Cedar Cove, Hallmark Channel, Series Cancelled?

CEDAR COVE Cancelled? Hallmark Makes Facebook Announcement but Leaves Fans Asking

UPDATED: We received this statement from Hallmark Channel, which sounds like it is the end of the road for CEDAR COVE … but, for whatever reason, it continues to avoid a straight-out statement that CEDAR COVE has been cancelled. Read for yourself these words from Bill Abbott, president & CEO, Crown Media Family Networks:

As our first scripted series, Cedar Cove will always hold a special place in Hallmark Channel’s evolution and we are incredibly proud of the show. We are also deeply honored to have worked with the talented group of people who made the program such a success – including novelist Debbie Macomber, whose imagination brought Cedar Cove and its inhabitants to life; our visionary show runner, Sue Tenney, and her crew; and of course, Andie McDowell and our extraordinarily gifted cast.

We are pleased to say that we will continue creative working relationships with these folks, both in front of and behind the camera, for upcoming projects on Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Finally, we thank our loyal fans for going on this incredible journey with us over past three years.

We will continue to follow this story as new information arises. Please feel free to comment, following the original article below:

In a rather cryptic Facebook post, Hallmark Channel made an announcement about fan-favorite hit series CEDAR COVE. But, exactly what was that announcement saying to fans?

On its Facebook page, Hallmark Channel posted:

Cedar Cove was the first series launched on Hallmark Channel, and we are incredibly proud of the exquisitely beautiful three season arc it delivered. It was an honor to bring to life the kindness, consideration and courage of this story that Debbie Macomber envisioned. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the extraordinary cast, writers, artists and designers — especially Andie MacDowell, executive producer and show runner Sue Tenney, and of course, Debbie Macomber. It is a privilege to continue a creative working relationship with the incredible talents associated with this series — both in front of and behind the camera – for upcoming projects on Hallmark Channel USA and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

What does that mean? Is the show cancelled, or is it not?

At the beginning of Season Three, the network said, “Hallmark Channel announces the highly-anticipated return of its #1 Primetime Summer Drama ‘Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove.’”

So, what happened to this #1 show over Season Three? If anything? And, are fans going to be deprived of the chance to say goodbye with a true series finale? Or, is this all a big misunderstanding?

The network is really pushing the fact that they are still working with stars from the show, as well as author Debbie Macomber. On Twitter, Hallmark has posted updates for things to come with stars Barbara Niven, Brennan Elliott and this with show star Andie MacDowell:

They have also indicated that they will continue to work with author Debbie Macomber:

But, we’ve yet to get a clear understanding:  Is CEDAR COVE actually cancelled? Or not? We’re hesitant to say, “Yes,” and won’t without confirmation from the network, as we are as confused by that announcement as fans. But, we agree with many fans out there who have been trying to get a straight answer on Facebook: It certainly does not look good for CEDAR COVE Season Four.

What is your opinion? Cancelled or just poorly written press release? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

Image:  Hallmark Channel via Facebook

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101 thoughts on “CEDAR COVE Cancelled? Hallmark Makes Facebook Announcement but Leaves Fans Asking

  1. Please don’t cancel Cedar Cove for another year. Give us at least a “good bye” outcome. Don’t let us hang out to dry like this.

  2. Hallmark did seem much less supportive of Cedar Cove last season. As I recall in previous years, episodes were run twice on Saturdays, and in the first season mid-week as well. In season 3, if you missed the original Saturday showing, that was it. So sorry to see this wonderful series appear to be on the chopping block for whatever reason. Hope they reconsider and bring it back.

  3. it is a shame….get a good one, and gone…. just like A&E w/ the show they let go, now on a pay for channel. just hate all this stuff. what is wrong w/keeping a good show? just the American way I suppose, use it and toss it away….sad

  4. This wonderful show should not be canceled. It is a bright spot in the summer with all of the repeats. The actors have been cast so well, and the location is beautiful. Please Hallmark, don’t deprive us of a quality show.

  5. Please don’t cancel this series! To early to give it up and it means to much to too many people. Anyway you left it open with too many unanswered questions!

