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THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND Recap: Have the Laginas Finally Found Something Worth Finding or Just More Teasing Before Season Finale?

It looks like the Lagina brothers finally found the diver who could get the job done in 10X:  John Chatterton. Chatterton, a world-renowned diver, never wavered from his claim that getting to the bottom was just a matter of having the right skill, equipment, team and plan to do so, and never projected anything but confidence in the plausibility of the Laginas request. And, last night, he proved that he was right.

The Laginas had sent two previous divers into 10X, both of expeditions ending as failures. Most recently, professional diver Harvey Morash was sent into the murky hole, all full of bluster and pomp. But, in the end, it was all talk, full of mistakes and problems from the start. And, Morash, for all of his claims that he could do the job, seemed ill-prepared for what he faced, including the fact that the visibility was essentially zero and it was dark–he really seemed surprised about it. When the dive was called with nothing new discovered, it was no shock. After surfacing, Morash cast doubt on whether or not a successful 10X scuba dive was even possible.

Even earlier, the Laginas hired a professional salvage diver, Brad Stabenow. But, that dive never actually got off the ground. Turned out, Stabenow did not like the information the brothers collected remotely regarding the drill pipe stuck in the shaft, and backed out of the dive, citing that, with his years of experience as a diver in such situations, he believed any caverns underneath 10X were natural, making a dive into the shaft too risky given the lack of potential reward. “I wouldn’t put anybody in the water here,” he stated flatly to the Laginas, making them wonder at the time if they should ever give the dive a try again.

Last night, after a few tense moments when his gear got hung up on the drill bar, Chatterton did make it to the bottom of the 10X shaft. What is at the bottom? That remains to be seen–after all, next week is the Season Finale of THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND.

Elsewhere on the island, Rick and team did find what appeared to be a 21-foot void in an area that could be the true Money Pit. They did not find the gold coin Rick was hoping would come up in the overburden, but they did find an oddly-shaped piece of metal that was only identified as not being iron. Hopefully, the Laginas will return to this new information next week, although fans should be accustomed to the haphazard nature of the Laginas’ searching by now, so who knows?

Next week, tune in for the Season Finale of THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND!

THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND airs on History Channel on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

Image:  History Channel via Facebook

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14 thoughts on “THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND Recap: Have the Laginas Finally Found Something Worth Finding or Just More Teasing Before Season Finale?

  1. hi to Rick and Marty from a former yooper,Paul Kemp from Ishpeming.I read the article in Readers Digest in 65 and have been interested in oak island ever since.Love your show by the way and always waiting for the next episode.I have an idea on how you can solve the 10x problem.If you are interested email me your phone number and I can pass it on to you.Best of luck to you guys,hope to hear from you.

  2. Hello there Mr.Marty and Rick…I would like to know who and how this curse started there at oak island.. Who was the individual that says 7 people must die… I got my 2 daughters and my niece and nephew watching the wishes from the O’Neal family..😀

  3. After 50 years of difficult project troubleshooting, my recommendation is STOP THE WATER…you know where the supply is …block the supply then pump the vast tunnels…

    • Maybe its a cop out but they have said quite a few times that they found it too dangerous to pump them out as they were likely to collapse after so many years. Even if it were possible. They would be trying to stop the ocean not just a singular source like say a river.

  4. This is my all time favorite show.
    I hate to hear those 2 WORDS-“SEASON FINALE “.
    I LOVE HISTORY and you guys are in the thick of it i wish you fulfill your quest and search.
    Its gonna be difficult to wait until next season to get more info.
    Something else you show us (dedicated viewers) that a good brotherly relationship is truly beneficial.
    Only advice i have is stick to one plane if possible….
    If its 10X then Get-R-Done.
    Look Marty I know that swamp is nasty, stinky, and just uck….hey im a cajun from southeast Louisiana,
    (we got a swamp here a swamp there we got a swamp every where) but Rick knows that swamp is hidding something.
    But i feel strongly that 10X is a door way to underground passages all over that place. (Thanks to DAN)
    I bet those pirates or who ever they were, who barried there treasure there.
    Would have reconsidered if they knew in the 21st century the Lagina brothers where coming.
    There are better whiskeys our there
    Like….”Caribou Crossing”….and its Canadian too….just a hint
    By guys love your show, your relationship with us and crew and partners and each other and can’t wait untill digging time again.

  5. Why not drop a submersible filter in the hole and at least clear up the water a little? There’s also a chemical I used to put in my fish tank that made the particulates clump and fall to the bottom.

  6. Why didn’t they get DNA from Maynard Kaiser’s granddaughter to compare with any bodies that may be found in the money pit?

  7. I wish I was there with you two. But my input might rankle a couple of people. For example: The clamps on the crane (to pull the 27″ pipe out) were outlawed by the US Navy 60 years ago because of slippage. We replaced them (at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard where I worked for 39 years) with similar clamps but had a locking bar that would tighten them if any slippage was felt. This was due to an accident in the shipfitter shop that badly injured one of our riggers. I would also question why some of your team who found a layer of coconut fibers and eel grass dis not dig deeper to see what’s under it. Oh well, that’s just me who has been intrigued by Oak Island ever since I heard an account of it on a radio show — several years BEFORE the Reader’s Digest article came out.

  8. Awesome show I really hope Rick and Marty do not give up ,I really think they are getting close to finding something buried on that island and I would love to see them find it . They have spent a lot of money and time and I feel like they really deserve to be paid for all their hard work .

  9. Im sure instead of watching and watching this program, if they would have found something of great importance. it would have reached the news all over the world.

  10. From sunny South Africa, big fabs here if Oak island, its a must watch for my mum and I every Sunday. Its thanks to my mums curiosity and following your show that had me intrigued and inspired to watch. Tonights episode with John Chatterton making the dive……we were both glued. We wish you Lagina’s ALL thee very best, with safety, Gods divine guidance inn this quest you both have set out on.

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