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THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND Season Finale: Will Fans Be Left Hanging on 10X or Money Pit Mysteries Tonight?

UPDATED: Recap the Season Finale!

Tonight, fans of THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND on History Channel will be waiting on pins and needles to find out just what the Laginas have uncovered down in borehole 10X. It was looking grim previously, the hopes of ever sending a diver into the space below looking slim-to-none. But, it may just be that the skeptics were wrong:  A diver may well have gotten down the 27” hole, past the jammed-up drill rod and into open space below last week.

This has been a long fight for fans, as well as the Laginas. Week after week, getting through the snail’s-pace movement on the dig sites and the seemingly endless and repetitive narration overtop the “action” (which, we believe fans have well-established, adds nothing to the show but annoyance, so hopefully History Channel will take that into consideration going forward with any subsequent seasons), fans have stuck by the Laginas’ dream as their own. THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND is, at its bones, a great show, but it is not always an easy show to watch; it is not the “veg-out” reality show at the end of a long day, that is for certain, at the very least.

So, hopefully, there is something interesting in that cavern tonight.

Tonight, as fans are no doubt aware, is the Season Finale. And, on episode “Secrets and Revelations,” according to History Channel:

Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina finally get answers from the bottom of borehole 10X just before making an incredible discovery deep inside the Money Pit.

Why do we have the sinking feeling that we will be left hanging on at least one of those teases tonight?

Stay tuned.

What are you hoping to see tonight on the Season Finale of THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND? Leave your predictions in the comment section below!

The Season Finale of THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND airs on History Channel tonight, Tuesday, February 2 at 9/8c.

Image:  History Channel via Facebook

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32 thoughts on “THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND Season Finale: Will Fans Be Left Hanging on 10X or Money Pit Mysteries Tonight?

  1. This series moves at the pace of a soap opera. The goal of the producers is not to answer questions, but ask them, episode to episode, year to year. Keep those fans hanging on their chairs. What will happen this time? Nothing of significance. The same rhetorical questions of the narrator. The same “War Room” meetings. And a conclusion which will force viewers to wait for next season, when the soap opera begins anew.

  2. I really like the show. I remember the story of Oak Island from way back. Even though there have been several wealthy & famous people involved with it over the decades, today’s technologies would seem to lend a better chance than ever for something to be discovered, even if it’s just the facts. I want the Lagina brothers to succeed. God knows the fortune they must have already spent. Unfortunately I think the History Channel has lost it’s way with a lot of it’s series being true historical in nature. I think the producers have jumped on the fadish, soap opera drama style band wagon. Right in there with the likes Amer.Chopper, Amer. Hotrod, etc., that they beat like a dead horse for every nickle until eveyone’s just sick & tired of watching the bull. It’s a ploy that is worn out playing viewers as being stupid. And yes, lose the damn narrator for crying out loud.

  3. I certainly hope you guys get this info. on your show. Im a 32 degree freemason and novice mathematician. Your issing a couple vital points that i would love to share privately. Feel free to contact me, id love to see if my simple theories are right.

  4. only thing true on this show is the name money pit because it certainly taken a lot of investors money, i dont believe for a second their is any buried treasure there and buried as deep as they are drilling under ground looking for, at least it is not costing me money if I’m right or wrong

  5. Just cancel the show and move on. Disappointment after disappointment spun into “double edged swords” and examples of “another piece of useful information.” I think the show gives “Finding Bigfoot” a run for its money on being the most disappointing quasi-reality TV show ever aired.

    • yes this show runs along side with “Finding Bigfoot” I hate when they only show you about 13 minutes of actual new program after the recap at the beginning and after each commercial.

  6. Just found a gold cross very similar to the cross claimed to have been recovered as part of a treasure trove found 200 years ago, passed down to the treasure finder’s descendents, and presented to the Oak Island treaturebots. It’s a style called a Celtic Vine Gold and you can buy it for about $150 from Claddagh Gold Quality Celtic Jewelry. This show is getting tedious when they present so called “evidence” of dubious origin and provenance as if it is actual evidence.

  7. grrampz….82 years old discovered Oak Island while in fifth grade.
    You guys are going at 10x all wrong….you don’t want to pump it, you want to fill it with sea water and flush it out….Get rid of the flotsam and jetsam….find the exit point of the water tunnels….clear the water in the cavern with sea water and then you will be able to see what you have….If the entrance is above sea level the, the water in 10x will seek sea level out thru the tunnels. Simple fluid technology…….go get it…..good luck

  8. Look if anybody can find what’s on that island its the Laginas. If there is one thing I have learned from watching its that they are truly devoted in every way possible.They also have the knowledge ,the resources, the fund’s, and heart that its going to take to finish this and in the end no one will deserve it as much as them. I evny them and their adventure an I also wish them nothing but success and the victory they have truely earned. Hang in there guys great achievement comes from great minds .Can’t wait to see yall do it☺

  9. Last night’s episode was pretty much reflective of the whole series: nothing was resolved. The great investigation of 10X, and Marty wasn’t even there. An abrupt ending and a cut to the next show. The producers are like Vince McMahon; they know they have a bunch of marks and will milk them for years. It’s no longer a question of finding treasure, it’s about how many red herrings can be thrown out, how many Pulitzers they can pull out of the woodwork.

    • whatever was found or yet to be found how much taxes do you think they will have to pay? Unless they donate some to a museum.

