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DIESEL BROTHERS: Will a ‘Holy Grail’ Quad-Cab Dodge Become the Next DieselSellerz Giveaway Truck Tonight?

It’s a big night tonight: Motor Monday on Discovery Channel. Yeah, you thought it was going to be “Iowa Caucuses,” right? Well, it’s that, too, but after all the votes are cast and officials are busy counting up the results, Motor Monday is probably a more enjoyable way to spend the evening than watching the media speculate … and speculate … and speculate on the winner (we don’t know about you, but we had our fill of that by about 9 o’clock this morning). So, we’re going with the all-new episode of DIESEL BROTHERS to take the night with viewers.

Fans of Motor Mondays have been fascinated with the truck giveaways featured on DIESEL BROTHERS. Tonight, according to Discovery Channel, the next search for a giveaway truck begins on all-new episode “The Holy Fail”:

A client asks Heavy D & his crew to turn his beat-up work truck into an off-road mobile service station. Heavy D searches for the next giveaway truck, & Diesel Dave finds the Holy Grail: a 2nd generation, quad cab Dodge with a 12-valve diesel engine.

Fans have been asking frequently about how to “sign up” for the giveaways; the only way we know to do that is via the route given on the show by Heavy D and Diesel Dave, which requires a visit to the DieselSellerz.com website. From there, go to the “Win a Truck” tab, click, and get all the info you need for entering to win. You can also go to the official Discovery Channel DIESEL BROTHERS website for more information about Heavy D and Diesel Dave.

Fans can start out the night with long-time Motor Mondays hit staple “Fast N’ Loud.” Tonight, Richard is off to Pebble Beach after receiving an exciting invitation for his ‘29 Packard, and he sets up a motorcycle build-off to keep the Gas Monkeys busy. Check out the preview!

Stay tuned to Discovery Channel tonight for Motor Monday!

DIESEL BROTHERS airs on Discovery Channel Motor Mondays at 10/9c; “Fast N’ Loud” starts the night at 9/8c.

And, on Tuesday, February 2, new Velocity series “Unique Rides” premieres; read the preview right here on TVRuckus!

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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33 thoughts on “DIESEL BROTHERS: Will a ‘Holy Grail’ Quad-Cab Dodge Become the Next DieselSellerz Giveaway Truck Tonight?

  1. Hey guys names Joe love your show. I’ve been waiting a while for a good diesel rebuild show! Just curious how to enter for the truck giveaways if you could let me know id appreciate it thanks.
    Keep on truckin

  2. I did have a 12v Cummings it was the best truck I ever had it has so much power I would do anything to get that truck It kills me that I let it go back who ever get that truck will love it

  3. Hey I need a big bad dodge truck, I use to build them here at the dodge truck plant in St. Louis, Mo. Love to have a bad ass Ram!

  4. Who taught these guys to weld a frame together you do not just butt weld a frame you lose strength you are supposed to step cut the frame to make the welds go horizontal and vertical to add strength.

  5. Me my husband are disabled have to walk and I and my husband live on my ssi only and social security took my back pay and made it to wear we can’t buy a care makes us cry when we walk it hurts are legs I’m handy capped on my left leg and a deformed foot shorter than my right

  6. Well I’m trying this again. I’m a new fan to your show and I have to admit I’m very impressed with what youse guys are doing out there in Utah. I’m an “East Coaster” retired Old Skool – Truck driver and occasional mechanack/fabricator. I’m amazed at what you are doing. because in my day long hair and beards was totally NOT acceptable in the fields of construction, driving and fabrication/truck building trades. I got away with it because I also did Hand Lettering and pinstriping on any thing from local hot rods to the big rigs and some heavy equipment. Keep up the great work and I hope I get some kinda response. thanx, Jimbo’

  7. My husband loves your show. He owns a 1999 Ford F250 and he got it for $9200. We use it for camping, he had turbo on it. Your show is really interesting.

  8. Love the show. I own a 97 12v dodge that I bought new. Has 232,000 on it and going strong. Love to get in your truck give away. Keep up the great work!