  6. If Cedar Cove is cancelled at least wrap up the storyline with a 2 hour movie. Please. I really liked the show but since it wasn’t vulgar, no nudity, no blood and gore it is over. So sad.

  7. PLEASE keep Cedar Cove on, at least for another season so as to let fans say good bye. It has been my favorite show since it began. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL IT!!!

  8. Please do not leave the fans hanging on Cedar Cove, if you want to cancel the show, then just have a closing to the show. I Loved the show and have read all of the books.

  9. It sort of sounds like they might be switching from a weekly series to a series of movies like Hallmark did with “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.”

  10. Please bring back Cedar Cove, or make special 2 hour movies. It’s so hard to find quality shows and Cedar Cove is one of the best.

  11. Please don’t cancel cedar cove I really enjoy watching this show. Why do they always do this cancel good show and kept stupid ones on.

  12. Please don’t cancel Cedar Cove. It is one of my favorite shows! I look forward to Saturday nights . The stories are good and the acting wonderful.

  13. I am extremely disappointed on the cancelation of cedar cove. An in some TV series’s, were they can cancel with a cliffhanger. Disregarding the fact of the fans anticipations for a possible new series. If they were going cancel the show that way without giving us a prognosis or warning us of about no further additional series being made. At least they could do to give the fans closure, is to extend it to a mini series or a movie or something, without ending it the way it did on series 3.

  14. I am so disappointed that Cedar Cove is cancelled. I have grown to love all the characters and will really miss watching what happens in their lives each week. What happened? It is really the only wholesome show on TV that I enjoy.

  15. I am very saddened by the news that Cedar Cove has been cancelled. This was the only TV series that was worth watching. Guess if a show doesn’t have violence & sex, it is cancelled. It would be wonderful to see this weekly series, because of the wholesomeness of it & the wonderful characters. Why would you leave us up in the air like this? Why, why, why??? There wasn’t even any final episode. Really disappointed!!

  16. I am so upset to see cedar cove cancelled what a big mistake u are making its a down to earth show finally something worth watching .rethink your decision. Bring it back !!!

  17. I’m very disappointed Cedar Cove may not be returning for season 4. Please don’t leave loyal fans hanging without a series finale. If this is really true, I am saddened. Please bring this wonderful show back!!!

  18. I believe a lot of people lost interest when they decided to try and make the characters, Cliff and Grace, look like teenagers instead of adults. That ruined it for a lot of us.

    • I agree with you. All of a sudden, Cliff has long hair, no cowboy hat and GQ-style tight t-shirts, while Grace has major hair extensions, slinky dresses and statement necklaces. She also starts acting so high-maintenance and making such derogatory comments about Cliff’s life as a rancher that it became impossible to understand why they were even a couple. Grace’s job as a librarian was also virtually ignored in order to give her the more glamorous role of town manager, a volunteer position. The producers really messed up for Season 3. In addition, Season 2 ended with three major story lines that all got dropped before Season 3 even began. One was when Bob found out about his close buddy Colin sexually assaulting Peggy, another was Allison’s horrible bullying by schoolmates, and the other was Olivia discovering Jack’s drinking and lies. When Season 3 began, the only carryover from any of these were a few minor references to Olivia trying to trust Jack. I knew the show was in trouble then because whoever made these poor decisions had no real respect for the characters and the importance of their storylines, or the audience who was invested in them. But I kept watching because I enjoyed the actors so much and just tried to ignore the producers’ poor choices.

  19. One of the FEW clean nice shows on tv and its gone? Can’t believe it, all the good shows disappear for the reality that is not a bit real, violence and bad language shows that I refuse to watch. I thought better of Hallmark.

    I started watching the first episodes of season 3, and loved it so much I bought season 1 and season 2! This is my favorite show! Please please please please DO NOT cancel!!!

  21. I really hope you continue cedar cove with a season 4 as it is one of my favorites tv shows. I never missed an episode and even my husband liked watching it. In todays tv with all the shows that have so much violence it is refreshing to watch a good story line that is just about family.

