Tamar Braxton in "Tamar & Vince"

TAMAR & VINCE Preview: Vince says ‘Save Your Voice’ During Concert Sound Check (VIDEO)

TAMAR & VINCE is all new tonight on WE tv at 9:00 and during “You Was Flat, Dawg,” Tamar gets up off her couch to work again.

Last week, we saw her finally fall in a heap, sick and exhausted.

The schedule only gets worse because the new tour is upon her and in the video preview clip posted below, we get to see her doing a sound check with and without her backup singers.

Under normal circumstances Miss Tamar is a perfectionist. When she and Vince were shooting the music video for Angels & Demons they extended their stay, missing a helicopter ride out of the sight of the shoot.

She swore she couldn’t take another hours-long bus ride back to where she could catch the flight home, yet she did to make the video what she wanted it to be.

So, when Tamar gets pissy about how the sound check is going, Vince cautions her, “Save your voice,” because it’s already hoarse.

This new season of TAMAR & VINCE is one long and interesting peek behind the curtain at what it takes to be a successful and in-demand artist.

It also creates a tension between the business relationship and marriage of this successful couple. Vince cares deeply for his wife’s well-being, but follows her orders to keep her booked.

As previously noted, there’s a delicate balance needed and with his wife’s health worsening, Vince has to fill in at The Real. The insecurity of artists about the length of their careers and the fickle nature of fame can take precedence over all else, even when rest is needed.

WE tv airs TAMAR & VINCE Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.   Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission

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