Scheana and Tom Schwartz engagement ring shopping on "Vanderpump Rules"

VANDERPUMP RULES ‘Pretty Little Lies’ Recap: Shay Began Coming Apart Three Months into Marriage

VANDERPUMP RULES hit high notes and low notes on “Pretty Little Lies”, but it’s clear that Scheana’s in a bad way.

First there were all the egos that needed smoothing after Lisa Vanderpump insisted that her SUR staff meet with two of her most skilled employees at her other local restaurants.

The servers heard from Richardson, the head waiter at PUMP and a long time employee at Villa Blanca. He’s someone she gushes over.

“Richardson is my main man. He’s worked with us at Villa Blanca for years now. He’s a butt-kicking, ass-whipping kind of guy and lick these guys into shape”, Lisa says about him.

The bartenders had to take a lesson in how to make two new cocktails from Eric the bar manager at PUMP. While the servers kept their cool and held their tongues when Richardson had the floor, Jax never shut up while Eric spoke.

You’d think that Ken’s scolding and not-so-veiled threats about what Jax could do if he didn’t like it, would have kept the ladies man in his place, but then you’d be wrong.

“There is one thing Eric does better than me, and that’s kiss Lisa’s ass.” Oh, so classic Jax.

While the resident stir-it-up drama queen Kristen was mostly absent from the latest VANDERPUMP RULES, we did get quick bits of conversation between her and cheating, lying, James, who is still thrilled that he had sex with Jenna, and Kristen somehow thinks he didn’t.

When Tom Sandoval inquired about how James and Kristen were getting on, James told him they were going to therapy. Meanwhile he’s edging closer to LaLa and teasing her whenever he gets a chance.

Speaking of LaLa, she made sure that Lisa heard her sniffle about the “mean girls” at SUR making her so upset she didn’t spend more than one day in Italy, before she fled back home to be with her mom and settle down.

As for those meanies, Katie and Scheana, they got their talking to by Lisa. Katie, as usual was pretty quiet, knowing she probably put her foot in doo-doo when she started getting on LaLa for lying about her supposed modeling gig in Europe.

Scheana laid the groundwork for her later tell-all to Lisa about the troubles in her marriage to Shay during Lisa’s scolding, and then sat down to spill it all. We finally got the whole story through her tears.

Recap of latest: Shay’s still struggling, Scheana’s still nagging, 

She had told bits and pieces of it to Katie, more to Arianna and the guys, then the whole mess spilled out. Shay began drinking and pill popping three months into their marriage and now he hadn’t been home in four days, staying with his mom away from his wife.

Scheana’s attempt at projecting the perfect marriage was not only a losing proposition, but she could no longer keep up the tiniest bit of a facade. She’s constantly emotional and wondering if she’s about to lose the love of her life.

Being a woman of her word, despite her own emotional pain, Scheana went ring shopping with Schwartz who asked Sandoval to tag along too. Scheana was there to be the quality control person, who knew what her pal Katie wanted and encouraged Tom in that direction, even if it was way above his initial budget.

We had seen him at a modeling gig for print media saying his extra assignments were coming at the right time. What’s nice is that he wasn’t flirting with the two women he posed with, instead talking about his upcoming jewelery excursion.

Tom Schwartz acknowledged that a long, indecisive stretch of time made it even more important to do right by the lady he loved and it was time for him to be the man she deserved.

Bravo TV airs new episodes of VANDERPUMP RULES Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.   Image credit: Bravo TV, used with permission

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