  22. I am very disappointed in Hallmark. You have treated your loyal Cedar Cove fans shabbily. An awful indicator of how you really feel about the fans of a solidy made and well done series. I for one will not watch anything on Hallmark anymore. You are becoming just like all the other networks.

  23. WHY??????? Cedar Cove was such a fabulous show! Is cancellation the only answer? Or do we have a definitive answer? Please bring it back!!!!!!!

  24. What a shame from hallmark! How do you all work like this? Stop something in the middle without making it over or a finale..!!?? What kind of attitude and work etiquette you all follow???? Shame!!

  25. Please don’t cancel Cedar Cove. Give us an ending please if, you are to cancel. We need more movies like this that are mostly clean.

  26. Maureen

    Please reconsider eliminating Cedar Cove from the Hallmark family of programs. I watched it avidly and have come to look forward to its continuing episodes. The other fans are right, we deserve a well defined ending worthy of the many fine cast of characters.

  27. It was the only thing worth watching on Saturday nights. I feel like everyone else. I thought you were better than the local channels and would keep around a quality show with a dedicated following. With so many fewer people paying for TV the number of viewers will never be as high as they once were. Please reward your dedicated fans with another season.

  28. Why is it everytime, there is a great series on tv they take it off. I really loved this series. We all want it back on, that is so cruel to leave all us faithful watcher hanging.

  29. I cannot believe you would end cedar cove without letting fans know and giving it a proper ending. This was my favorite sow ND looked forward to it every week. Please give it a proper ending.

  30. Bring it back, its a decent show, why did you do this, everyone i know watched it. So disappointed in Hallmark. I signed a new contract with my cable company for this show and when calls the heart, and home and family, which i feel i have to justify paying for ,which i have to pay extra for this channel . Please reconsider!!!!!

  31. I feel it is so unfair for Hallmark to bring three seasons of Cedar Cove to us the viewers and then cancel without any notice and leave viewers hanging. We need closure for the show we have been watching faithfully each week that it came on. Please bring it back or give us a movie with some closure instead of just dropping it and no ending for the show.

  32. This just sends me red flags about any Hallmark series, why watch and become attached and invested when you just up and cancel a program. I like to finish what I start and I feel very let down.You want a loyal fan following but you take away what we were following. I have no intentions of committing to watching another one of your series.

  33. Still no official word but it appears AM pulled the plug from the one clue I found on a site where the host gave a detailed preview each week. She did not specify who in response to my comment but if it was DN; they would just have written him out as of the first episode of season 4 🙁

  34. Agree Roberta. All these months later there is still no hint of why or who; except on one site where the poster preview review all the hallmark shoes and movies. She responded to my comment a few months ago that due to the story direction change some actors were not happy (realize some viewers were not either but the ratings stayed near previous year). Don’t think it was DN as he could have easily been written out and thus that leaves AM. Extra disappointing as I have followed her career from the beginning 🙁

  35. I, too, am very disappointed that Cedar Cove has been canceled. I was so looking forward to the new season so I went online only to find out the bad news. I wish Hallmark would reconsider their decision, as I feel it was one of the better shows on television.

  36. I recently got Amazon Prime and decided to invest in all 3 seasons (in total $75) – time, money and love for a good clean program. I was stunned to find out that there was not going to be a season 4. How can you start a series and not complete it? We are all invested in the story. I am so disappointed in the decision and I really hope they come to their senses. I am not sure if they ever see these comments but I sure hope so. It feels like I am writing into the abyss though. Please bring back good clean shows and finish what you start!

  37. Sadly, just like Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Hallmark starts a great series, then just drops it. I hope they at least put movies on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel as they did the Signed, Sealed, Delivered series.

  38. Would never have expected this from Hallmark. Cedar Cove was one of my mom’s and my favorite shows. A good old wholesome show like this one that provides some light & joy to one’s heart shouldn’t be canceled so abruptly. We need good quality shows like Cedar Cove to remain on as a woderful show choice for its loyal fans as a ray of joy in our day!

    Please reconsider!!!