  10. C Jewell
    I think the treasure was taken by the 3 boys years ago. Each one had a treasure trunk they had dug up near the BIG Oak tree that is no longer standing. I truly feel there is no more treasure to be found and no one else will die trying to find nothing..

  11. Well, this season’s finale was, as usual, disappointing. I know you can’t have a discovery every episode. But now in it’s third season, (I remember when a ‘season’ ran from Sept. to spring. Now we have 2 seasons in that time frame) nothing significant has happened to prove, disprove, or change in any way any of the story. I hope the Lagina’s are the real deal, and haven’t been corrupted or coerced by the producers. I’d hate to see this show be like “Monster Quest” or “America Unearthed”, which, in some cases produce physical evidence, but never ends with a definitive answer.
    History Channel producers (19 of them, check the list and all their backgrounds on IMDB) have worn out interests from car, motorcycle, and other restoration shows, to; monsters, aliens, giants, and ghosts. They’ve beaten up the occupations of; fishermen, lumberjacks, miners, hunters, pickers, and tatoo artists. What else can they dramatize for a buck? Welll, now they came up with the “Drilling Down”, an ‘after show’ hosted by Matty Blake. Who? Pffffft. They’ve gone from what use to be a channel of history, old or new, to modern day soap opera bull for money.
    Rather than ruin this show with their over dramatization, “smoke and mirrors”, and “slight of hand”, I’d rather they end it and leave Rick, Marty, and their crew to continue on their quest. Just report if anything really does happen to change what we already know beyond the old facts, stories, and folklore. Maybe these drama queens (producers) need to go to the stage rather than the screen. Oh wait, there’s no big money on stage. That’s for the art.

  12. I happen to really enjoy this show!!! Yes it drags a bit BUT the cast of characters are interesting and I love the relationship of the brothers!!!! Looking for treasure is painstaking work I am sure and as far as it taking forever that is REAL people who would believe anyone would find it all in one year!!! I hope the brothers continue to captivate those who really like this show, but do get rid of the drama guy who presents those post show presentations it just makes it unreal repeating all one just watched without anything New he is fake and that show needs to be dropped. JUST OAK ISLAND MYSTERY…NOTHING ELSE

  13. I truly hope we do not have to wait to long for the next season. With all the TV stations and shows on air this by far one of the best. I would rather watch re-runs of the show then other shows, not much worth watching. Please do not have us wait to long.

    • my guess is that they already found anything that was down there, if any and making some pocket change for the producers by keeping the show going.

  14. Just a few random thoughts:

    Since when does a season consist of two months of shows?

    Anyone notice that during the France/Scotland trip, Prometheus brought in people from America Unearthed?

    Who has been following the feud between Burns and Pultizer?

    How much are the characters paid per episode, and what is Prometheus’ investment in the project?

    I have a hunch that if the show continues on for several more years, the seventh to die will be either Father Blankenship, peacefully in his bed, or Son Blankenship, from sclerosis of the liver.

  15. That was pretty funny Juan……But the real funny thing is, nobody is forcing any of you to watch this show! If you don’t like it, don’t tune in. And better yet, don’t waste more time crying about it after the show on the internet….

  16. Personally, I’m very disappointed at yet another bogus cliff-hanger that never paid-off this season, in a long line of empty promises. I’m feeling betrayed and pissed-off! When does the next season every start? Or is that a mystery, too? I think that all of us loyal viewers of this series deserved to share in the results regarding what, if anything, was actually discovered at the bottom of 10x at the end of the final episode of this season. Also, why was the apparently impressive “black-box” satellite technology information never followed-up on any further or ever mentioned again? The viewers like me would probably also like an explanation regarding why that information wasn’t deemed credible by the Laginas. There must have been a good reason. This show gives the viewers just as much frustration as the Lagina brothers must feel, if not more (because at least they know the results of 10x by now). I am also curious how much the Lagina brothers and everybody else in the series gets paid per episode. At least somebody must be getting some kind of pay-off, because the loyal viewers like us all have to keep waiting like neglected dogs for weeks, months, and years on end, to ultimately only receive mere table scraps and more empty promises that never come to fruition. The people in the show seem quite decent, but most of the viewers like me probably led-on and used and abused by this time. What do other faithful viewers think? It the show isn’t back next season with some definite results then I’m personally going to start a revolt against the History Channel. Anybody else feel like joining me? I almost am starting to feel entitled to receiving a small stake of any booty booty found just for tuning-in for the past few years all for naught.

  17. I am like most viewers of this show and anxiously wait on what will be found by the so called brothers. I know many people over the years have searched for this treasure and now we have people searching and apparently consumed. The brothers have access to money and equipment that the previous hunters did not. Now we get to the portion that upsets me so bad. These brothers do nothing but drive around in their big SUV. they don’t work hard and are not putting in any effort really. Driving around, spending time in the so called war room and it’s evident just the monotone of their voice and the pace they move is sad. Also, when others are working and the brothers show up they talk and always say “well it’s getting late, let’s call it a day.” Plenty of day light left and they want to go eat and drink beer. I believe they are just living the good life, making a pay Check from investors and the cable channel paying them well. Most treasure hunters work hard, 16 plus hours a day. These brothers are never dirty, always wearing the safety clothes and constantly running the mouth. I love the fact and history of oak island. I look forward to seeing if there is a treasure. But the brothers are destroying this event. I wish they would put someone in charge to handle this project and the cable station would ban them from being on the show. They could screw up steal anvil Please fix this and I know they are slow and lazy. They are killing this show

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