swap?

Bruce Toms:  We look for families that have a clear, strong point of view and pair them with a family that has a different take on raising their kids and running a household. The two families may have a lot in common but each swap focuses on core values that are different.

TVRuckus:  There is a large following for CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP! What do you think the fascination is with these swaps for fans? Why is it consistently such a success with viewers?  

Bruce Toms:  I think it’s a couple things. First, it’s a chance for fans to see inside the homes of celebrities and watch how they deal with everyday challenges. And second, it’s a guilty pleasure of watching them step outside of their comfort zone and have to defend and possibly re-evaluate their values.     

TVRuckus:  Are there ever times when it seems a swap might, well, “go bad,” so to speak, with a setting that one of the swapped wives is more uncomfortable than usual living in for a week? If so, does production ever step in and help cool things off for the family or try to send the swap in a more positive direction? The recent Corey Feldman episode would be an example of a more controversial swap-setting!  

Bruce Toms:  Sure there are times when swaps are more uncomfortable than others but the way in dealing with challenges is always the same. No one is ever forced to do anything they are unwilling to do. They just need to articulate to the swap family what they find objectionable and why they are refusing to participate in that particular aspect of the host family’s life. Each swap is only a week and most people are able to suck it up and get through. And there is always the new rules ceremony midway through where the wives get to call the shots and make the swap family live by their values. As producers we don’t take sides and try to avoid judgements. It’s our job to help the celebrities and families express their points of view and contrast their values with the swap family’s.

TVRuckus:  What do you hope viewers really take away from these swaps? Do you think most of what viewers get is positive when they watch CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP? Do you think the positive aspects of the takeaway help drive the success of the show, or is it more about the conflicts that inevitably arise?  

Bruce Toms:  I guess the question of whether or not the take away is positive varies from viewer to viewer. But at it’s core, the show gives the audience a chance to see celebrity families – many of whom have resources the rest if us can only image – run their lives. There are things that are unique about being rich and famous and there are things that are universal. I think part of the appeal of the series is watching the privileged class squirm.

TVRuckus:  In this day and age of husbands staying at home, has ABC considered a “Celebrity Husband Swap”?  

Bruce Toms:  Tune in for the season finale! The first ever “dude” swap!  

TVRuckus thanks CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP Executive Producer and showrunner Bruce Toms for taking time from his no doubt hectic schedule to answer these questions for TVRuckus readers!

The Season Finale of CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP–featuring the first-ever husband swap!–airs on ABC on Wednesday, September 2, at 10/9c.

Image:  ABC Television Network via Facebook

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