  39. I can not believe Hallmark would cancel Cedar Cove on a cliffhanger and leave all their loyal fans in the lurch. A wholesome family show that really appeals to the romantic in all of us, is just what this show was. Shame on the executives at Hallmark network for canceling the show so abruptly. The loyal viewers deserve some closure a final episode or something. My mom, my sister, my nieces and I all watched the show. I am very disappointed in Hallmark and I will not be watching any new shows for fear they will end abruptly as well.

  40. I am so very disappointed that Cedar Cove will not be on this summer.
    I am a very big fan of Hallmark, i watch all of the Christmas ,valentine’s, Halloween, summer movies and all the others in between. Let not forget,
    When Calls the Heart .
    Please bring back CEDER COVE …

  41. Don’t cancel cedar cove! Love the characters and storyline. Have been reading Debbie Macomber series because love the scenery of the Cedar cover area. I too watch hall mark shows but if cancelled with out a finale. I may not.

  42. Alongside these other people, I am very disappointed that Cedar Cove has not been renewed for a fourth season. It is even more unfortunate that it ended on a cliffhanger. Hallmark please bring back Cedar Cove or at least make a movie so the fans can say goodbye to this awesome show and characters.

  43. I too cannot understand why good, clean shows such as this have to be cancelled without a final ending. Please reconsider and do at least a final season.

  44. I love Cedar Cove and was looking forward to finding out what happened to the characters that were all left hanging after last season! …at least, let them come back long enough to wrap things up! So sad to see them go.

  45. Sorry to see cedar cove cancelled. Good clean show and you drop it. are you keeping up with the mysteries and so forth. Brooke Shields and the actor from cedar cove were really good together in the mystery movie as well as the other mysteries. Please keep them coming at least.

  46. Like so many others I appreciate a great show without all the garbage, it was clean ,good story line,I could watch with my teen daughters. I was looking forward to another season, I hope that you listen to the fans and continue with the show, I’m sure there are many out there who don’t know what is happening that it may not be back . I hope that there will be some kind of ending to the show instead of just cutting the fans off cold.

  47. Please bring cedar cove back and take the golden girls off take frasier off or take the middle of. Me and my husband enjoy cedar cove a good family movie to watch and can get into it so please bring Cedar Cove back for season four cause it is just starting to get to the best part

  48. What!? I have been waiting for the next series! What a stupid place to leave the story line! The very least you could have done is wrap it up in lieu of leaving us hanging. I hate it when you guys dump something as good as Cedar Cove especially w/o some sort of ending. I am very disappointed Hallmark, I will seriously reconsider getting involved in any of your series again. Not an idle threat…Sci Fi did it to me & I no longer bother with any their series. Why set myself up to be disappointed? Seriously cruel shoes. Of all the shows to dump… It was your best show, warm, real… I live in the Great Pacific NW, so I am especially going to miss it. You have made a serious error in judgement. Please reconsider.

  49. I am very disappointed with Hallmark. You have given us reason to watch television again. I enjoyed Signed, Sealed and Delivered and after a couple of good “short” seasons you canceled it except for specials here and there. I enjoyed Cedar Cove and was really looking forward to the next season and then you cancel the show. The only other show I enjoy is When Calls the Heart. If you cancel that show, I’m going to give up on your channel. The ratings speak for itself. You can’t bring these programs into our homes and let us identify with the characters and their lives and then just yank them away. Shame on you, Hallmark!

  50. Very sad that Cedar Cove has been cancelled! The show was very popular and to cancel without an ending is just unheard of. Please produce a 2-hour movie or bring on Season 4. I so miss this show!!

  51. Please, please, please don’t cancel Cedar Cove. I love that show. It is one of my favorites. I will be devastated if it gets cancelled. I know that there are numerous fans of the show that will be so upset, as I am.
    Please reconsider!!!!!

