Slomique and David Tutera with Kim Coles on CELEBrations

DAVID TUTERA’S CELEBrations Preview: Kim Coles Has Cheetah Crocs, Don’t Judge (VIDEO)

DAVID TUTERA’S CELEBrations deals with throwing a wedding and reception for Kim Coles and David Tutera’s head is about to explode.

What’s new, right? But this isn’t just a reception, it’s a wedding assignment as well and that means dresses for the bride and the bridesmaids.

Something is up with the attendants fashion which becomes a nasty problem. Add that to Coles’ love of all things purple, but not too much, bling, but not too much, traditional but not too much and you see the problem.

Excess is David Tutera’s enemy, unless it’s excess he believes is necessary to carry out the theme of his client’s event. For reference, please see the season premiere and Reza Farahan’s birthday party.

Fans of the show understand that last minute problems are thrown on the shoulders of David’s top assistant Slomique. The girl’s got the ability to absorb stress and criticism no one should have to deal with.

But, in tonight’s DAVID TUTERA’S CELEBrations on WE tv, her fear of being fired seems closer to reality than before. Is it just for the show or is she truly treated this way when there is no film crew in the vicinity?

Once again I’ll refer to Reza’s party for an example. His cake was EVERYTHING and while putting it together someone dropped the top tier. It wasn’t Slomique but it would be her head David wants to take off.

In the video clip preview posted below, Kim Coles explains her decor wants and desires, as we learn that she has a serious relationship with animal print. Cheetah is one of her faves. Can David cope?

WE tv airs new episodes of DAVID TUTERA’S CELEBrations Friday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission

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