Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium, new season on TLC

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM Returns: Preview Theresa’s Show Biz Readings, New Concert Dates (VIDEO)

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM is back for its 2016 premiere on TLC, Sunday night January 3, and Theresa Caputo is goin’ all Hollywood.

Well, not really, but she’s got readings with film and TV stars Jim Parsons, Susan Lucci, Jamie Lynn Sigler and Katie Lowes for us to enjoy.

No, she hasn’t forgotten where she comes from, and of course that would be Long Island so this upcoming winter season is full of firsts for Theresa.

We’ll get to share the experience of Caputo’s largest-ever fundraiser group reading and readings focused solely on children. Throughout the new episodes, Theresa does what she does best, give her clients the best gift of all – emotional reunions with their dear family and friends.

Get a great overview of the upcoming shows from the video clip posted below.

Sunday night January 3, Jim Parsons, award-winning star of THE BIG BANG THEORY gets his own reading and is moved to tears.

Not only does Theresa help Jim and his sister Julie Pruski connect with their deceased father, Jack Parsons, the LONG ISLAND MEDIUM channels the spirit of one of Jim’s dear friends. The siblings share their thoughts with ET in the second video clip below.

Then, living legend Susan Lucci welcomes Theresa into her gorgeous home, and is stunned with the messages she received.

Later, Sopranos star Jamie Lynn Sigler and her mother’s reading is so emotional, Jamie Lynn’s mother almost calls it off. Scandal’s Katie Lowes travels to Long Island for a private reading at Theresa’s house.

Theresa is busy off-screen as usual. She and hubby Larry travel to her concert dates, where he’s a big hit with fans who always ask for him. Caputo’s upcoming schedule includes Jacksonville, Atlanta, Hershey, Brooklyn, Boston and Providence.

A link to Caputo’s site with specific dates for the concerts is posted below.

TLC debuts season 7 of LONG ISLAND MEDIUM Sunday night January 3rd at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Image: TLC, Video: Entertainment Tonight, used with permission 

Theresa Caputo in-person, winter tour info. 

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  1. Hi theresa my name is heather ledrow and i would love to have you come over here and do a reading for my mom and to help her get some closer of some things that is bothering her and i want to do this for a gift to her from me and my kids if you can do this for me

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