Vince Herbert, hubby of Tamar Braxton on "Tamar and Vince"

TAMAR AND VINCE Recap: Did Vince Not See Breakdown Coming? (VIDEO)

This season four of TAMAR AND VINCE is something extremely different from others and the most recent episode, “It’s a Jungle Out There,” is a perfect example of that.

Each episode begins with the real life trauma of November 2015 when Tamar landed in the hospital. It then rolls back weeks to watch how she got there.

This week, more than others we began to see the extreme nature of Tamar’s whirling dervish days and nights. Lack of sleep, extreme fatigue, headaches, dehydration, overnight flights, starvation diets and gigs that run from morning ’til night.

The gigs, including DWTS are all strenuous. If you never thought it was hard work to pose for photos, act in a music video, appear on a TV talk show all at the same time, take a look at this episode. Check out the video clip posted below.

UPDATE: Recap of latest show, “Catfish”. Jealous Tamar goes on a rant, then hits the couch

Just to get to one shooting location for the music video took a tremendous toll.

The glamorous veneer of that life is torn apart for us to see this season on TAMAR AND VINCE.

Meanwhile, Vince Herbert is her scheduler, husband and manager. She wants him with her and he’s the only person who she’ll listen to. He protects her when necessary, the way he did during the video shoot when Tamar had reached a breaking point.

It would be easy to blame it all on Vince, who got her on DWTS knowing she was shooting her video, completing her album, working weekly on The Real and personal commitments she makes along the way.

The truth is that Tamar gets antsy when she’s not busy and booked. Vince feeds the beast, tries to juggle it all, and then listens when Tamar complains about exhaustion, frustration and being over-committed.

Her biggest heartache and complaint is time away from little Logan, who has a safe place with Tamar’s mom Evelyn.

When we’re young and our careers are on a roll, it is difficult to think it will all come crashing down. We can catch up on sleep, wait to eat that meal and promise family to be home soon. Yet, the wall gets closer until we hit it.

Tamar is a perfectionist and will insist on doing it all right, no matter how horrible she feels. This week, it was the week on DWTS when the contestants switch partners and Tamar was anxious beyond the usual.

The music video location shoot was added at the last minute, leaving her little to no time to rehearse.

She sought Toni’s help to understand how to manage bad scores she received when her worst nightmare came true. She hadn’t practiced enough.

There’s Vince left to calm her, praise her and keep her standing. It’s a fine line between enabling her wants and desires to do it all and putting his foot down about slowing down.

That’s this season in a nutshell. Tamar allows us to see, perhaps insisted that we see what being a huge star can mean.

They don’t know when it will all end, when they’re no longer the flavor-of-the-week. Make it now, as Tamar says, to sock it away for the benefit of your kids.

But, when the alternative is to be close to death, how does that benefit anyone?

We tv airs new episodes of TAMAR AND VINCE Thursday nights at 6 p.m. ET/PT.  Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission 

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