  9. Best show on discovery period!! Television for that matter everything you build is amazing! I have owned 8 trucks and have always wanted a bad ass but I have never had the money to do one. I would love to get in the holy grail giveaway I just want to know how to do it! Mike from Ohio.

  10. I. Have tried this 3 times thanks guys for putting on such a nice truck rebuild show. This is my first time trying to enter you giveaway, I am a 100 percent disabled navy vet it has always been my dream to own such a nice truck but being disabled 100 percent makes its hard for me to be able to buy one so could you please put my name on the giveaway thanks and keep up the super nice work ps I love fire red I will keep dreaming thanks from Kirby.

  11. I had a Dodge Ram 1500, I paid cash for and I put it up for a pink slip to help my mom from being evicted for 5000.00. I paid for her new place deposit and rent and she didn’t not keep up with the rent. I took her in my house. I lost my truck and my job at the hospital with no car to get to work. I loved that truck. It’s gone, I am so sad.

  12. hi i think your show is the best im jerry im disabled but really into 4 wheel drives and diesels i have been wanting to put a 4cyl diesel in my 2000 gmc senoma ext cab 4 wheel drive with a lift kit [factory] oh its the high ryder with [factory 4.3 hypo] and goodrich baha 31s i cought the episode when you guys put the 4cyl twin turboin the truck thats all i cought im going to find the episode on line i wish i could have you guys redo my truck into a 4 door long box diesel i wish i had the money to do this but i dont dissibility once a month just dont get it im going to keep watching your show and find the 4cyl twin turbo episode so i can try to find the motor and turbos to do it to mine keep up the great show and givaways i wish you guys where in michigan theirs great 4 wheeling here have a good one jerry

  13. hey guys,I have a lot of dodge stuff, but haven’t Made the jump to diesel yet. After watching you show, I think i’m ready. keep do an awesome job.

  14. Hey guys, my family and I love watching your show. We do record them due to our daughter is in college and doesn’t have the time to watch so when she comes home for a weekend he all sit down and have a small mini marathon of your shows. She is the biggest truck nut that I know of we are hoping to have here one for her when she graduates next year. That would make all of hard work and dedication payoff.

  15. ILL gladly donate my vehicle for a free fan flip…07 wrangler its begging for a 4 cylinder twin turbo diesel and some 40″ s to roll on..McLovin the show …keep on rockin!!!

  16. Me and my husband love your show we have a Ford truck right now and we would like to have one for are son he is about to leave for the navy just like his father for 24 yrs my husband was in… we would like to surprise him when he graduated from bootcamp in june we would like to have the support in watching the show

  17. My dad had a 12v a little while ago. We had built it up to where we had 800 horses in the motor. And would turn sideways when you slam on the throttle. One day him and my sister where headed home from the dear lease. They where t-bonde by a big rig. My dad was so upset when he lost that truck. We both where. We had spent so much time together on that truck it was our first father and son build. It would mean so much to me and him to win that truck. So much care would go to that truck. He is also needing a truck to go out of town in. So this would help my family so much.

  18. Hi love your show man the humor beards the creative twist you spin I have one for you have you ever done a trike 3 wheeler diesel powered id love one i have had so many back operations because i was hit by a drunk driver id really like to see what you guy do with this request. build a tricycle diesel large in charge i cant wait to see

  19. Carlton. February 14 2016 at 9:11 pm. /reply You guys build truck that real men dream of having like me .I never could afford to buy one so I would like to know how I can enter your contest and may God will bless me to win.and meeting you guys would be as good as win a truck .later duds”

  20. My name is Margie I cannot tell you all how privileged we would be to have a chance to win a Diesel Truck. My husband watches your show faithfully, his face lights up when he sees your awesome works.
    This would be the most perfect thing I could do for the most generous man I know. Thanks Guys

  21. Just like to know what your favorite truck or what kind of truck would you like to build for yourself, i like all the truck you guys build but how good are diesel i know thy are strong on horse power but how good are they on mileage if they are good in mileage the i will build one that i known people would like to have ,not because it’s good on mileage but can be off road anytime

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