  52. The only show featuring late in life romance with middle aged characters. I will miss Moon’s wisdom the most. Summer weekends will not be same because this was the only decent show the whole family could look forward to. I will mourn this show for a long time. Perhaps it even deserves a better network. This show was the heart of your channel. Regretfully you will be permanently turned off at my household because nothing else on your channel is worth watching. Your movies are boring and golden girls are all long past dead. I guess it’s time for a lot of people to move on from your network as well. Goodbye Hallmark

  53. Beautifully said Larsson. I could not agree more it was the only decent clean show out there. The other summer series they have coming up seems humdrum. The actors are unappealing to me. I also enjoyed this with daughter Sabrina and the grand kids. Sometimes they would even come over in evenings to watch it with me.

  54. What a shame Hallmark! I will keep you off my tv for sure. I named my little girl Oliva Rose Lockhart Andersson. I found out yesterday while signing up for preschool that I am not the only one to be inspired by Andie Macdowell’s small town judge character. Why can’t they leave anything on air with substance?

  55. Why,Why would Hallmark cancel a great show like Cedar Cove. There is no reason to take off a good show that the viewers want.

  56. Very disappointed with Hallmark for cancelling the Cedar cover series. Every time their is a good continuing series you cancel it and leave your fans hanging in the air. I am canceling my Hallmark subscripson

  57. I love cedar cove, the cast. The atmosphere. And the scenery. I am so disappointed with hallmark. One great delivery for a good series, no violence like most shows on TV, it was very refreshing. I would rate thiis 5 stears in a heart beat. Bring it back.

  58. Finally a show with no violence, vulgarity and it is being taken off the air. Both my husband and I are very disappointed. I hope Hallmark reconsiders.

  59. It never fails, when a great show or series airs, you keep the viewer’s /fan’s on the edge, then with or without notice their canceled, like Longmire, Cedar Cove etc. If it weren’t for Tom Selleck behind his Jesse Stone movies, someone would cancel that AWESOME show. You really need to get your audience’s opinion, since we ultimately make or break everything on TV, let’s face it, the enormous price we pay to see any show is ridiculous, then when we get involved with something descent, it gets taken off of the air. The channel, producer’s or who ever make these decisions are loosing alot of followers, thanks to TNT for staying with Castle & Blue Bloods. Right now the only shows I care to watch.

  60. How could you just cancel this show without at least doing one more season to wrap things up?! Three seasons and now NOTHING?? I am SOOOOO sad that I don’t have this show to watch anymore. It was so refreshing to watch something that wasn’t garbage. It had great characters, relatable story lines and beautiful scenery. Is there any way for another channel to pick up the show?

  61. This was one of the very best shows on TV and now you are cancelling it??? Please re-think this decision. I waited with great anticipation all week for this and now it is off the air?? The scenery was beautiful, the actors were terrific and the story lines were great!!!
    Such a beautiful family show.

  62. Wow…. I just finished season 3 of Cedar Cove so naturally I went to Google for more information. Cancelled ??!!! Are you kidding me? I agree with the other posts. This show is so refreshing, the entire cast is fantastic and the scenery is breathtaking. I lived in WA many years ago and I’ve always wanted to return to the PNW and BC. The fans at least deserve a proper ending.

  63. Please don’t treat the loyal fans of Cedar Cove so shabbily as to not provide a conclusion to the this series. If you don’t want to have a Season 4, At least, provide a movie to wrap up the story lines. If that’s not possible, please have Debbie Macomber write a synopsis of the conclusion for the Hallmark website. We must know who Olivia chooses!!!!

  64. I just finished Season 3 of Cedar Cove and am so very disappointed to hear of cancellation news. Would certainly appreciate a lead in to the finale and not having it dropped just like a hot potato. Please consider it, Hallmark Channel…enjoyed and think the series deserves a respectful ending.

  65. This is like reading a good book and someone takes the only copy and burns it before you get to read the last chapter. If this is what the Hallmark Channel is going to do then I will not invest any of my time starting a series again on this channel…..the least you could do is let us finish the book…..smh 🙁

  66. Please either renew for a 4th season or at least give us a finale show! We are all wondering what happened with the relationships of Olivia, Mary Ellen and Justine as well! Such a fantastic show, so very sad to see it go 🙁

  67. Please bring Cedar Cove back. This was the best show on t.v. why do television stations do this? Get everyone hooked on a show and then cancel it? This is one of the reasons I quit watching network tv. If you do this to the Good Witch you will lose another viewer

  68. Hopeful issues are being resolved to bring Cedar Cove back. We need more positive TV series with useful messages and good entertainment. It would be hard to learn money was the issue.

