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TAMAR & VINCE ‘Catfish’ Recap: Jealous Tamar Warned To Rest Up, Just Before Collapse

TAMAR & VINCE is rolling on towards the ultimate moment of the season.

In the episode, “Catfish”, Tamar continued her manic push through all her projects and ended the show on her couch, unable to get up.

But, believe it or not, there is still more to come before she is rushed to the hospital with blood clots in her lungs.

Before that point, there was another music video for a new single. “Catfish” has a different vibe than “Angels and Demons”, the song whose video took a chunk out of Tamar’s time and last unfrayed nerve.

It was worth it, though as we all saw when Tamar and Vince checked a rough cut of the video along with the director. Here’s where you saw the perfectionist at work.

Preview next episode: Vince says, “Save your voice,” as Tamar does concert sound check

Every shot was up for change in Tamar’s mind. Vince tried to put an end to it as everyone in the room calmed the star’s fears that something wasn’t right. Vince tried convince his wife that she was being ridiculous after a while, but she defended her right to be picky and particular to please her TAMARtian fans.

This particular episode of TAMAR & VINCE had much more of a focus on the couple making time to see friends in a social setting. There was a meal with Benzino and Althea where they discussed the impending birth of a baby who will change that couple’s life forever.

Then there was a dinner with LaShawn and April that got hot and steamy. LaShawn had already warned Vince that he was playing with fire by withholding info about new artist auditions from Tamar.

What new artists? We got to spend a lot of time with Vince in his role as a record company exec and producer.

He held a showcase for new artists who he might sign to his label. Tamar was taping The Real and Vince new she was already stretched thin, but understood that there’s be hell to pay when he informed her he went out on his own.

He was thrilled with a young Canadian pop artist Kiki Ireland and a female group The Janes, who wowed Vince with a rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner” done a capella.

Vince took his punishment for auditioning the artists without Tamar and defended himself, by throwing her insane schedule and growing fatigue in her face.

We saw the tension ramped up as Tamar’s jealousy and pride took over.

We’d heard Vince tell us that Tamar feels territorial about him as a manager and producer, but there was that little matter of the new artists being predominantly female. We got it from the diva’s mouth as the two had a private moment between her commitments.

“I got a couple of pictures I could show you,” Vince told his wife. “Show me the girls first,” was her retort as she waited impatiently with a look on her face that needed no explanation. He fumbled a bit trying to find them on his phone.

“Why you taking so long?” Tamar demanded to know with her voice going into that high, squeaky register we know so well. “They gotta’ make it through the scan,” she told us in her one-on-one camera time, reminding us that she had to check out everyone, particularly “these heifers.”

“These bitches be trying it,” was her assessment after seeing the photos. Can’t blame her for claiming and protecting what’s hers, right?

Meanwhile, her eyelids drooped and that rasp she has in her voice got worse. She held it together to finish the week’s taping at The Real and topped it off with a cute segment.

Two of the hosts, including Tamar had their kids do a bit of clothes modeling. Evelyn spent a lot of time with Logan teaching him to walk the catwalk. It was hilarious and you can see the little one is totally into the Braxton-Herbert way of doing things.

By the end of the episode, Tamar was down for the count on the sofa. She complained of pain, nausea and exhaustion. Vince then began to make it okay for her to cut back on her schedule, but she would have none of it. None of it.

The show must go on is the old saying, and Tamar’s a believer.

The question we have to have answered at some point is whether it’s just adrenaline and the understanding that you have to make it while you’re hot or if Tamar will never be able to slow it down until she’s hospitalized.

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