Ashley and Tyson with baby Evie on "Rattled"

RATTLED Premieres on TLC: The Truth About First-Time Parents, How They Cope Or Not (VIDEOS)

When you hear a new mom say in an exasperated tone, “The whole day is just dedicated to someone else, and it’s hard”, along with other new parents getting the “aha” moment they’ve heard about, you know it’s a different look at the blessed event of birth.

Welcome to RATTLED, a look at first-time parenthood with all its warts as well as blessings.

You don’t get to hear much, even on reality TV, about how it really plays out with couples when a new and totally dependent person drops in to their living space.

In RATTLED, that’s the point of the series. It’s TLC’s latest Tuesday night offering, a product of executive producers Drew Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen of Flower Films, along with Magilla Entertainment.

Four couples’ lives are documented from pregnancy through early days of parenthood.

Doug & Marsadie, Ohio

Doug and Marsadie met via online dating, and although there is a substantial age difference – she is 28, he is 41 – Marsadie claims Doug is young at heart. Doug has three daughters from his previous marriage, and wasn’t expecting to become a father again at this point in his life.

Jason & Kristina, New York

Jason and Kristina own a childcare agency together, which they consider to be their first baby. Both have Type A personalities and remain extremely organized and detail-oriented. They are determined to not let the baby alter their working lifestyles, but still fear that they will lose who they are once the baby is born.

 Sal & Destiny, New Jersey

Sal comes from a traditional Italian family, while Destiny grew up in Las Vegas, with parents who both worked in the casino industry, and are little less conservative than Sal’s. The couple worries their families’ opinions will only escalate once the baby is born, and may not line up with how they want to raise their child.

Tyson & Ashley, Utah

Better known as the “Gardner Quad Squad,” Ashley and Tyson struggled through a long infertility battle, with a small chance of getting pregnant. They were thrilled to find out when they were expecting not one – but four babies! And even more stunned to learn they were having two sets of identical twins, a one in 70 million chance.

RATTLED premieres on TLC, Tuesday night February 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission 

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