  69. Have been waiting for the show to start & just found out about the cancellation……CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Looked forward to it every Sat., just a really great show. Please don’t leave all of us fans hanging…..BRING IT BACK!

  70. Clean, positive family show. Very enjoyable. The only show of its kind I watched. Please reconsider the cancellation. If not Hallmark, wondering why another network hasn’t picked it up, see Nashville (dropped from local channel and picked up by CMT). However, I don’t watch Nashville.

  71. What a colossal mistake by the powers that be at Hallmark for cancelling their best show!!!! Boy, I guess the other show on there better be on their toes or they could be the next ones to bite the bullet!!! Stupid move Hallmark!!!!

  72. I agree with so many of the statements above. Season 3 started with holes. Not finishing up story lines such as Allison’s Bully or Peggy’s Stalker. You start something and Don’t Even Finish it!!?? And what is with Leaving the last show WIDE OPEN??!! The end of the show ending with Paul’s statement, “Before i go, I have to know if you feel the same.” And Fade to Black. REALLY??!! Come ON! If You keep leaving fans hanging on really good series, pretty soon, No one will waste time with hallmark. And the ratings really will TANK! I already know until i find out what happens and receive a REAL finale of Cedar Cove, I am done with any series you put out.

  73. I am very upset Ceder Cove is not returning! I look forward to watching it every week Seems like every time a show comes on and you get popular, it goes off Is it money? Pay it Please make new episodes

  74. I am so disappointed that “Cedar Cove” was not on this summer. I loved the show. You would think that with all these comments of how everyone loved the show Hallmark would seriously put it back on. It’s hard enough that all my Hallmark stores are closing, now will the Hallmark channel cease to be? Please bring back “Cedar Cove”.

  75. I am so disappointed. Last season just left all of us hanging on for another summer of what happens next. I love the series so much. It almost makes me not to watch in the future if they will leave us with no closure. Hallmark may think the ratings are lower than they would like, but I know a lot of people who loved it. It’s reall too bad.

  76. I am seriously disappointed this beautiful show has been cancelled. I felt close to the cast & storyline. Good clean entertainment.
    I agree with other comments to bring it back, at least to end it properly. Or at least 3 or 4, 2 hour movies throughout the year to tie up loose ends.
    Hallmark; we the fans at the very least deserve a Reply from you as why this show was cancelled.

  77. I, too, was totally disappointed about the cancellation of Cedar Cove on the Hallmark Channel. It was so good to have a series running that wasn’t trashy!! Hallmark was about the only channel I used to watch, but since Cedar Cove is gone, I watch the channel only when “When Calls the Heart” is on. I almost didn’t watch the new 2017 season on that show because I hate to invest my time in watching something each week and then see it come to an abrupt end, and I figure it will eventually go the way of Cedar Cove because all the good, clean shows usually get cancelled. I used to set my clock on the day Cedar Cove aired to be sure I didn’t miss it that night. I also agree with so many others that the final episode ended poorly. You should have at least given your faithful viewers a final 2-hour show to “tie up all the loose ends” of the characters.

  78. Well, I been wondering about what had happened to Cedar Cove and now I am seeing it has been cancelled. I should not be surprised. Hallmark gets a really good family show … one that is also good for adults and they don’t have the good sense to renew it for at least another season. To top it all off, Hallmark and all associated with the show, do not have enough consideration for its viewers to end the series and not leave the story incomplete and “hanging”. I am done with the Hallmark Channel.

  79. Please, Please,Please,bring cedar cove back on.love that show, Saturday nights are not the same with out it. Best show so far.thank you,

  80. I am really upset that you didnt finish the story lines for Cedars Cove and didnt tell us that it was cancelled very disappointed. Hope you dont do that with any of the other shows i watch on your channels and i watch them all and i even pay extra to have them on my TV.

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